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Information Arts - SM2222 PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Arts - SM2222

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Information Arts - SM2222 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Arts - SM2222. Class Introduction What is information? What is information arts?. Information Arts - SM2222. Information Arts Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology, Stephen Wilson. Information Arts - SM2222. Information Arts

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Information Arts - SM2222

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Information Arts - SM2222

Class Introduction

What is information?

What is information arts?


Information Arts - SM2222

Information Arts

Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology,

Stephen Wilson


Information Arts - SM2222

Information Arts

Biology: Microbiology, Animals and Plants, Ecology, and Medicine and the Body

Physics, Nonlinear Systems, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Geology, Astronomy, Space Science, Global Positioning System, and Cosmology

Algorithms, Mathematics, Fractals, Genetic Art, and Artificial Life

Kinetics, Sound Installations, and Robots


Digital Information Systems/Computers


Information Arts - SM2222


InfoART Pavillion at the ‘95 Kwangju Biennale in Korea, organized by Nam June Paik and Cynthia Goodman

Artists included

Nam June Paik, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Scott Fisher, Perry Hoberman, Paul Earls, Paul Garrin, Steina Vasulka, David Rokeby, Tsai Wen-Ying, Peter d’Agostino, Edmond Couchot, Benjamin Britton, Grahame Weinbren, Luc Courchesne and Jean-Louis Boissier

Image source from,


Information Arts - SM2222

Information Design and Visualization

Understanding Information

Playing with Information


Information Arts - SM2222

‘Reality’ has been portrayed and represented in Digital Media (SM1001).

Digital media is presented as streams of digital codes (0 and 1) which we name ‘Information’.

Information can be processed and manipulated through some digital ‘transformations’.

The stream of information can be read as a number which affords mathematical operations.

Or it can be read as a string of ‘symbol’ which is similar to a sentence in a language.


Information Arts - SM2222

But the question is,

Why aren’t we aware of this?


Information Arts - SM2222

We perceive and manipulate the information through some kinds of abstraction.

Document, photo, video, sound track, etc.

MS Word, Photoshop, Quicktime, WinAmp, etc.


Information Arts - SM2222

Thanks to the graphical user interface (GUI) and desktop interactivity and SM2203.

We can work on the abstract models of text, image, video and audio, etc. without knowing much about the stream of information.


Information Arts - SM2222

What are we going to do?

Look into the abstract model, the 2D image in particular.

Surface the information stream as number.

Study the properties and behaviours of number.

Re-work the image manipulation processes as number transformation.

See what can happen.

That is where creativity is.


Information Arts - SM2222

And at the same time, we’ll

Understand the perception process of visual stimulus.

Study the use of visual elements in communication.

Practice on presenting complex information.