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Brandon’s Family History

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Brandon’s Family History. Historian ( to be continued).

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historian to be continued
Historian (to be continued)

My Grandma was born August 8th, 1929, and lived in River Rouge, Michigan. My Grandma ate oatmeal, cornbread, and yams and other soul foods. My Grandma celebrated birthdays and other national holidays (like Christmas and St. Patrick's day). My Grandma’s mother and father originally lived in, Macon Georgia. They came to River Rouge by car. In River Rouge, they had all of their children there (including my Grandma). My Grandma said her parents’ lives were very hard. (My) Grandma parents walked or rode the bus when they lived in Georgia.

still historian
Still Historian

(My) Grandma’s neighborhood was fun! And they played lots of sports like basketball, football, and volleyball. My grandma was the tennis table champ in 1947. (My) Grandma lived in a rural (small) area in River Rouge. (My) Grandma had one friend that lived around the block that would always stay at her house.



(My) Grandma’s father worked for the Ford Motor Company. He cleaned each car as they were drove off the line. My Grandma’s mother ran the community center, and she also helped on the playground at school. For extra money, my Grandma’s mother sewed clothes. It was a lot easier to find back then for my Grandma’s mother and father. “If you wanted to work, then you worked,” she said. (My) Grandma said that she didn’t know how much her parents got paid, but she did know that Ford paid pretty good money. With the money her dad made at Ford Motor, he bought a new truck for their family.



(My) Grandma said that she didn’t know how much food cost back then because her mom did the shopping, and most of their food came from their garden. (My) Grandma said that she didn’t know how much her mom’s car or her house but she said that it was a lot cheaper for cars and houses back then. (My) Grandma said that she didn’t know how much gas cost, but she did know that it was cents per gallon, not dollars per gallon like it is now.



(My) Grandma’s mother and father migrated from Macon, Georgia to River Rouge, Michigan. They migrated in 1926. They migrated before all the children were born. They had total of four girls and two boys.


(My) Grandma’s mother and father traveled by car to Michigan. Yes, my Grandma’s mom and dad came to get a better a lifestyle. (My) Grandma‘s dad and mom heard that Ford Motor Company was hiring, so they came to Michigan to get a better. (My) Grandma’s said the climate in River Rouge was just like the climate is now here in Michigan. “We had all four seasons,” she said. (My) Grandma said she had a lot of kids in her neighborhood so she had a lot of friends.

political scientist
Political Scientist
  • (My) Grandma made a lot of new friends in her small town. “It was easy how to make friends because again my Grandma had a lot of kids in her neighborhood.” (My) Grandma and her friends loved the cold weather. We all liked to play in the snow.(My) Grandma went to Northbrook for elementary and she didn’t remember the other schools that she had gone to. (My) Grandma had many friends in school (I mean really a lot). (My) Grandma said that she didn’t go to college. “Back then not many blacks went to college,” she said.

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