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Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules by Experienced Customers – A Power Users Session PowerPoint Presentation
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Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules by Experienced Customers – A Power Users Session

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Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules by Experienced Customers – A Power Users Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules by Experienced Customers – A Power Users Session. Jeffrey Manthos Mark Lee Steve Sizemore. June 10, 2009. Agenda. Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules Power User Benefits Case Study-AMCOM EXPRESS . COMPLEX USE of MULTIPLE AWARD SCHEDULES.

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Presentation Transcript

Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules by Experienced Customers – A Power Users Session

Jeffrey ManthosMark LeeSteve Sizemore

June 10, 2009

  • Complex Use of Multiple Award Schedules
  • Power User Benefits
  • Case Study-AMCOM EXPRESS
what are your options
What are your options?
  • Other Government IDIQs- May not provide a total solution, limited scope of contractors
  • Open Market- Lengthy procurement process depending on dollar value
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule contracts

-Offers a broad range of services and products so a total solution can be ordered, easy to use, can obtain socio-economic goals through evaluation process, no maximum dollar values, latest technology, significant contractor capacity

how the mas program can help
How the MAS Program Can Help
  • Meet time frames for spending
  • Supports firm fixed-price awards
  • Specific reporting requirements can be included in scope
  • Supports socio-economic goals
  • Supports competitive procurements
  • Total solutions for complex requirements
why you should care
Why you should care…
  • Easy way to buy even complex services.
    • Weapon systems development
    • Yes, this can be “rocket science”
  • Lets you focus on managing outcomes
    • Simplified acquisition method
    • Manage more contractors and less paper
did you know schedules can be use for
Did You Know Schedules Can Be Use for…?
  • Recycling computer monitors (Environmental)
  • Food service for soldiers in Iraq (Logistics)
  • Agency reorganizations [even GSA’s] (MOBIS)
  • Aircraft electronic maintenance (Logistics)
  • Commercial activity (A-76) studies (MOBIS)
  • Translation of Osama bin Laden tapes (Language)
flexible schedule tools
Flexible Schedule Tools
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)
  • Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs)
blanket purchase agreements
Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • The basics:
    • Establish a BPA with any schedule contractor
    • Used to set up “accounts” to fill recurring requirements
    • Need not obligate money
    • Can last as long as the contract period
    • Review annually for “best value”
    • Contractors prefer GSA BPAs to agency IDIQs/MACs

Schedule contractors may team with each other to provide a total service solution for a customer

(See FAR 9.6)

  • Subcontractors:
    • Work for prime contractor
    • Prime uses MAS schedule contract labor categories/rates for its subcontractors
    • Subcontractors do not have a MAS schedule contract
    • Government has no direct involvement with subcontractors
prime subcontractor relationship





Prime/Subcontractor Relationship

BPAs/Orders Only to Prime (Schedule Contractor)

mas teaming and subcontracting

Team Lead


Member 1

Team Member 2


(has Schedule)




MAS Teaming and Subcontracting

Schedule Teaming Requires Teaming Agreement

ctas and bpas putting it all together
CTAs and BPAs: Putting It All Together
  • Use single/ Consolidated Schedule
  • Task Award to a Single Contractor


Your Requirements

  • Use Several Schedules
  • Award BPAs
  • Contractors Team
flexible schedule tools summary
Flexible Schedule Tools (summary)
  • Wide variety of service Schedules (and products too)
  • Using BPAs for recurring requirements: Multiple or Single BPAs
  • Subcontracting and teaming for multi-domain requirements
  • Agencies use BPAs and CTAs together to satisfy complex service requirements
gsa professional services schedules
GSA Professional Services Schedules
  • Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • Environmental Services
  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD)
  • Language Services
  • Consolidated Schedule
  • Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services (AIMS)
  • Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)
  • Information Technology Services
success stories
Success Stories
  • Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM)
  • Marine Corps Systems Command (MARSYSCOM)
  • Aeronautical Systems Center, (WPAFB)

