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Welcome Freshmen!

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Welcome Freshmen!
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Welcome Freshmen!

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  1. Welcome Freshmen! Grade 9 (Class of 2017) Comprehensive School Counseling Program Coventry High School 2013-2014 School Year

  2. Today we will discuss… • Overview of Student Success Plan (SSP) • Credits, Grades and Attendance • Graduation Requirements (Revised starting with Class of 2016) • Transcripts • College Admissions Factors/Becoming a Strong Applicant • Goal Setting • CHS Support Staff / Resources • Naviance Activities

  3. But first, A Myth…. • Myth: Freshman year doesn’t matter because colleges only look at grades from 10th, 11th and 12th • Wrong…Why? • Freshman year establishes study habits • Freshman year determines classes for 10th grade • Colleges review the entire transcript • Freshman year starts you on the path that you will follow for the next four years

  4. Student Success Plan (SSP) As required by the Connecticut State Department of Education, as of July 1, 2012 all students are required to have a Student Success Plan (SSP). The SSP is an individualized student driven plan that will be developed to address every student’s needs and interests to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals. The SSP will begin in the 6th grade and continue through high school to provide the student support and assistance in setting goals within each of the core components. Core Components: Academic Development Career Development Social/Emotional/Physical Development At CHS these core components will be addressed across disciplines including Core and Electives courses, the Comprehensive School Counseling Program and Enrichment and Advisory activities. Grade 9 Topics: Transcript, credit, GPA, Attendance and the Relationship to High School Success, Graduation Requirements, Course Selection, Goal Setting, Understanding the School Environment, Student Rights and School Resources, Learning Styles, College Admissions Factors/Becoming A Strong Applicant, Team Building, Review of Counseling Support/Resource Options, Positive Peer Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Fitness Goals Grade 9 Activities/Assessments:Naviance Learning Styles Inventory, MAPS Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math), Naviance Career Interest Profiler, Naviance Freshman Entrance Survey, Defining Goals (Naviance), CT Physical Fitness Assessment

  5. Credits and Grades Each course at CHS is assigned a credit value Full year (4 day/wk)= 1 credit Half year (4 day/wk)= .5 credits Half year (2 day/wk)= .25 credits Full year (2 day/wk)= .5 credits You need to earn at least 25 credits in order to graduate Students are required to register for a minimum of 6.5 credits each school year.

  6. Credits and Grades You will not earn the credit for a class if you do not pass or you exceed the number of allowable absences for that course Only grades 65 and better are passing. Any final grade below 65 will not earn you the credit for the course.

  7. Attendance Policy • A student will lose credit in a course if he or she exceeds the allowable number of absences: • Half year course: No more than 3 unexcused absences or 9 excused absences • Full year course: No more than 6 unexcused absences or 18 excused absences • Note: 3 tardies equals one class absence

  8. Coventry High School Graduation Requirements Revised Graduation Requirements starting with the Class of 2016: 25 credits in required/elective courses E-Portfolio Project Community Service Component Proficiency on CT State Assessment Tests (Smarter Balanced Assessment)

  9. Graduation Credits Students must receive credit in the following areas for graduation: English 4 credits Mathematics 4 credits Social Studies 3 credits* (including 1 credit in World Understanding, 1 credit in US History and a Civics requirement) Science 3 credits* (including Biology/Lab) Physical Education 1 credit Arts/Vocational 1 credit Electives 8.5 credits Health education .5 credits Total: 25 credits (minimum) *(Colleges/Universities recommend 4 years)  *It is strongly recommended that all students at Coventry High School enroll in a World Language course. Most colleges and universities require at least two years of the same World Language to be completed at the high school level as a requirement for admission.

  10. College Admission FactorsPercentage of Colleges Reporting “Considerable Importance”Source: 2007 NACAC State of College Admissions • Grades in college prep courses 76 % • Standardized admission tests 60 % • Grades in all courses 51 % • Essay or writing sample 28 % • Class rank 23 % • Student’s interests 21 % • Counselor recommendation 21 % • Teacher recommendation 20 % • Interview 10 % • Work/extra curricular activities 8 %

  11. Did you notice the most important factor? #1 = Grades in academic courses • Plan your time wisely • Complete homework (on time) • Learn to study (Talk to your teachers & friends about strategies that work for them and then decide what works best for you) • Take advantage of tutoring and after-school help with your teachers • Make appropriate adjustments as needed

  12. Becoming a Strong Applicant • Work hard at the level of courses that is the most challenging (yet do-able) for you • Balance your life • Study and prepare for mid-term and final exams. These exams can count for 10 – 20% of your final grade in a course. • Discover and develop your strengths and interests • Commit to what you are interested in (Scouts, Clubs, Sports, Music Lessons, etc) • Give back: Volunteer/Community Service opportunities • Go beyond the minimum: commit to 3-4 years of same class/club/etc • Take 4 years of all your core academic subjects (English, Math, Social Studies, Science) • Take at least 2-3 years of the same World Language while in high school

  13. Importance of Goal Setting • Wishes VS Goals -No control over the outcome of a wish “I wish I had a million dollars” -A goal describes something we can actively pursue and accomplish “My goal is to achieve honor roll status this quarter” • VIDEO: Pat Croce Interview with Roadtrip Nation (In Naviance)

  14. S.M.A.R.T. Goals • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Worksheet in Folder Specific- What is my goal IN DETAIL? “To keep track of my math assignments in my agenda pad.” Measurable- HOW MUCH or HOW MANY times will I do this? “I will write down my assignments and check them off when completed DAILY.” Action-bound: What ACTION will I take to achieve my goal? “I will write down the assignments before leaving class every day.” Realistic: How will I MAKE THIS HAPPEN? “I will ask my counselor for an agenda pad.” Time-bound: What is my DUE DATE? “I will keep track of my assignments through the end of the marking period.”

  15. School Counselors Mrs. Zadrowski, School Counselor (Last Names: A – G) 860-742-7346 (x161) kzadrowski@coventryct.org Mrs. Mackintosh, School Counselor (Last Names: H – M) 860-742-7346 (x152) hmackintosh@coventryct.org Mrs. Burr, School Counselor (Last Names: N – Z) 860-742-7346 (x154) jburr@coventryct.org

  16. Student Support Staff Mrs. Obomalayat, School Social Worker 860-742-7346 (x148) lobomalayat@coventryct.org Mr. Calli, School Psychologist 860-742-7346 (x149) mcalli@coventryct.org Mrs. Comella, Counseling Dept. Secretary 860-742-7346 (x160) scomella@coventryct.org

  17. Administration Ms. Mullaly, Principal 860-742-7346 (x167) mmullaly@coventryct.org Mr. Merlino, Assistant Principal 860-742-7346 (x162) smerlino@coventryct.org

  18. Today’s Naviance Activitieshttp://connection.naviance.com/coventry Refer to packet in your folders: Continue work or begin work on the following: Freshman Entrance Survey (About Me tab) Learning Style Inventory (About Me tab) Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Define Next Steps (My Planner tab) Career Interest Profiler (Careers tab) Career Cluster Finder (Careers tab) Add Careers to Your List (Careers tab)