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By Chelsea Riggi
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  1. By Chelsea Riggi Friends Forever

  2. Dedication I dedicate this book to my best friend, Jenna Essig. I never want our friendship to be apart.

  3. “Hey, Madison.” • “Hey Courtney.” • “Can you come over tonight?” asked Courtney. • “First I have to ask my mom. It will probably be a yes because you live right next door to me.” • “Yuppers,” Courtney laughed.

  4. Well, as the girls got home, Madison asked her mom if she could sleep over and she said yes!!

  5. At the sleepover Madison told Courtney something she couldn’t believe! “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LIKE MY BROTHER!” screamed Courtney. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I was going to but…” “BUT NOTHING! I AM SO MAD AT YOU!” yelled Courtney. “JUST GO HOME AND LEAVE ME ALONE!”

  6. “Well, you know what? It’s not like we are going to get married. It’s just your brother and I am sorry that I really like him!” yelled Madison. “GO!” “FINE! Just tell your brother that I said hi!” “MAYBE I WON’T!” As Madison left Courtney went to talk to Robbie!

  7. “Hey, Robbie, Madison and I had a fight,” cried Courtney. “Well, what was the fight about?” asked Robbie. “Well...she told me that she likes YOU! Then I exploded on her and told her to leave,” Courtney said. “NO! She didn’t say that. Right?” “Yes, oh, yes, she did.”

  8. “NO!” yelled Robbie. “YUP,” Courtney yelled. “No,” he whispered. “YES, she did,” she yelled louder. “Fine, whatever. Tell mom,” said Robbie.

  9. So Robbie and Courtney went to tell my mom. (Actually, Courtney told her.) “OH, that’s what the fight was about. Just tell her you’re sorry and get over it!” Mom said. “It’s not that easy Mom. I mean my ex-best friend likes my brother.”

  10. “Well, just go to bed and just think about it for a minute,” she suggested. “Ok. Goodnight Mom.” “Goodnight sweetie. Sorry you aren’t having your sleepover.”

  11. As Madison and Courtney got ready for school, they were thinking of each other. They both left their houses at the same time and walked to school together but never spoke to each other until they got to school.

  12. “Well, have a good day Courtney.” “Yeah, whatever,” Courtney snipped. During the school day they still didn’t talk, but at lunch they started to talk! “Hey Madison,” Courtney said.

  13. “Hey, Court.” “I am sorry that I flipped out on you.” “It’s ok.” “It’s just my brother and…I guess I can live with you liking him.”

  14. “Thanks.” “Well, will you forgive me?” “Yeah.” “Thank you. Let’s not let ANYTHING get between us like that again!” “Ok.” “FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!” they both screamed.

  15. Reflection I have grown as a writer over the last years. One thing I have learned is that it is important for me to always believe in myself. If I do something wrong when I write, I keep trying and trying. My mentor text is My Rotten, Red Headed Older Brother and the author is Patricia Polacco. I used her as a mentor author because in My Rotten, Red Headed Older Brother, the part where the brother and sister were fighting was my favorite part. Patricia Polacco also uses lots of dialogue like me. I wrote this story because whenever I am in a fight with my friend this is how we fight. I have learned by writing this story because getting this story done was hard for me and I have learned that you can never give up. If you mess up and stop, you will never get the story done. I have learned in the past two years to never be a quitter in writing and that Enrichment ROCKS!! Thanks, Mrs..Bussewitz!

  16. About the Author Hi, I am Chelsea Jean Riggi. I live in Caledonia-Mumford. I am 10 years old and my birthday is 10/4/98. I have one sister and her name is Elaina Mary Riggi. I have a Mom and Dad and their names are Vicki Riggi and Stephen Riggi! I love them! They are always there for me when I need them! Well, I hope you liked my book! Thanks for reading it!!!