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DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS BUDGET PRESENTATION March 29, 2004 Presented by: Steve Sloan, Director of Athletics Matthew Pope, Associate Director of Athletics.

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Presentation Transcript
Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004


March 29, 2004

Presented by: Steve Sloan, Director of Athletics

Matthew Pope, Associate Director of Athletics

Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004

DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS MISSION The athletic program shall serve to inspire the pursuit of excellence through honest effort, fair play, and personal integrity. Our highest priority is to enhance the educational growth of our young men and women. The primary purpose of the athletic department shall be to provide a successful, quality, competitive intercollegiate athletic experience for UTC students which will enrich their lives, provide the necessary training ground for life growth, enhance the image of the institution and build upon the academic mission of the University.The athletic experience of the student-athletes should be positive, rewarding, and enjoyable while achieving their degree. The provision of excellent coaching, facilities, and services shall enable these students to maximize their potential. In this matter, the athletic program will be a source of pride to all associated with the University. The department will fulfill its unique position within the educational and public efforts of the institution.

Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004



Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004

PROGRAM OBJECTIVESThe mission and vision of the athletics department are accomplished through the following program objectives: ·To maximize opportunities for student-athlete’s to participate in a quality athletic program, in a gender balanced manner, with special attention paid to their educational growth and physical welfare.·To maximize opportunities for students-athletes to acquire positive values from their competitive sports experience and life skills enrichment program which will enhance their preparation for a productive life.·To be a leader in providing equitable programs and opportunities for student-athletes and staff which exemplify the highest principles of gender and minority equity.·To field teams that are capable of competing on equal footing with rival institutions and that are competitive for conference championships and the national opportunities that conference championships may bring.

Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004

·To provide the atmosphere for participants to realize the importance of others, personal dignity, individual rights and the value of cooperative teamwork to attain personal and team goals.·To encourage the motivation and commitment necessary for academic success, leading to the graduation of student-athletes.·To maximize positive involvement by the various publics with the institution through the athletic program.·To foster the highest standards of ethical conduct, fair play and sportsmanship.·To enhance the image of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.·To maximize and stabilize the generation of revenue from all sources to fund the athletic program.

Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004

GOALS OF THE INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS PROGRAM ATTHE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE AT CHATTANOOGAIt is the goal of the University administration, faculty, Board of Trustees and, in particular, the Department of Athletics to continue to provide an intercollegiate athletics program that:1. Shows concern for the growth and development of the student-athlete in all areas of college life and stress the importance of each athlete obtaining a degree.2. Reflects the University’s commitment to a strong, broad-based program for men and women while encouraging diversity and gender equity.3. Encourages good sportsmanship and decency not only among its student-athletes, but throughout the University community.4. Employs the highest caliber coaches and administrators who are committed to the integrity and excellence of the total athletic program.

Department of athletics budget presentation march 29 2004

5. Assumes a leadership role in intercollegiate athletics regionally and on the national level.6. Maintains control and integrity of fund-raising activities.7.   Follows the established guidelines of the admissions process and administrative policies when recruiting student-athletes.8.   Encourages the importance of character development by imparting the qualities of self-discipline, honesty, teamwork, sportsmanship and commitment.9.   Provides an intercollegiate athletic program that maintains a high level of competitive excellence in intercollegiate sports.10. Works with constituencies within the University to maintain a policy of openness and to promote unity and flexibility, basing all final decisions on the premise of “What is best for the University and the Student-Athlete”.

Claiming the assets of technology
Claiming the Assets of Technology regionally and on the national level.

  • The “GOMOCS.Com” web-site continues to be a visible Public Relations tool. Last calendar year, we received over 6,648,000 hits.

  • This year, the web-site has received average monthly hits of over 770,000 (up 220,000 from last year) and monthly page views averaging over 174,000 (up 40,000 over last year). The current daily average is over 7,000.

  • Web-broadcasting of basketball and football games continues.

  • The Athletic Compliance office has incorporated the use of NCAA Compliance Assistance Software with other on-campus offices (Records, Financial Aid, etc…).

  • New and used computers were acquired and student work/ study spaces were renovated in our academic advising and support center.

  • Used computers are still being acquired and used by staff who previously had no access.

Recruiting retaining and celebrating diversity
Recruiting, Retaining and Celebrating Diversity regionally and on the national level.

  • There are a total of 186 ethnic minority student-athletes, 110 or (59%) of which were recruited.

  • 34% of the entire Athletics department is comprised of ethnic minorities.

  • Athletics recently hired an ethnic minority candidate for the position of Assistant Football Coach.

Demonstrating accountability
Demonstrating Accountability regionally and on the national level.

  • Graduation rate for the 1996-97 entering class was 54%.

