history of florence nightingale n.
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History of Florence Nightingale PowerPoint Presentation
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History of Florence Nightingale

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History of Florence Nightingale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History of Florence Nightingale. Recognized as the founder of modern nursing. Presenters:. Carol Zinn Eric Nelson Katrina Lampman. The Crimean war. How Florence Nightingale’s philosophy and values were developed Environmental adaptation

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History of Florence Nightingale

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history of florence nightingale

History of Florence Nightingale

Recognized as the founder of modern nursing



Carol Zinn

Eric Nelson

Katrina Lampman

the crimean war
The Crimean war
  • How Florence Nightingale’s philosophy and values were developed
  • Environmental adaptation


“The single most defining characteristic of the Nightingale Philosophy comes from her profound devotion to God”- Selanders

Theory of holistic nursing

assumptions of nightingale s theory of nursing
  • Natural law
  • Mankind can achieve perfection
  • Nursing is a calling
  • Nursing is an art and science
  • Nursing is achieved through environmental alteration
  • Nursing requires a specific knowledge base
  • Nursing is distinct and separate from medicine



nursing model
Nursing Model
    • Roy’s Adaptation Model
  • Focuses on adaptation of the patient on the environment
  • Both internal and external
  • Can be used in all forms of nursing practice
  • Comprised of all 4 nursing concepts

( person, environment, health, nursing )

“The goal of nursing is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him.” -Florence Nightingale
florence nightingale museum
Florence Nightingale Museum
  • St. Thomas’ Hospital, London
  • Opened February 1989
  • Modernized in 2010


case study
Case Study

A 72 year old diabetic hemiplegic male who has a supra pubic catheter with a leg bag has frequent UTI’s. He has been developing resistant organisms in his urine cultures. When looking at his home environment, he lives in an unkempt home with many family members. He is resistant to have his family help with catheter care. If using the adaptive nursing model what can you, as a nurse, do to help reduce the incidence of UTI’s? What would you do if using the self-care model? How are these nursing models different?

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