Many Others…

procurement objectives
Procurement Objectives

To fulfill mission needs, agencies require contract vehicles that provide:

  • Flexibility to fulfill the requirement
  • Speed to ensure the need is met in a timely manner
  • Overall value to acquisition and end user organizations
  • Oversight and control of procurement dollars
  • Achievement of small business procurement goals
  • Comply with Competition Requirements
procurement contracting solutions
Procurement Contracting Solutions
  • “Using Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), combined with Contractor Teaming Arrangements and Subcontractors against GSA schedules has resulted in a balance of flexibility, speed and value for AMCOM, while ensuring proper oversight and control of acquisition dollars, and fostering small business procurement goals….”
customer specific benefits
Customer Specific Benefits
  • GSA Manages the Master Contracts
  • Additional Discounts at the BPA and/or Task Order level
  • Dynamic Teaming Arrangements
  • Achievement of Small Business Procurement Goals
  • Additional Supplier Flexibility via “Open Seasons”
  • Can add Clauses that do not Conflict with Schedule Contract
  • Robust Competition Limited to Schedule and/or BPA holders
advanced applications best practices
Advanced Applications-Best Practices
  • Performance Based to Performance Driven Acquisition
  • Program Management Thru Key Acquisition Metrics
  • Harvest Power of Continual Competition
  • Create on-going Opportunities for Small Business throughout life of program
  • Continually Refresh Supplier Base
  • Flexible Strategy to Respond to Unknowns
  • Smooth Transition
power of continual competition
Power of Continual Competition

Power Users:

  • Have “on-ramps and off-ramps”
  • Have sophisticated metrics to evaluate performance
  • Allocate work based on performance
  • Award top performers larger shares
  • Performers with low performance move to “off-ramp”
  • Add Additional Requirements
  • Marshal Resources to Focus on Administration and Oversight
power of continual competition24
Power of Continual Competition
  • Power Users Optimize Use of Performance Metrics
  • Contract Specific as Well as Program Specific
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cycle Time-Requirements Definition to Award
  • Response (Bid) Rate
  • Socioeconomic Support
  • Technical Performance and Outcomes Based on QASP
  • Administrative Costs Per Task Order
small business optimization
Small Business Optimization
  • Benefits To Small Businesses
  • “On ramps” allow access to new contractors
  • Prevents being excluded from opportunities for multiple years until new contract awarded
  • Preference given to small business during evaluations
  • Socio-economic credit for small business team leads
benefits of on ramps thru bpas
Benefits of On-Ramps Thru BPAs
  • Reduce Transition Risk

No Mega Scale Program Change-over

  • Continual Opportunity for Small Business

Not Locked Out for Five Years or More

As Small Businesses Grow-Bring in New Vendors

  • Continual Performance Driven
  • Unique Benefit of Schedules
policy regulatory compliance
Policy & Regulatory Compliance
  • Economy Act
  • Mandatory Sources
  • Market Research
  • Soliciting Competition
  • Proper Use of Non-DoD Contracts
  • Directed or “Assisted” acquisitions (MIPR’s)
  • Small Business Opportunities!
  • DoD or agency-unique regulations
coalition building
Coalition Building
  • Program Managers
  • Acquisition Workforce (C/Os, C/Ss)
  • Customers/End Users
  • Industry
  • Small Business Advocates
transition sequence timeline
Transition Sequence-Timeline
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Policy Vetting
  • Buy-in
  • Community Outreach
  • Competition
  • Award
  • Post Award
  • Mission Support
  • Delivery
gsa life cycle support
GSA Life Cycle Support
  • Transition Strategy
  • Schedules Policy Guidance
  • Training
  • Best Practices
  • Industry Outreach
  • E-Tools
amcom express
  • EXpedited
  • Professional and
  • Engineering
  • Support
  • Services
what is the purpose of express

EXPRESS is AMCOM’s Contractual Solution



For the

AMCOM Life cycle Management Command


Planning and Execution 2004

Awarded February 2005

market and customer research
Market and Customer Research
  • One on One Meetings with Industry
  • Visited with 02K Primes
  • Analyzed Other Agencies Multiple Awards
  • One on One with Customers
market and customer research35
Market and Customer Research

Feedback on 02K (IDIQ)…..

