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Town of Lunenburg Preliminary Annual Budget –FY2009

Town of Lunenburg Preliminary Annual Budget –FY2009. FY2009 Recommendation. Acknowledgements Generally these are made at the end of the presentation, however, these are too important not to mention up front.

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Town of Lunenburg Preliminary Annual Budget –FY2009

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  1. Town of LunenburgPreliminary Annual Budget –FY2009

  2. FY2009 Recommendation • Acknowledgements • Generally these are made at the end of the presentation, however, these are too important not to mention up front. • I wish to thank each and every department head for their cooperation and willingness to work with me throughout this budget process.

  3. FY2009 Recommendation • Disclaimers • At this early stage in the process, the document is only “good” the day it is printed. • Use a number of assumptions early on, which firm up as we get closer to Town Meeting • My believe is that I have been conservative enough in this proposal to be able to accommodate any changes. • Changes to date have all been positive

  4. FY2009 Recommendation • Balanced, providing a level of service which is comparable to the level of service currently provided. • Higher, more comprehensive level of service in Technology • Higher, more comprehensive level of service in Education

  5. FY2009 Recommendation • Funding to cover all contractual salary increases • Funding to cover all salary increases due SAP employees • Balanced budget proposal is based upon use of recurring revenues for operating costs, meaning there is NO request for a draw on either Free Cash or the Stabilization Fund • Non-recurring revenues are set aside for one-time, capital purchases

  6. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Sources of Revenue • Property Tax • State Aid/ Cherry Sheet • Local Receipts • Available Funds

  7. FY2009- Revenue Estimates

  8. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Property Tax • Prior Year base plus 2 ½% increase • Estimate for New Growth • Overrides & Exclusions- capital, debt • Estimate for New Growth = $200K • State Law requires you to assume 100% collection rate • Estimate for FY2009 = $16,881,680

  9. FY2009- Revenue Estimates

  10. FY2009- Revenue Estimates

  11. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • State Aid/ Cherry Sheet • Education Aid • Chapter 70 • Charter School Assessment Reimbursement • General Government Aid • Lottery • Reimbursements for Quinn Bill & Property Tax Exemptions • Library • State Owned Land (PILOT)

  12. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • State Aid • Assume that State Aid will come in at the level included in the Governor’s Budget- House 1 • House 1 includes a $223M increase in Ch. 70, which results in an increase of $306K, or about 8% for Lunenburg • No secret that the Governor used Gaming Proceeds to cover the Lottery Gap (about 14%) • Both House & Senate are on record saying that they will level fund lottery aid (at $935M) through use of Reserves, etc.

  13. From the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) Legislature begins budget deliberations • Thursday, February 21, 2008 • With cities and towns and state government facing substantial structural budget gaps for next year, the Legislature has launched its fiscal 2009 budget deliberations, the next step in the budget process that began when Gov. Deval Patrick filed his $28 billion spending plan on Jan. 23.In testimony delivered to members of the Legislature’s Ways and Means committees on Feb. 19, the MMA urged the highest possible investment in local aid and expressed support for the framework of the upcoming state budget bill outlined by House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi.DiMasi announced on Feb. 12 that the House plan for fiscal 2009 would fully fund the $935 million Lottery aid account and the scheduled $223 million increase in Chapter 70 education aid, the overall levels recommended by Gov. Patrick. DiMasi added that the House budget would fund local aid programs without relying on separate legislation or revenue sources.The MMA called on the House and Senate to reach pre-budget agreement on minimum amounts for the main local aid accounts and to pass local aid resolutions by March 1 to provide cities and towns with some measure of certainty as municipal budgets are being prepared for approval locally. • (Last year the Resolution wasn’t reached until early April, which was still far earlier than in prior years)

  14. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • State Aid

  15. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Local Receipts • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax, licenses, permits, fees, fines, investment income • Elastic Revenues- very dependant upon the economy • MVX is the largest component; first indication of what is happening is through Commitment #1, issued in February • Commitment was flat (good news!)

  16. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Local Receipts • Ambulance Receipts • Building Permit Revenue • Investment Income • New for FY2009- Building Rental Income of $50K • Overall Projection is a modest increase of 1.87%

  17. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Local Receipts

  18. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Available Funds • Catch All Category • Some one-time revenues, causing a wide variance from year to year • SBA Reimbursement - $586,561 • Lower than prior years due to audit completion • Sewer Betterments • Fully fund associated debt service & related costs • Sewer Enterprise Fund to fund Indirect Costs

  19. FY2009- Revenue Estimates • Available Funds

  20. FY2009- Revenue Estimates Summary

  21. FY2009 Expenditures • Expenditures are divided into: • Functional Categories (Departments) • Non-Appropriated Costs • Sewer Enterprise Fund (self supporting) • Other Warrant Articles with a Financial Impact

  22. FY2009 Expenditures

  23. FY2009 Expenditures • General Government • Administrative, Financial & Planning Offices of the Town • Total spending is recommended at $1,188,851, which is a decrease of $51,478 or 4.15% over FY2008 • Elimination of extra clerical hours for special projects in the offices of CAFO, BOS, Assessor, Tax Collector & Town Clerk

