building a better w orld n.
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Building a Better W orld PowerPoint Presentation
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Building a Better W orld

Building a Better W orld

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Building a Better W orld

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  1. Building a Better World

  2. Fab Fridays What: help guide an interactive activity for 4th-12th graders and their parents to explore science and engineering related technology Times: 6-8pm (Dinner provided before) Dates: 2/3 2/24 3/16 Where: STEM Center Sign up if Interested!

  3. Safari Saturdays What: help guide an interactive activity for PreK-3rdgraders and their parents to explore science and engineering related concepts Dates: 2/18 (Colors) 4/14 (Fluids) Times: 1-4pm Where: STEM Center Sign up if Interested!

  4. Habitat for Humanity EWB Group Volunteer Dates

  5. Food Pantry BSA Merit Badge College Collegeside Church of Christ – 5:00 pm on Wednesday This Saturday, January 28th 7:30-4:30

  6. Wheel Chair Ramp $1500 grant Needs to be used by June Be on the lookout for someone who needs one

  7. Spring Break Trip Through habitat for humanity – Collegiate Challenge Can sign up under our group on website Variety of locations

  8. Summer Opportunities Through Lipscomb University – “Project Ulpan” Visiting Ulpan Valley of Guatemala • Has one of the highest death rates in Western Hemisphere due to waterborne diseases Women and children hike each day for water Project Ulpan looks to help with clean water, stable public health, basic education, economic development, and human rights awareness

  9. Project Update Old programs got adopted by other chapters Have Professional Mentors • Dr. Lenly Weathers – professor here • Dr. Faisal Hossain – professor here • Michael MacIndoe – practicing engineer • David Pinkard – practicing engineer • Sandra Dudley – practicing engineer

  10. San Isidro, El Salvador Develop well, pump system, power system for pump,holding tank for water, connect water to town • Can be done as more than one project Future project possibilities • Develop ag and professional development school • Family chicken farms • Trash recycling and treatment • Street repair Large community, but several organizations involved with money pledged

  11. Misuuni, Kenya Women and children currently collect unclean water from rivers and one earth dam that dries up during the dry season Drill new well and install hand pump • For drinking and irrigation Community has done some fundraising

  12. Relevant Websites Project Ulpan – National Website – Our Website: Facebook Group - “Engineers Without Borders – TTU Chapter” Organization email – My email –

  13. Recap Fab Fridays and Safari Saturdays • Stem Center 6-8 pm and 1-4 pm Habitat for Humanity Food Pantry • CollegesideCoC, Wed., 5 pm Boy Scout Merit Badge University • Saturday 28th 7:30 – 4:30 Wheel Chair Ramp Tshirts Spring break “collegiate challenge” Project Ulpan through Lipscomb New project apps – El Salvador and Kenya Next meeting – February 14th, with speaker

  14. Come to the Next Meeting! Our next meeting will be on February 14th during dead hour. Please come back! Dr. Kerry Patterson from Lipscomb University will be speaking about some his recent experiences with overseas work. Thanks for Coming!

  15. EWB-USA Building a better world one community at a time.