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Easteristhe most significantChristianholiday. Becauseitis a moveableholiday, itsdatechangeseveryyear. ChristiansbeginEastercelebration on HolyThursday./ thisyear 21st April/ GoodFridayis a state holiday in Slovakia. Whilemanypeopleusually do notgo to work, stores and supermarkets are usuallyopen. On GoodFriday, thedayofabstinence, ChristianscommemoratethedeathofJesusChrist. Then on EasterSundaythencelebratetheresurrectionofthe Lord JesusChrist; however, notonlyChristianscelebrateEaster.


EasterpreparationsbegindaysbeforeEaster. To bereadyforthefeast, peoplebakepastries, cookies, and do extensivegroceryshopping. Easterdinner menu isalwaysfestive: potatosaladwithmayonnaise, cooked ham, coldcuts, and sandwiches are served on EasterSundayaswellasonEasterMonday.  Cookies and pastriescannotbeexcludedfromtheEaster menu.


“Oblievačka” (waterpouring) is a typicalEasterMonday /24th April 2011/ custom in Slovakia. Thecharacterofoblievačka slightlyvariesfromregion to region. On thisdaymenvisittheirfemalerelatives and friendsandpourwater on them or spray themwithperfume, and whipthemgentlywithspecialwhipsmadeofbraidedwillowrods. According to tradition, pouringwater on womenwillguaranteetheirbeauty and goodhealththroughouttheyear. Recentlyoblievačka and šibačka (whipping) havenotbeenasintenseastheyused to be in thepastdecades. In manyregions, waterbucketshavebeenreplacedwithperfumes, a smallsyringefilledwithwater, a water cup, or a waterpistol.


However, in somevillagesyoumaystillseeyoungmen, sometimesriding on thehorses or dressed in traditional folk costumes, whocomewithrattles and braidedwhipsdecoratedwithcolorfulribbons. Theymaytakefemalesoutofthehouses and dousethemwith a bucket or bucketsfilledwithcoldwater. Duringthistraditionmenmaysingsongs and playtheaccordion. Afteroblievacka and sibacka, womenrewardmenwithsweets, fruit, money, or paintedEastereggs.


Eastereggs or kraslice are quitepopular in Slovak tradition. Kraslice are painted, dyed, or otherwisedecoratedblowneggs. Manydecorate kraslice athome or buythematmarketoratthecraftstore. Whileitisnotrequired to giveEastereggstovisitingmales on EasterMonday, only a fewmenwillleavethehousewithouta drink or smallrefreshment.