  24. FY2009 Expenditures • General Government • Cuts were necessary to make funding of updated elements of the Master Plan and an a new PT Technology Assistant position possible • Additional funds were set aside to increase the current support services contract for Police related software from business hours to 24/7

  25. FY2009 Expenditures • General Government

  26. FY2009 Expenditures • Central Purchasing is the cost center used to track costs that are not easily allocated among departments, such as utility costs and equipment and maintenance costs, generally for Town Hall Offices. • Total spending is recommended at $47,200, a reduction of $17,000

  27. FY2009 Expenditures • Central Purchasing • Reduction comes in 2 areas: • Office Equipment Maintenance- recognizing that we have instituted a regular replacement plan for computers, printers & copiers • Telephone Charges- to come in line with historical spending levels

  28. FY2009 Expenditures • Central Purchasing The Public Buildings Department was created in FY2006. Prior spending includes costs now borne by that department.

  29. FY2009 Expenditures • Police • Staffing Levels • Chief of Police • 1 Lieutenant • 3 Sergeants • 1 Detective • 6 Patrol Officers • 1 Traffic Officer • 1 Administrative Assistant • 14 Reserve Officers

  30. FY2009 Expenditures • Police • Shifts are staffed with either 1 Sergeant and 1 Patrol Officer or 2 Patrol Officers • Traffic Officer works a split shift, 2 days & 2 evenings • Department maintains a 6 cell lock up detainment area • Department Request included 2 new patrol officers

  31. Ratio of Full - time Police Officers per 1,000 residents Residents Officers per 1,000 1,000 to 2,499 2.6 2,500 to 9,999 2.2 10,000 to 24,999 2.0 25,000 to 49,999 1.8 50,000 to 99,999 1.8 250,000 and up 2.5 *Lunenburg 10,024 1.3 Department of JusticeBureau of Justice Statistics2006 Police Staffing across the U.S.

  32. Ratio of Police Officers per 1,000 residents in • Massachusetts Average 2.1 officers per 1,000 residents ü Larger cities averaging 3.0 officers per 1,000 residents ü Smaller communities averaging 1.8 officers per 1,000 ü residents Number of Lunenburg PD Full - time officers including • the Chief =13 1.3 officers per 1,000 ü

  33. Police Incidents by Year- 77% Increase in 7 Years

  34. Police Arrests/ Bookings by year

  35. FY2009 Expenditures- Police • Total recommended spending is $1,288,126, which is an increase of $39,830 or 3.19% • Includes modest increases for firearm supplies and badges • Includes a $15,900 increase for Lock-Up due to increasing number of arrests • Does not include funding for additional officers

  36. FY2009 Expenditures- Police

  37. FY2009 Expenditures • Fire • Staffing Levels • Fire Chief • 1 Administrative/EMT-P/Dispatcher • 3 Career Firefighter/EMTs • 36 Call Firefighters (24 EMTs)

  38. FY2009 Expenditures • Fire • Apparatus • 4 Engines • 1 Ladder • 1 Brush Truck • 2 Rescue/Ambulances • 2 Support vehicles

  39. FY2009 Expenditures- Fire

  40. FY2009 Expenditures- Fire Responses

  41. FY2009 Expenditures- Fire • Total recommended spending is $716,070, which represents an increase of $35,567, or 5.35% • Includes funding to increase the on call stipend from $25 to $50 per shift in order to eliminate the hard call system for many shifts • $2,500 increase in EMT supplies to allow minor overstocking of items needed in the event of a major emergency

  42. FY2009 Expenditures- Fire

  43. FY2009 Expenditures- Other Protection • Includes funding for Building, Gas, Plumbing & Wiring Inspection; Inspector of Weights & Measures, Municipal Hearings Officer & Animal Control Officer • Total recommended spending is $184,792, representing an increase of $4,574 or 2.54% • Bulk of the increase is to fund additional hours for the Assistant Building Inspector to cover in the absence of the Building Inspector & to fund an increase in the Inspector’s vehicle allowance consistent with his use.

  44. FY2009 Expenditures- Other Protection

  45. FY2009 Expenditures- DPW • The Department of Public Works includes: • Highway • Vehicle Maintenance • Traffic & Signs • Public Buildings & Grounds • Cemetery • Parks

  46. FY2009 Expenditures- DPW • Major duties: • Maintenance of 200 lane miles of paved roadways, including repair, line painting, traffic signs, street sweeping, snow removal, etc. • Maintenance of 11 public buildings and all non-school athletic fields & playgrounds • Maintenance of all town-owned vehicles

  47. FY2009 Expenditures- DPW • Total spending is recommended at $1,315,699, which represents an increase of $65,198, or 5.21% over the current appropriation. • Increase Snow & Ice Budget by $20K • Increase Vehicle Maintenance by $42K, most of which for fuel for Public Safety vehicles

  48. FY2009 Expenditures- DPW

  49. FY2009 Expenditures-Solid Waste • The Town operates a PAYT Program, including recycling, through a private hauler • 3,200 of 3,800 household participate • Program is funded through bag sales & a General Fund Appropriation • Recommended appropriation $80K • Bag fees will be raised $0.50/ bag

  50. FY2009 Expenditures-Solid Waste

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