  • 7 of 10 (70%) of student-athletes currently receiving post-eligibility aid from Athletics are slated for graduation at the end of this semester.

  • We have a total of 108 student-athletes on the Dean’s List (increase of 47 over last year) and 45 student-athletes on the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll (increase of 8 over last year.

  • 9 students hold a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Demonstrating accountability cont
Demonstrating Accountability (cont.) regionally and on the national level.

  • The Athletics Policies & Procedures manual has continual revision and updates.

  • Departmental re-organization and reporting structure has been completed.

  • The Athletics Department successfully completed the NCAA Certification and was certified for 10 years with no issues.

  • Athletics continues to be fiscally responsible with the generation of revenues and the expenditure of funds allocated.

Enhancing partnerships
Enhancing Partnerships regionally and on the national level.

  • We will strive to increase our current total of 36 Corporate Sponsors.

  • UTC Bookstore and UnumProvident came on board this year as major sponsors.

  • JR Sports Productions & Lady MOCS Radio Broadcast continue to enhance revenue opportunities.

  • Efforts are under way to add new on-field corporate signage at Finley Stadium.

Enhancing partnerships cont
Enhancing Partnerships (cont.) regionally and on the national level.

  • We continue to work with Carter Street Corporation in all Finley stadium operations.

  • Our camp programs continue to serve as a commitment to our communities youth.

  • UTC received accolades from as having the “#1 recruiting class in Division I-AA football”.

  • UTC is currently 1st in the Germann Cup standings (SoCon women’s sports) and 2nd in the Commissioner’s cup standings (SoCon men’s sports).

Enhancing the learning environment
Enhancing the Learning Environment regionally and on the national level.

  • Computers are salvaged for use in our Academic Support areas for student use and tutoring.

  • Locker-room renovations and improved aesthetics have been completed.

  • Athletic Training facilities continue to be enhanced and medical/rehabilitation capabilities are readily available to all student-athletes.

  • We continue to to offer internships in our department to EHLS students majoring in sports administration.

  • We continue our commitment to maximize student opportunities through scholarship offerings.

Value of utc athletics
Value of UTC Athletics regionally and on the national level.

  • Athletics is generally considered the Major Marketing Tool for most Division I Universities.

  • The Athletic department is a Major Link to alumni, friends of the University and the community in general by fostering the spirit of pride and fellowship that athletics can develop.

  • Athletics exhibits the best example of what Diversity and Leadership should be in that Race, Creed or Color are not a factor in athletic competition. Everyone is treated equally.

  • Athletics creates gathering places for Alumni & Fans.

  • The top three Universities in the US (Harvard, Stanford and Yale) sponsor over 100 varsity sport programs combined.

  • Athletics generates revenue not only for UTC, but also creates an economic impact for the City of Chattanooga and surrounding communities.

Challenges 2004 2005
Challenges (2004 – 2005) regionally and on the national level.

Projected Budget Reductions of (580,639):

  • Our portion of the $400,000 State Reduction equals $117,508 (29.38% of total cut)

  • Our portion of the $300,000 Internal Reallocations equals $88,131 (29.38% of total cut)

  • Athletics will receive $70,000 less in a Football guarantee from Memphis

  • $200,000 in soft money, used to absorb the $384,000 plus reduction in FY2003-04, will not be available in FY2004-05.

  • $105,000 in possible 2004 summer school expenses were cut from the previous FY2003-04 budget

Possible impact to athletics
Possible Impact to Athletics regionally and on the national level.

  • $205,639 in reductions will cause a 6.25% cut to every program’s operating budgets across the board.

  • Tutoring will continue it difficulties

  • Post-Eligibility and summer school aid will be completely cut

  • Both Tutoring and Grant-in-Aid issues will effect graduation rates and eligibility of student-athletes

  • Certain sport programs will have to continue with chronically under-funded team travel budgets.

  • The Coaches TV Shows will no longer be produced and will effect Marketing and sponsorship (revenue generating) abilities.

  • Title IX Issues will not be addressed.

Opportunities 2004 2005
Opportunities (2004 – 2005) regionally and on the national level.

Projected Increase in Revenues of $82,000:

  • Increase Wrestling Ticket Sales $2,000

  • Increase Men’s Basketball Ticket Sales (Kansas) $40,000

  • Increase Women’s Basketball Ticket Sales(UT-Knoxville) $35,000

  • Increase in Concessions sales $5,000

  • Possible “NEW” Student Athletic fee $???

    (Proposed $6.25 per credit hour per student)

Summary of 2004 2005
Summary of 2004 - 2005 regionally and on the national level.

  • Budget Reductions (580,639)

  • Increase in Revenues $82,000

    Grand Total Reduction (498,639)