Unit 9 project and preparation for job interviewing
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Unit 9 project and preparation for job interviewing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 9 project and preparation for job interviewing. Elisa C. Martin Capstone faculty member. Unit #9 Powerpoint project. Make sure to use the “How To” links on the Project page. Make sure to download the checklist

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Unit 9 project and preparation for job interviewing

Unit 9 project and preparation for job interviewing

Elisa C. Martin

Capstone faculty member

Unit 9 powerpoint project
Unit #9 Powerpoint project

  • Make sure to use the “How To” links on the Project page.

  • Make sure to download the checklist

    • The checklist will help you make sure you meet all the points required for the project.

    • Make sure to meet the minimum slide requirement – title page and reference page do not count in the minimum required 12 to 15 slides.

Unit 9 powerpoint project1
Unit #9 powerpoint project

  • PowerPoint Project:

    Transnational Crime

  • Compare and contrast two separate cultures and ethnicities that harbor ill-will toward the United States

    • This means two different societies. Please do not include the United States.

  • In a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation, please compare both of your selections and be sure to discuss the role that socialization and religion play in shaping the beliefs of these cultures.

Unit 9 powerpoint project2
Unit #9 powerpoint project

Be prepared to provide evidence about:

  • Why these beliefs are formed.

  • How culture and religion shaped these beliefs.

  • Why these cultures are militant in their beliefs toward the United States.

Preparing for a job interview
Preparing for a Job interview

  • Appearance:

    • Cleanand neat.

    • Professional – hair should be natural in color.

    • Fingernails should be groomed. Women with painted nails should ensure the color is subdued and they are not too long.

    • Tattoos should be covered. Many criminal justice professionals have them, but cover them at work.

    • Many employers are not hiring folks who cannot cover up their tattoos.

    • Remove excessive piercings. Women should wear only one pair in an interview.

Research the organization

  • Understand the organization’s mission statement and its philosophy.

  • Learn about its demographics.

  • Understand its organizational chart.

De clutter your surroundings

  • Make sure your car is clean on the outside and the inside. If your potential employer walks you to your car and sees a mess, that is an indication that you are disorganized.

  • Make sure your cell phone message is brief and professional. Your potential employer will not want to sit through a lengthy song to leave a message and will not appreciate a smart-aleck greeting.

Preparing for a job interview1
Preparing for A Job interview

  • Make sure your credit debt is as low as possible.

  • Clean up, if not delete, allyour social media accounts:

    • Employers are requiring access to your Facebook accounts (yes, that is legal).

    • Law enforcement will ask for access to personal records that even the private sector is beginning to examine.

Preparing for a job interview2
Preparing for A Job interview

  • Be confident, not arrogant.

    • Everyone is nervous in an interview, so how you control your nervousness is important. Law enforcement agencies watch how you handle yourself.

    • Be sincere. Honesty is always the best policy.

  • Make sure you have plenty of copies of your resume when you go to interviews.

    • Take special effort in your preparation of the resumes – put them into protectors.

    • Also make sure you have a cover letter.

The second interview

Follow up

  • For a second interview, find out if you have competitors. Ask whether your interviewers have any questions that you may answer to help them decide on you for the position.

  • Ask for feedback. Interviewers may not be able to provide this because of legal reasons, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Preparing for the panel
Preparing for THE PANEL

  • Sometimes you will be interviewed by a panel that includes two to six people.

  • Be prepared to answer any question. It is OK to take a minute to answer a question. Pausing will help interviewers understand that you think before you speak.


  • The bottom line to interviewing is looking and acting professional.

  • Presentation is everything.

  • Remember you have earned a formal education. Sell that! Help your interviewers understand that you have the ability to learn anything.