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ASME. & STUDENTS. Global. It’s Big. We are here. About ASME. COMMUNITY 100,000 members, 20,000 student members 220 sections, 480 + student sections worldwide KNOWLEDGE More than 600 Codes and Standards in use One of the world’s largest technical publishers

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About asme l.jpg
About ASME


  • 100,000 members, 20,000 student members

  • 220 sections, 480 + student sections worldwide


  • More than 600 Codes and Standards in use

  • One of the world’s largest technical publishers

  • Quality technical conferences and professional development programs


  • A recognized technical reputation around the world

  • Advice to federal and state governments on technology-related public policies

  • Promoting the accomplishments of engineers and the engineering profession

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  • Enables You ....

    • Professional

    • Higher Purpose

    • Diversity, world wide

    • To pursue your interests

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Principles of Unit Leadership

Gary L. Hickman

Principles of unit leadership12 l.jpg

Session Goals and Outline

Leadership, ASME and Your Roles

Recruiting Volunteers

Effective Meetings

Succession Planning

Principles of Unit Leadership

Principles of unit leadership13 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

Leadership Cycle





Principles of unit leadership14 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Function/History of the Society

    • In the Beginning or Adam Smith Revisited

    • And Now

      The ASME Mission Statement:

      To promote and enhance the technical competency and professional well-being of our members,

      and through quality programs and activities in mechanical engineering,

      better enable its practitioners to contribute to the well-being of humankind.

Principles of unit leadership15 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • One Size Does not Fit All

    • Unit Function

    • Geography - Membership

    • Industries

    • Student Sections

Principles of unit leadership16 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Your Role - Lead the Unit Membership

    • Drive the Agenda

      • Understand Your Roles and Responsibilities

      • Understand Your Assets

      • Understand Your Deadlines

Principles of unit leadership17 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Your Responsibilities

    • Lead (Who, What, Where, When, and Why)

    • The Unit Operating Roles – Four Primary Jobs/Functions

      • Supreme Leader, Grand Poobah, The Big Cheese

      • Money Bags

      • Recorder

      • Worker Bees

Principles of unit leadership18 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Your Assets

    • ASME Leaders

    • ASME Staff

    • ASME Body of Knowledge

    • Industry

    • Universities

    • Internet

Principles of unit leadership20 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

Volunteers - Your Greatest Resource and Challenge

  • The Bad News - You’ve Got Competition

    • School/Work

    • Family

    • Hobbies

    • 475 Channels on TV

    • Other Societies

    • Alumni Associations

    • Organized Religious Activities

  • The Good News – Others Have Volunteered

  • Group Exercise – What Volunteers Need

Principles of unit leadership21 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • What Volunteers Need: A White Paper by the Volunteer and Retention Task Force

1.Specific Manageable Task

2. Task Matches Interests

3. Good Reason

4. Written Instructions

5. Reasonable Deadlines

6. Freedom -When and Where

7. Everything Necessary Up


  • Adequate Training

  • Safe Comfortable Working Environment

  • Follow-Up by Leaders

  • Post Task Feedback

  • Appreciation

  • Useful Skill Development

Principles of unit leadership22 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • How Do You Get Volunteers

    • The Simple Answer – Ask for Them

    • Variety of Approaches

      • Broadcast

      • The Personal Touch

        • Know the “Volunteer”

        • Be Someone they will Volunteer FOR

        • Time the Approach

        • Get Them a Mentor/Coach

    • Individual Mental Exercise

Principles of unit leadership23 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

Group Exercise - Meetings

Principles of unit leadership24 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

Successful Meetings Have:


  • Preparation

  • Understand the Purpose

  • Stay Focused

  • Be Efficient

  • Assignments

Principles of unit leadership25 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Dealing with Derailments

    • Work to Prevent in the first Place

    • Keep it Professional

    • Agendas are Your Friend

    • Take it Off Line

    • Table the Discussion

    • Use Physical Presence

Principles of unit leadership27 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Succession Planning

    • Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

      • Sharp Volunteers

      • Train Them to Take Over

      • Unit Functions and Prep Work

      • Start Yesterday

      • For the Good of the Society

    • Individual Mental Exercise

Principles of unit leadership28 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Resources

    • Volunteer White Paper

    • ASME Career Development Series

    • Member Recruitment

    • 2006 LTC Presentation by Roberta Gorman ASME Unit Resources

    • Volt Academy

Principles of unit leadership29 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Acknowledgements

