w orld war ii n.
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W orld War II PowerPoint Presentation
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W orld War II

W orld War II

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W orld War II

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  1. World War II

  2. Vocabulary Gestapo the secret police for the Nazis Nazi German political parties eliminated opposition Aryans a member of the indo-European-speaking people Ghetto the quarter of a city that Jews were restricted for residence

  3. Germany After WW1 the treaty of Versailles was hard on Germany. in the treaty they had to admit that they had caused the war, give the allied nations large amounts of money, and promise no more big armies. In the 1920's inflation hit. For example bread was five marks in the morning and at night it went to one billion marks. There was no more work for them, they looked for a leader to help them. Hitler became leader. Hitler believed in fascism. There was one party that was powerful it was the Nazi party. The Nazis illegally took the Government. they had a private army to kill whoever spoke against Hitler. The people were told they would have work and power. Germany was against the treaty of Versailles, Jews and communists.

  4. Italy Mussolini started a fascist Government. Mussolini had a secret police force called the Black Shirts. Black Shirts had guns and clubs, they beat up people who didn't believe Mussolini. He promised greatness to Rome. In 1935 Italy invaded Ethiopia. Italy fought with guns the Ethiopians fought with spears. Mussolini was hung in the middle of the streets.

  5. Japan Japan wanted to be strong like Germany. So they attacked the Chinese. the United States saw that china needed help so they cut off 80% of iron and oil to Japan. The Japanese got mad and bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.

  6. The Axis Powers The axis powers wanted to take over the world. Japan took china. During this time Spain was having a civil war. Franco started the civil war. Germany and Italy helped Franco. After three years Franco took over Spain. The war helped Germany and Italy because they needed to test their weapons. Hitler moved his armies to Austria in 1938. Hitler wanted Czechoslovakia. France told Hitler they were not going to give him the land. France had a meeting with Hitler in Munich Germany 1938. Hitler said that he wanted some small land. France gave Hitler his request. Then Hitler took the rest of Czechoslovakia. Japan took more of china. Italy took Albania. in 1939 Hitler made a treaty with Russia, Hitler said that he would never fight Russia. After Hitler attacked western Europe.

  7. America Dec 7 1941 at 6:00 am Japan bombed pearl harbor. After pearl harbor, Roosevelt declared war on Japan. 3 days later Italy and Germany declared war on America. America declared war on Italy and Germany. America had a lot to bring to the war we had steel, food, ships and, manpower. By 1945 almost 13 million men had enlisted. Women were nurses, clerks, pilots, cooks and, mechanics. They produced planes and tanks. The Americans at home got metal, nylon and silk stockings. The Americans thought that the Japanese were spies they put them in camps almost 72,000 Japanese Americans were in the camps.

  8. Camps These camps were called labor, concentration, relocation and reception camps. They had barracks, barb wire, watch towers and tents or huts. As soon as the people entered the camp they were stripped and their valuables were taken. Then they were put into two groups, the women, children and the sick were put in one group and the strong in the other. The strong were kept alive to work and the other group were put into showers that poured out poison gas. For breakfast they would give them one piece of moldy bread and some tea. The ones that could not work anymore were shot, poisons gas or had experiments done on them to see how the brain worked.

  9. The Nazis take Europe The Nazis sent armies to Poland. They bombed cities. Poland was quickly defeated. In April of 1940 they fought Denmark and Norway. Denmark surrendered and Norway was soon defeated. In May of 1940 they took the Netherlands and Belgium. After 5 days the Dutch surrendered. After 18 days Belgium was concurred the English and French helped them. The French lost the battle of Dunkirk. The British rescued 300,000 soldiers, they used small boats to cross the English channel. Roosevelt sent guns, ammunition and warships to England. Germany then took Greece.

  10. Hitler Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am inn, Austria. He didn't finish school. in 1920 he was elected chairman for the Nazis. The Nazi army grew during the Great Depression. He managed to trick the Germans to think he was good.

  11. The Holocaust From January 3, 1933 to May 8, 1945, About 6 million Jews and millions of others were killed. The crematorium were basically big fireplaces where they killed Jews and burned them. In the summer of 1944 they used pits instead of a crematorium. The Germans didn't buy anything from Jewish stores which is boycotting. The word Holocaust means whole burned.