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  2. Agenda • Introduction to Affinity Communities • What are Affinity Communities? • Strategic Objectives • The Big Picture • Roles & Responsibilities • Global Diversity • Collaboration with other ASME Units • Benefits of Affinity Group Formation • ASME Affinity Groups • Contact Information

  3. Affinity Communities Operating Board (ACOB) Mission Increase opportunities for members with common technical or professional interests to meet, acquire knowledge, and network by leveraging online communication tools Vision To give every engineer a place where they can self-identify and belong within ASME

  4. ACOB Strategic Objectives Recruit & Retain/Engage Members & Volunteers Feedback and Continuous Improvements The Affinity Cycle Ideas for fosteringnew Programs and Ventures Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion through effective Marketing

  5. Roles & Responsibilities • Affinity Communities Operating Board initiates, manages, and facilitates the different international Affinity Groups (AG) by providing the ASME Students and Members with the opportunity to: CONNECT ENGAGE EXCEL

  6. What are Affinity Communities? • Affinity Groups are unique and diversified groups of members connected by common interests, visions, and passions acting together to reach other members with similar outlooks.

  7. Affinity Groups Support Businesses! • “The CIA, which has embarked on an aggressive diversity-recruiting campaign in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, finds that affinity groupsare one way to make diverse employees feel welcome and valued” - The New York Times • “Ford Motor Company’s diversity initiative works closely with affinity groups, which at Ford are called employee resource groups (ERG). There are 10, each representing employees who share common ethnicities, backgrounds or perspectives” - The New York Times • “Affinity groupsare also a boon for recruitment efforts, providing a built-in comfort zone for diverse new hires. Candidates get the feeling that they can come here and immediately have a group of people they have a lot in common with” – Human Resources Magazine

  8. Affinity Groups: Globally Diverse 10Affinity Groups Bringing Engineers with similar interests together without geographical boundaries Members from all ASME Districts

  9. Affinity Groups are Growing!

  10. Women In Engineering • Vision: • “To be the premier location for women in engineering to network, empower each other and encourage young women to join and stay involved in engineering” • What does WIE Affinity Group do? • Provide a place for women across the globe to network amongst themselves • Look into teaming with teachers and pre-college initiatives to create a strategy for increasing female involvement into STEM fields and empower women to raise their voices in terms of policy, law-making and advocacy. • Supports ASME’s female volunteers and encourages active participation, recruitment, and retention of society members - Chair – Contact Info: Kc de La Garza

  11. International Outreach • Vision: • “The International Outreach Affinity Group intends to provide ASME members from around the world with a strategic venue for networking and inter-geographical collaboration and understanding, as well as serving as a key instrument for global inclusion to reinforce international presence and participation in ASME” • Objectives: • To find new volunteers and leaders in the international districts and link them to the core organization • To provide a sense of community for the international ASME Members • To collaborate in activities to magnify our impact on society world-wide Chair – Contact Info: Andres Rondon

  12. EWB-USA • Vision: “To help the engineers help humanity by meeting the basic human needs in any part of the world” • What does EWB-USA Affinity Group do? • Promote Community-driven local programs • Collaborate with other humanitarian organizations to help the humanity • Our passion is to ‘Make a Difference’ – develop future leaders • Design and implement sustainable engineering projects Chair – Contact Info: Micki Marshall

  13. Student Liaisons • Mission Statement: To empower the ASME Student Members with unique tools and skills of Leadership, Communication, and Team Work in order to enhance their ASME experience and involvement by creating opportunities for their extensive grooming through mentoring; and to help them evolve into dedicated and brilliant ASME Members / Early Career Engineers • Student Liaisons serve as ASME ambassadors through the Student Liaison Program (SLP) in their local ASME Student Sections by facilitating with: • Event Planning Guidance • Conducting Conferences • Arranging Industrial Trips • Industry Connections / Speakers • ASME Resources • Career and Resume Workshops • Revitalizing Dormant and Initiating New Student Sections Chair – Contact Info: Malik M. Usman

  14. Graduate Students • Mission Statement: “To become one stop shop within ASME for all the current and prospective mechanical engineering graduate students by bonding them with graduate programs/faculty, encourage excellence in research/scholarly work, assist them throughout the graduate curriculum, and help them leverage their skills/credentials when they join the workforce” • Graduate Students Affinity Group serves as a forum for all the students world-wide to share: • Research Best Practices • Technical Resources • Similar Technical Interests • Knowledge about Financial Research Grants • Engineering Journals, Research Papers, etc. Chair – Contact Info: Ankush Gupta

  15. Early Career Connect • Role of ECC/EC2? • “To capture key voice-of-the-customer information in order to understand specific and changing customer needs in diverse regions globally in order to deliver relevant programs and products to early career engineers in those regions - successfully and sustainably” • What does an Early Career Correspondent do? • Know and train in relevant ASME Programs for ECEs • Guide and Mentor other ECEs • Determine the best-fit position for ECEs in ASME • Propose new Ideas and Programs for ECEs • Enhance ECEs interaction with senior professionals and students Chair – Contact Info: Rhea Naidoo

  16. Entrepreneur’s Network • Mission: • Provides Education and Content on all aspects of Entrepreneurship • Offer opportunities for Networking and Interaction • Provides inputs to Public Policy and Industrial Studies • Guidance for setting up Engineering small Businesses Co-Chair – Contact Info: AndreaWesser •

  17. ECLIPSE Interns An Affinity Group led by ECLIPSE Interns for sharing the best leadership practices and ASME resources with ASME Students, Members and Volunteers Chair – Contact Info: Jennifer Cooper •

  18. Operacion y Mantenimiento de Calderas • “To become the center-point and platform of all the opportunities that ASME offer to the Boilers Users, with its Codes, Standards, Certification Program and Technical Committees in Latin America. Additionally, this affinity group intends to establish a strong link between the experienced professionals and experts of the operation, maintenance, inspection and water treatment of boilers in Latin America and Early Career Engineers that are just starting their career on the safety and reliable use of boilers, by sharing their experiences” - Chair – Contact Info: Carlos Lasarte

  19. Pre-College Education • Vision: • “To be a primary source of dissemination of engineering-related resources, content, and skill development for pre-college STEM educators, to meet the challenges of society through stimulating and inspiring future engineers” • Mission: • “Enable a forum for pre-college STEM educators to inspire and develop student interest in mechanical and multi-disciplinary engineering through a coherent group of targeted programs aimed at creating value for educators and making a difference for students” - Chair – Contact Info: Callie Tourigny

  20. Collaboration with other ASME Units • A.C.O.B. • Board on Global Outreach • Student & EC Sector • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Committee • VOLT • Board on Career Development • CECD • Training Committee • SDOB Operations Committee

  21. Benefits of Starting a new AG? • Share your Passion & Promote Awareness Network with others having a Common Interest Increase Visibility within ASME Contribute in Leadership Roles • Seek Funding for Events & Activities Increase your Contact Database

  22. Affinity Communities Discussion and Questions