    • Scot MacEwan

    • Bill Robbins/Lynden Davis

    • Marian Heller/Burt Dicht

    • Ken Gentili and Paul Biba

    • ASME Body of Knowledge

    • Scott Adams/United Media Reprints

    • Mary-Grace Hickman/Denny Delafield

    • Bechtel

Principles of unit leadership30 l.jpg
Principles of Unit Leadership

  • Closing

    • ASME – A Noble Organization with Great Members

    • Understand and Recruit Volunteers

    • Run Great Meetings

    • Start Yesterday on Succession

    • Assignments

Asme student member benefits l.jpg

ASME Student Member Benefits

About asme32 l.jpg
About ASME




Topics l.jpg

  • Student Section Activities

  • Networking and Leadership

  • Financial Aid

  • Career Assistance

  • Technical Knowledge

  • How to Join ASME

Student section activities l.jpg
Student Section Activities

  • Make a difference

  • Learn about the profession from practicing engineers

  • Visit engineering plants and factories

  • Meet students and engineers from other schools and places

  • Enjoy social activities (e.g sports, picnics, fundraising)

Student section activities35 l.jpg
Student Section Activities

  • Make a difference!

    • Engineers Without Borders

    • Habitat for Humanity

    • K –12 School visits

    • FIRST Robotics

Networking and leadership opportunities l.jpg
Networking and Leadership Opportunities

  • Student conferences

  • ASME technical conferences and meetings

  • Local student and professional section events

  • Leadership opportunities at the section, district and international levels of ASME

Asme congress 2007 l.jpg
ASME Congress 2007

Seattle, WA November 9 – 15, 2007

  • Innovation Showcase – Friday

  • Invention to Venture Workshop – Saturday

  • Old Guard Oral Competition Finals - Saturday

  • Student Design Contest Finals - Sunday

  • Early Career Engineers Forum – Sunday

  • Student Design Competition Reception - Sun

  • Early Career Development Series - Monday

Conferences contests and competitions l.jpg
Conferences, Contests and Competitions

  • Student Professional Development Conferences (April and May)

    • Student competitions

    • Professional development workshops on transition to engineering practice

  • Local, regional and international level contests and competitions.

  • Listing at

Financial aid l.jpg
Financial Aid

  • Over $500,000 annually in scholarships and loans to ASME student members.

  • ASME Student Loans

  • ASME Auxiliary Student Loans

  • ASME Scholarships

Career assistance l.jpg
Career Assistance

  • Professional Practice Curriculum (PPC)

  • E-mentoring

  • Internships and Co-ops

  • Online Jobs Database

  • Resume posting service

  • ASME Job Coach

  • Online communities of practice for career & technical questions

E mentoring l.jpg

  • Over 200 pair of e-mentors and mentees.

  • More mentors waiting for you to sign up.

  • Visit to choose a mentor.

Internships and co ops l.jpg
Internships and Co-ops

  • Lists of companies, with direct links to each company website.

  • Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE):

Slide43 l.jpg

Technical Knowledge

  • Developing And Enhancing Technical Skills:

    • Continuing Education Institute – 200+ short courses

    • Certification – FE and PE exam preparation & Engineering Management Certification

    • Technical Conferences

    • Technical Division Membership

Free publications l.jpg
Free Publications

  • Mechanical Engineering Magazine

  • Mechanical Advantage/ME Today Newsletters, e-mailed 4 times a year

  • ASME E-library – 75 interactive technical titles


Find it online www asme org l.jpg
Find it Online!

  • Student Center:

  • Career center with links to ASME Job Coach, job board, and salary information

  • Internships & Co-ops

  • All publications and e-zines

  • Loans, scholarships and fellowships

  • Free E-mail alias

  • Communities of practice:

Why join asme l.jpg
Why Join ASME?

  • Make a difference!

  • Network with students and working engineers

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Apply your engineering skills in contests and competitions

  • Enhance your job prospects and experiences

The goal what can you do to stand out in the crowd l.jpg
The Goal -What Can You Do To Stand Out In The Crowd?

Slide48 l.jpg

How do I join ASME?

  • Any student in curriculums leading to an engineering degree at a regionally accredited school.

  • Dues (10/1 thru 9/30):

    • Free for freshmen; then $25 per year

  • Applications: Student Section Advisor or ME office

  • Apply online or download application:

  • Call (800) 843-2763 (THE-ASME)

Thank you l.jpg
Thank you!

  • If you have any questions, please call any of the staff or volunteers listed on the resource guide or your “Ideas and People” handout.

Diversity action grants l.jpg

Diversity Action Grants

Diversity action grants52 l.jpg
Diversity Action Grants

  • Given to sections to help promote the inclusion of women and other underrepresented minorities in ASME Student Sections and mechanical engineering

  • Inspire K-12 students in STEM

  • Collaboration with international partners

  • Assist minority or women owned business

  • Amounts range from $500 to $1500

  • Deadline – November 1st

Diversity action grants53 l.jpg
Diversity Action Grants

  • Cost sharing, method of measuring success

  • Funds must be used by end of school year

  • A final report about the project is required by June 1st of the academic year in which the grant was awarded

  • Questions? At ASME Contact Marina Stenos