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Egyptian Religion PowerPoint Presentation
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Egyptian Religion

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Egyptian Religion
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Egyptian Religion

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  1. Egyptian Religion By: Axel Martinez and Declan Thurmond

  2. Burial The Ancient Egyptians buried their kings and queens in pyramids at their burial chamber.

  3. Osiris the god of dead • In his original form, a green skinned man dressed in the raiment of apharaoh

  4. The Nile riverbank • The Nile river in the present time

  5. Nile River Facts • `The Nile river is actually 4181 miles long with such along length, the Nile River is speculated to be the longest river in the world.. • The Amazon river runs a very close second, although is has been difficult to determine which is actually longer river. • Nile facts state it winds from Vanda to Ethiopia, flowing through a total or nine countries. • While the Nile river is often associated with Egypt, it actually touches Ethiopia, Zaire

  6. Hapi God of The Nile River I • In Egyptian also Hap, was the god of de Nile itself, the very incarnation of wealth and the symbol or the life-giving fertile mud over the field • He welled in a cave near the first cataract when he was fed by crocodiles and frogs who wanted to assure themselves that the Nile should not run dry and make them die.

  7. Hapi

  8. Hapi God of The Nile River II • He was never seen through an animal and always depicted as a big fat man covered with (blue, black or green) mud from river, offering fruits and carry the symbols of the two Egyptian Kingdoms: The Lotus and Papyrus. • His festival was held in all parts of Egypt in the late summer the flooding began, and his popularity was for obvious reasons constant through all times. His wife was the goddess Nekhbet.

  9. The Afterlife • Ancient Egyptians actually like death because they get a new life in the afterlife. • Their components must come together after separation and they must be mummified to go into the afterlife.

  10. Amun-Ra • Amun-Ra is like the king of gods. • He wears a hat with two posts sticking up and a ram head on it. • You have to get to him to go to the afterlife.

  11. Isis the wife of Osiris I • She represent of institution of family and teach women art ,weave and netting. • Isis and Osiris are happy but her brother Seth was jealous and wanted to get rid of Osiris the first time he put him in a coffin and throw it in the Nile River. • Isis went looking for his body found him in Bilbo stuck in a bush.

  12. Isis the wife of Osiris II • The second time Seth cut Osiris body in 14 pieces throw the parts in different places. • Isis found 13 pieces or Osiris body but the 14 piece was ate by the Nile River. • Isis tried to make Osiris come back from the dead but he was alive in the under world. • Isis name was pronounced sacred, she was give more then ten thousand names in her religion want to Rome.

  13. Isis the wife of Osiris

  14. 11/15/09 Http://touregyptnet/god oregyphosiri.htm • 11/17/09 (world type Egyptian gods tied to the Nile). • 11/18/09 (world type Isis the wife of Osiris).