  • Cumbersome
  • Internal Paperwork
  • Long Lead times
  • Rigid Evaluations
  • Adding Subs Difficult
  • Customers Moving to GSA to Gain Flexibility
  • Limited Marketing
  • New Players Locked Out
  • Labor Rate Changes
  • Adding SMEs Difficult
what amcom considered
What AMCOM Considered…
  • Improve Existing 02K Concept
  • Issue many small stand alone contracts for each customer
  • Team with GSA using AMCOM BPA’s
  • Three Options!
successful gsa models
Successful GSA Models…..
  • Marine Corps Systems Command:
  • Quantico, VA
  • Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services (CEOss)
  • US Air Force:
  • Eglin AFB, FL
  • Joint Test & Evaluation
  • US Air Force: ASC:
  • Wright Patterson AFB, OH
  • GSA Advisory & Assistance Services
  • Taking the Best and Improving It!
decision gsa partnership
Decision….GSA Partnership
  • BPAs using GSA Multiple Award Schedules
  • Dynamic Teaming
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Options
  • Customer Selections
  • Open Seasons
  • Evergreen
  • Team Members May Get Direct Pay from DFAS
  • Fixed Price Rate
  • More Labor Categories
  • No Problem to Add Subcontractors
  • AMCOM Listened to their Customers……..
applicable gsa schedules
Applicable GSA Schedules
  • Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD)
  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Consolidated
    • No Schedule Required for Subcontractors
    • Primes Must Hold at Least One Applicable Schedule
    • Team Members May Hold Any Schedule
initial down select process
Initial Down Select Process….
  • Prime Submits:
  • GSA Schedule Contract
  • Simplistic Capabilities Statement
  • Domain Preference
  • Government Evaluates:
  • Performance Capability
  • Pricing Structure
  • Socio-Economic Benefit
time to get on schedules
Time To Get On Schedules
  • AMCOM will provide at least 3 months
  • Subs do not have to get on schedules
  • GSA commitment for industry training
  • GSA promise to expedite processing

Do all companies need schedules to participate?

  • Only at Team Leader/Member levels
  • Not required for subcontractors
Cost to get on GSA Schedules?
  • No Costs
  • Must take time to apply
  • GSA assistance and training

Will this save money?

  • Anticipate rate discounts
  • Prime burdens elimination
  • Fixed rates
  • Less administration for industry results in greater efficiency, savings, competitive rates

Will payment of vouchers be impacted?

  • Same as 02K: DFAS makes payment
express continued
EXPRESS Continued…
  • Deployment to Hazardous Duty Locations

Provisions for deployment in BPA

Methods for rate adjustments in BPAs

  • NAICS Codes
    • Are from GSA Schedule
    • GSA advised in workshops on proper classifications and
    • eliminated some existing confusion
  • Remittance to GSA (Industrial Funding Fee)
    • 0.75%
gsa and amcom
  • Win-Win Partnership
  • Streamlined Process
  • Enhance Small Business
  • Power of eCommerce
bpa evaluation considerations
BPA Evaluation Considerations….
  • Teaming/Business Arrangement
  • Performance Capability
  • Socio-Economic Benefits to Command
  • Past Performance
  • Pricing Structure
task ordering
Task Ordering….
  • Competition Between Domain BPA Holders
  • Best Value Criteria
  • Task Orders May Include Options
  • Firm Fixed Price and Time and Materials
  • Twenty (20) Days Target Timeline For Processing

BPA Holder -

Prime Contractor

Team Member

Team Member




  • Prime Contractors and Team
  • Members must hold a GSA
  • Schedule
  • Team Members utilize their
  • own GSA schedule rates
  • Team Members sign BPA
  • Subcontractors not required
  • to hold GSA contract. Perform
  • to Prime’s GSA Schedule rates.

