2005 taxable sales polk county n.
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2005 Taxable Sales: Polk County PowerPoint Presentation
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2005 Taxable Sales: Polk County

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2005 Taxable Sales: Polk County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bolivar Leadership January 23, 2007. 2005 Taxable Sales: Polk County. Judith I. Stallmann University of Missouri Extension Professor of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Truman School of Public Affairs. Retail Sales. Provide employment in the county Is not high wage, generally

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2005 taxable sales polk county

Bolivar Leadership

January 23, 2007

2005 Taxable Sales: Polk County

Judith I. Stallmann

University of Missouri Extension

Professor of Agricultural Economics,

Rural Sociology and Truman School of Public Affairs

retail sales
Retail Sales
  • Provide employment in the county
    • Is not high wage, generally
  • Provide sales tax revenues to the cities and to the county
    • Sales tax revenues come from other sectors also
  • Quality of life
retail sales1
Retail Sales

Are a function of:

  • Population—consumer base
  • Local per capita income
  • Local retail availability so that county residents can shop locally
  • Attraction of consumers from outside the county
retail sales analysis
Retail sales analysis
  • Compare actual retail sales to potential retail sales
  • Shows how much of the potential sales are actually being captured locally
potential retail sales
Potential Retail Sales

(State per capita retail sales X

county % of state per capita income X county population)

  • State per capita retail sales is adjusted by
  • County per capita income as a % of state per capita income
  • And multiplied by the county population
retail pull factor
Retail Pull Factor

_Actual retail sales_

Potential retail sales

Multiplying by 100 gives the percentage of the potential that is spent locally

retail sales tax revenues
Retail sales tax revenues

Actual retail sales

  • potential retail sales =
  • -$48,013,920
  • With a 1% local option tax this is $480,139 in lower sales tax revenues
know the data
Know the Data
  • Based on taxable sales
    • Food stores
      • State taxes
      • Local option taxes
    • Other sales not taxable
  • Data disclosure problems with 6 firms or fewer
  • New way of classifying data
retail sales polk vs missouri
Retail sales: Polk vs. Missouri
  • Polk population growth more rapid
  • Per capita income growth is slower
  • Economies of scale in retail--some types of stores will locate only in cities above a certain size
  • Commuting outside the county can lower retail sales
    • average journey to work is 25 minutes
changing retail environment
Changing Retail Environment
  • Destination shopping
  • Internet and catalog sales
  • Increasing percentage of income spent on untaxed services as compared with retail sales
  • Retail earnings are falling
    • Perhaps more part-time workers
    • Is a sector that is not growing as fast as the economy in general
u s retail and e retail
U.S. Retail and E-retail

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Retail Trade 2004

numbers don t tell all
Numbers don’t tell all
  • Local information is important
    • Is there shifting of purchases between retail sectors?
      • Food stores to department stores or general merchandise stores.
      • Drugs to food stores and general merchandise
    • Are local spending patterns different from the state in some important way?
the 64 000 question
The $64,000 Question
  • Why do people in the county shop outside of the county?
  • Why do firms not locate in the county
    • May be that the economics are such that it is not profitable to locate in the county
even better questions
Even better questions
  • Why are people shopping in the county? Build on what works.
    • Those who live in the county
    • Those who do not live in the county
  • Can sectors with low-sales be indicators of potential new businesses?

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The following slides provide additional information about surrounding counties.This likely will not be directly covered but is provided as additional information for those who are interested.