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Annual Work Plan & Budget 2011-12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Work Plan & Budget 2011-12

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Annual Work Plan & Budget 2011-12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual Work Plan & Budget 2011-12
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  1. Annual Work Plan & Budget 2011-12 15th March 2011 School Education & Sports Department Govt.of maharashtra



  4. Mid-Day Meal- Maharashtra State HIGHLIGHTS • No. of Districts .. 34 • No. of Blocks .. 354 • No. of Municipal Corporations ..22 4

  5. The scheme of MDM is implemented through Panchayat Raj System i.e. by zilla parishad, panchyat sammitte& gram panchyat. In rural area the scheme is implemented by village education committee (VEC) In urban area Municipal School Boards/Ward committees are responsible for implementation of MDM scheme Management of private aided schools is responsible for implementation of the Scheme in their respective schools MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE FOR IMPLEMENTATION

  6. Scheme implementation strategy adopted by state Government Independent transport agency is appointed through open tendering. In urban area Central Kitchen System has been adopted by inviting Expression of Interest form NGOs In rural area supply of Pulses, spices & condiments to schools is done through Agency appointed through open tendering .

  7. At some places Gas Stoves/Cookers have been purchased by VEC & management of private schools Variety of menu is prescribed and decided by a committee headed by CEO of Zilla parishad of every district. Weekly menu is displayed at school notice board.

  8. Quality Management And Monitoring Supervision and Monitoring at the school level is done by Mother volunteers, VEC Members and inspecting staff of Education Department. Stock Register is maintained and is open for inspection to parents, representatives and inspection staff. continued….

  9. Flying squads established at District level • Vigilance squads established at State level. • Grievance Redressal system is operational. Toll free number 1800 233 9988

  10. Food grain flow chart FCI Godown OLD SYSTEM NEW SYSTEM THE MAHARASHTRA STATE CO.OP MARKETING FEDERATION LTD. MUMBAI(A GOVT.UNDERTAKING) Food & Civil Supplies Department District Supply Officers Schools/ centralized kitchen Fair price shops Schools

  11. Flow of funds Government of MaharashtraAssistance ( 25%) Government of IndiaAssistance (75%) School Education & sports Dept. ( State treasury) Directorate of Primary Education Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad Regional Dy.Director of Education, Mumbai Block Development Officer Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation Municipal Corporation Village Education Committee S.H.G. /N.G.O./ Mahila Mandals S.H.G. / N.G.O. Self Help Groups


  13. PAB approval Vs Performance (No. of children) (up to Dec, 2010) No. of children (In lakh)

  14. Foodgrains Utilisation (Primary) (1.4.10 to 31.12.10) MTs

  15. Foodgrains Utilisation (Upper Primary) (1.4.10 to 31.12.10) MTs

  16. Payment Of Cost OF foodgrains TO FCI 1.Bills Received 2.Bills Paid to FCI

  17. Cooking Cost Disbursed and Utilisation (Primary+ Upp Pry) (1.4.2010 to 31.12.2010) .

  18. MME Utilisation (Primary + Upper Primary) (1.4.10 to 31.12.10)

  19. Enrolment Vs PAB Approval Vs Availing MDM (PRIMARY)

  20. Enrolment Vs PAB Approval Vs Availing MDM (Upper PRIMARY)

  21. Kitchen-cum-Store continue….

  22. Kitchen Shed • Project management consultant appointed • Tender is invited through e-tendering • Technical bid opened on 27 Feb 2011. • Only one bidder Qualified So tender recalled. • Scheduled to be opened on 16 March2011

  23. Cook – cum helper • Provision of Cook cum helper both in rural & urban areas. • Labour charges based on no. of beneficiaries • Different slabs for rural & urban areas.

  24. Proposed AWP & B 2011-12Number of students & Institutions

  25. Proposed AWP & B 2011-12 Primary &Upper Primary

  26. Proposed AWP & B 2011-12

  27. ISSUES • In urban areas particularly in Aided Private schools some of the parents are reluctant to participate in this programme. • Parents are not willing to allow their wards to eat mid day meal. • Quantity of rice should allowed to utilise as per requirement. Co-relation between cooking cost and foodgrains should not be considered.

  28. Success Stories • In some districts vegetables are donated by parents. It makes food more palatable. • Vegetables used in MDM are grown in school campus at many places.

  29. CapacityBuilding • Training of district education officers & MDM Superintendents was orgnised by YASHADA (State apex training institute) • Similar training programme for Grass root level functionaries is being orgnised

  30. Testing of food • Testing of Food : Food is tested by teachers & parents half an hour before serving. (Taste register is maintained at school level)

  31. School Inspections for MDM • Inspection is carried out regularly by district education officers, deputy education officers, block level education officers & MDM superintendents, Extension Officers, Cluster Head. • All the above officers visit & inspect minimum of 25% schools. 46752 schools have been visited by the end of Dec, 2010.

  32. Monitoring Committees • To ensure smooth conduct & effective implementation of the scheme, state level Monitoring Committee has been established in the state under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary Govt. of Maharashtra. • Recent meeting of the committee was held on 3rd Aug. 2010. Next meeting is on 22 March 11 • Directorate level monitoring Committee has been established under the chairmanship of Director of Primary Education. Recent meeting of this committee was held on 6th Jan. 2011.

  33. School Health Programme • Health check up of students is carried out regularly under National Rural Health Mission (NRHN) • State Health Department also carries out health check up.

  34. Central Kitchen System • Central kitchen system has been introduced in Mumbai, Pune & Thane Districts • NGO named as ISKCON, Naik Foundation etc. are working in Pune, Thane & Mumbai districts. • Expression of Interest from NGO/NPO will be invited for Urban Area.

  35. Thank You