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The Pentagon

The Pentagon

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The Pentagon

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  1. The Pentagon

  2. Shakespeare 9/11 (Sonnet 64) When I have seen by Time's fell hand defacedThe rich proud cost of outworn buried age;When sometime lofty towers I see down-razedAnd brass eternal slave to mortal rage;When I have seen the hungry ocean gainAdvantage on the kingdom of the shore,And the firm soil win of the watery main,Increasing store with loss and loss with store;When I have seen such interchange of state,Or state itself confounded to decay;Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate,That Time will come and take my love away.This thought is as a death, which cannot chooseBut weep to have that which it fears to lose.

  3. The Pentagon

  4. The Pentagon Big Brass’s offices on opposite side (not sure where)

  5. PentagonOfficial Story • American Airlines flight 77 • took off from Dulles Airport • flew west into West Virginia • turned around & came back • circled the Pentagon in 330º 7000’ descending loop • approached the Pentagon’s west side at about 500mph, knocking over lightpoles • crashed into the west side at an angle at ground level, penetrating 3 of 5 “rings”

  6. PentagonOfficial Story The route according to the NSTSB

  7. PentagonOfficial Story Versions of 330º approach loop

  8. PentagonOfficial Story Approach path

  9. PentagonOfficial Story Note that E-D-C rings are joined on the lower levels Path through building

  10. Pentagon: Official Story Path through building, showing column damage

  11. What time is it? • Official story 9:37 • Stopped Pentagon clock 9:32 • Alberto Gonzales (WH council) 9:32 • FAA (9/17) 9:32 • Robert Andrews 9:35(act asst SoD Spec Ops, keeps his watch fast, describing violent event at) • April Gallop’s watch stopped 9:30

  12. PentagonOfficial Story Damage to face of Pentagon

  13. PentagonOfficial Story Damage to face of Pentagon

  14. PentagonOfficial Story Damage to face of Pentagon

  15. PentagonOfficial Story Damage to face of Pentagon

  16. PentagonOfficial Story Damage to face of Pentagon

  17. The Pentagon: Damage

  18. PentagonOfficial Story Damage lawn (none)

  19. The Pentagon Collapse The collapse initiated at the fifth floor along the building expansion joint, proceeded continuously and was completed within a few seconds, at 9:57 (19 minutes after alleged impact)-- Pentagon building performance report

  20. The Pentagon: Collapse

  21. The Pentagon: Collapse

  22. The Cameras

  23. The Cameras • 9/11: Within minutes, FBI confiscates security videotapes from Pentagon, Citgo station, and Doubletree Hotel (staff watching in horror) • 2001-2006: FBI releases none • 2002: 5 frames leaked (w/ Sept 12 date) • 2004: various FOIA suits started, FBI fights them all the way • 9/2005: FBI acknowledges 85 tapes “potentially responsive,” only two show impact • 12/2006: at Moussawi trial, FBI releases • Pentagon (2, neither shows a plane, no time stamp) • Citgo station (mostly interior) • Doubletree (shows explosion, but not Pentagon itself) • WHY????

  24. The Cameras Released Pentagon Camera 1

  25. The Cameras Released Pentagon Camera 2

  26. The Cameras Released Pentagon Camera 2 “with plane”

  27. The Cameras Doubletree Hotel camera

  28. The Cameras Citgo Gas Station camera

  29. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspect • Was it a plane, a missile, a bomb -- any or all of these? • If it a plane was involved • Was it a Boeing 757? • Was it AA 77? • How did it approach the Pentagon? • Did it actually hit the Pentagon?