Contractor Teaming Arrangement

DIRECT AWARDS: Team Leader may propose that Task Orders be issued directly

to a SB Team Member – AMCOM Receives SB Credit Based on Direct Awardees' Size




Maintenance Planning

Supply Support

Training and Training Devices

Logistics Program Support

Business & Analytical

Strategic Planning

Communication Support

Process Improvement Support

Financial Management Support


Resource Management Support

Cost Estimating/Analysis

Strategic Planning Analysis

International Program Support

Operations Research and Analysis


Aeromechanics Technology

Systems Engineering

Structures and Materials

Systems Simulation and Modeling

Software Engineering


EXPRESS Primary Customers

(as of 30 Jun 08)

275 Task Orders










Distribution of Task Orders

(As of 30 Jun 08)

67% of TO’s

Awarded to SB’s

Potential Program

(including options)




TECHNICAL 46% 126 18 $1.521B

PROGRAMMATIC 24% 67 6 $374.9M

LOGISTICS 20% 54 5 $252.7M

BUSINESS & ANALYTICAL 10% 28 2 $ 87.8M

TOTALS 100% 275 31 $ 2.24B


Advantages of EXPRESS

Customer Satisfaction:92%

Timeliness:42 Working Days

Competition Rate:79%

Socioeconomic Program Support:48% obligated dollars

Direct Awards to Small Businesses: 10%

*EXPRESS has processed 7,000 contract actions with a staff of approx. 25 people


EXPRESS Open Season

  • Possible competition to add new BPA holders
    • Lack of adequate competition
    • Socioeconomic improvement needed
    • Existing primes exit program
    • Enhance pool of expertise for new task order efforts
  • Primes may adjust team members and subcontractors
    • Facilitates new SB Participation
    • Adjustment opportunity for teaming arrangements
    • OK to Add, Delete, and Change Team Member/

Subcontractor Status

value proposition
Value Proposition
  • Our contracts provide ready to use ordering vehicles which cover most projects
  • We have the talent you need for your projects already under contract
  • Awards under Schedules take less time – allowing the work to begin quicker
  • Use your acquisition resources effectively by eliminating front-end work
  • Free online tools make it easy to get quotes – fast
  • Flexibility to structure your order, your way including customized terms and conditions
  • MAS can provide total solutions for complex requirements including services and products
  • BPAs can streamline ordering across the organization
  • Market research is simple
we want to be your procurement partner
We want to be your procurement partner
  • National network of customer representatives ready to help you
  • Thousands of subject matter experts who are knowledgeable about their industry & committed to serving the federal community
  • Acquisition professionals who speak your language and understand your issues
  • FAR compliant contracts
small business procurement gsa can help
Small Business Procurement – GSA Can Help!
  • All small businesses should have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in providing goods and services to U.S. Government (Small Business Act)
  • The Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) statutory government-wide procurement goals*:
  • 23% of an agency’s prime contracts for small businesses
  • 5% for small disadvantage businesses (prime & subcontracts)
  • 5% for women-owned small businesses (prime & subcontracts)
  • 3% for HUBZone businesses (prime and subcontracts)
  • 3% for service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSBs)
  • (prime & subcontracts)
helpful web addresses
Helpful Web Addresses
  • GSA Homepage -
  • Information About The MAS Program -
  • GSA Advantage!®
  • GSA eLibrary -
  • e-Buy -
helpful web addresses58
Helpful Web Addresses
  • Schedules Ordering Guide -

Search for “Desk Reference Guide”

  • Customer Service Director Contact Info -
  • Additional Information on Services Schedules Ordering -
  • Helpful Search Tool -
let s keep in touch
Let’s Keep In Touch
  • Jeff Manthos
  • (703) 605-5535
  • Mark Lee
  • (703) 605-2572
  • Steve Sizemore
  • (256) 895-3158