booster refresher training reward recognition program established n.
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Booster/Refresher Training: Reward/Recognition Program Established PowerPoint Presentation
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Booster/Refresher Training: Reward/Recognition Program Established

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Booster/Refresher Training: Reward/Recognition Program Established - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Booster/Refresher Training: Reward/Recognition Program Established. Benchmarks of Quality Items # 22 - 28 2011-2012. What is a “Reward?”. Social Time w/ friends Verbal praise Activity Teacher assistant Art project School dance Faculty/student games Sensory

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booster refresher training reward recognition program established
Booster/Refresher Training:Reward/Recognition Program Established
  • Benchmarks of Quality Items # 22 - 28
  • 2011-2012
what is a reward
What is a “Reward?”


Time w/ friends

Verbal praise


Teacher assistant

Art project

School dance

Faculty/student games


Lights, temperature, music, seating


“1-Minute Ticket”

Homework pass

Library pass




Praise notes, Pencils, notebooks, stickers, photos, T-Shirt


did your rewards recognition
Did your rewards/recognition…
  • Serve as a teaching tool?
    • Were students provided feedback on their appropriate behavior?
  • Make appropriate behavior more likely to occur?
    • Were students “caught” in the act?
  • Build positive student/teacher relationships?
  • Enhance your school climate?
  • Counteract negative peer influences?
  • Create internal motivation in non-motivated students?


to identify and analyze the problems

data review
Data Review
  • How did your team score on Items 22-28 on the BoQ?
  • What is working?
  • What needs to be improved?
related activities
Related Activities
  • Reward System Ideas
  • You may want to revisit this activity
who got rewarded
Who got Rewarded?
  • Your staff for using the system?
    • Did you address the fidelity by monitoring use of system?
    • Did you solicit feedback from staff regarding reward system buy-in?
    • Did you ensure that new faculty were informed of the program?
  • All students?
    • Were all faculty taught that all students are eligible?
    • Were students taught that not every act will be rewarded and solicitations will do not result in a reward?
  • The students who need them?
    • Were the faculty provided guidelines?
      • Ex: 3/week to “at-risk” students, 1/week to model student, 1 is staff’s choice
      • Some students may need shorter time intervals between rewards
    • Did your team consider how you document this for RtI?
based on your data when did you reward
Based on your data,when did you Reward?

AFTER a targeted behavior occurred?

Were specific behaviors rewarded?

Did you reward more often in problem locations?

Did your team avoid long delays?

More frequently after teaching?

Did you use data to decide when/how to reduce/fade?

All year long to keep them working for it?

practice how to provide a reward
Practice How to Provide a Reward

Name behavior and expectation observed

Give positive verbal/ social acknowledgement

Consider age, preferences of student

Provide the reward

“Darrel, when you helped Susan with her tray you were being respectful AND responsible! You just earned a Wild Cat dollar for being such a great helper.”

Refrain from taking away rewards, or threatening to take them away, once they are given to a student

implementation tips
Implementation Tips

Naturally occurring reinforcement still provided & encouraged

How can your faculty increase the ratio of positive to negative/neutral statements (4:1)?

What kinds of visual prompts will help keep staff focused on the positive?

Re-examine your existing reward activities

What works? What needs improvement?

How is it tied to your SW expectations? Targeted behaviors on campus?

How will you teach staff/students on the reward system?

How and when will you teach new staff/students?

How will you maintain a variety of rewards offered?

address consistency and faculty buy in
Address Consistency(and faculty buy-in)
  • How will you teach your staff how to reward appropriately?
  • How will you give your staff concrete guidelines for distribution?
    • How will it change the way they go through their day?
    • What will your orientation packet look like for volunteers/substitutes?
  • How will you make it as easy as possible?
  • How will you reward your staff for using the system?
  • How will you SHARE DATA showing the impact of the system? What is the yearly schedule for sharing?
action plan refine reward recognition program
Action Plan!Refine Reward/Recognition Program

Record action items for low-scoring Benchmarks items(22-28)

Record action items to inform/involve your stakeholders (faculty, students, families)

Implementation Tips may help

BoQ Element:

Reward/Recognition Program Established