  30. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspectThe central point: • The “other” side is either • Deliberately creating dysinformation or • Carelessly ignoring relevant facts • Either way, it’s • Creating discord within the movement, & • Discrediting the movement in public eyes:“Those people can’t get their act together”

  31. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspect We now have the correctly decoded digital flight data from Flight 77 and it’s time for more people to get behind the call to reason on the Pentagon issue leading up to the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks! There is nothing wrong with supporting the parts of the “official story” of 9/11 that are most likely true. The team at Visibility 9-11 believe, as does Dr Legge, that it actually helps the interested public and especially the scientific community to see us as reasoned and balanced truth advocates when we do exactly that. Lets stop being what we are labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and become “conspiracy factulists!”-- 9/11visiblity

  32. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspectMethods of Marginalization (most often used by debunkers, but sometimes by doubters) • Straw man -- picking a minor or not-widely held point and portraying it as characteristic or vital to opponents position • Evidence -- ignoring/omitting evidence inconsistent with one’s own position or supporting opponent’s • Personal attacks-- beyond legitimate questioning of qualifications (including questions of financing) • Language -- snide, vitriolic, drowning-out • “Balance”-- presenting two sides but deliberately damaging one • Outright censorship or suppression

  33. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspectMethods of Marginalization • Allegations • Junk science • Disinformation • Dysfunctional focus • Impossibility • Examples • Architects/Engineers <---> Wooders • Architects/Engineers <---> Pilots • Wooders ---> Steven Jones • 9/11 Blogger locking out Pilots

  34. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspectMethods of Marginalization • Conspiracy theory: asserts an event is caused by machinations of powerful people who hide their role • CT can be true -- government sometimes does bad things -- but usually not. • 911Truth believes government knew and allowed, destroyed WTC and covered up • They accept this not because of mental illness, but lack of good sources (“crippled epistemology”) • Demonstrably false, unjustified, weak/nonexistent evidence, leads to “degenerating research program” (continued) Cognitive Infiltration (Cass Sunstein, 2008) Summary from Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (David Ray Griffin)

  35. Pentagon:911’s most controversial aspectMethods of Marginalization • 9/11 Truth are extremists who will become violent -- or at least spread skepticism and dampen government support, undermine democratic debate • Conspiracy theories hard to undermine/dispel, but if dangerous, government should do so • Undermine by • Demand: inoculate public against it • Supply: debias or disable believers • Presenting credible evidence won’t work: theory is “self-sealing” and resistant to contrary evidence • Can’t ban theory or punish proponents, so must “engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories” Cognitive Infiltration (continued: #6-10)

  36. Crash, Bomb, Both?

  37. No Plane?Witnesses claimed: • Absence of jet-fuel • No luggage, seats, passengers • No plane parts -- “Where’s the plane?”

  38. No Plane?Building face damage • Much controversy over this • Entrance hole too small? • Not enough damage sideways or above to indicate wing or tail contact

  39. No Plane?High-speed plane crash into wall Test of F-4 Phantom hitting reinforced concrete wall at 500mph.A C-130 trying to land (slow) in Iran hit an apartment building, 1/3 of wing and engines left, otherwise very small pieces

  40. Was the path right : No Citizens Investigation Team Interviewed Pentagon police sergeants Legasse and Brooks

  41. Was the path right : No Citizens Investigation Team North of Citgo (CIT) vs. South of Citgo (official)

  42. Was the path right : No Citizens Investigation Team CIT interviewed Arlington Cemetery employees and store owner, all of whom saw plane go North of Citgo station

  43. Was the path right : Yes Light poles knocked over

  44. Was the path right : Yes Light poles knocked over

  45. Was the path right : Yes Cable hit by falling light pole CIT interviewed Lloyd, the cab driver, took him back to the spot (he disagreed where it was), got very ambiguous answers

  46. Was the path right : Yes Cable spools and generator Cable spools, an emergency generator and fence in the official approach path were appropriately knocked around and damaged

  47. Was it a 757 : Yes Identifiable pieces found Fuselage piece, American Airlines markings

  48. Was it a 757 : Yes Identifiable pieces found Apparent 757 engine rotor

  49. Was it a 757 : Yes Identifiable pieces found Apparent 757 wheel

  50. Was it a 757 : No • Newsman: said only tiny pieces that could be picked up in the hand; later changed story • Plane weighs about 100,000 pounds. Debris accounts for only a small proportion of that • Pilots for 9/11 Truth • To clear Virginia DOT communications antenna and then drop to hit the Pentagon first floor would involve 13G force, far more than necessary to pull the plane apart