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What is the Lexile Framework? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is the Lexile Framework?

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What is the Lexile Framework? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Your Lexile ® Range to Select Books Created by Laura Patton Indian Woods Middle School February 2008 Updated September 2011 and September 2013. What is the Lexile Framework?.

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Using Your Lexile® Range to Select BooksCreated by Laura PattonIndian Woods Middle SchoolFebruary 2008Updated September 2011and September 2013

what is the lexile framework
What is the Lexile Framework?
  • The Lexile Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to measuring both the ability of the reader and the difficulty of a particular text using the same scale, called the Lexile scale.
  • The Lexile scale ranges from 5L or BR for Beginning Readers to above 2000L for advanced text.
how is a book given a lexile score
How is a book given a Lexile score?
  • A book is assigned a Lexile score based on the difficulty of the text. This is determined by such things word frequency and sentence length. A book’s Lexile score will be a single number.
how is a person given a lexile score
How is a person given a Lexile score?
  • A person is given a Lexile reader measure by taking a test that determines how well that person can read various kinds of text.
  • A person’s Lexile reader measure is reported as a range of 150 points. This is the reader’s “comfort zone.” Generally, if a person reads books that have Lexile scores within that range, the person will be appropriately challenged but will understand what he/she is reading.
how can i find out my lexile range
How can I find out my Lexile range?
  • When you take the reading portion of the MAP test, your scores are reported in several ways; one of these is a Lexile range. Ask your teacher or counselor to share your Lexile range with you. It might be wise to ask for the scores from your past two MAP tests to compare the scores.
what if my lexile score is lower than i d like it to be
What if my Lexile score is lower than I’d like it to be?
  • Your current Lexile score was determined by a test you took on one day; it is not everything there is to know about you.
  • It is often helpful to compare scores over time to look at a trend or pattern.
  • Remember that reading is a skill you can improve. Sometimes you need the help of a good teacher, but sometimes all you need is more practice!
what if i read a book below my lexile range
What if I read a book below my Lexile range?
  • There is nothing wrong with reading a good book below your Lexile range. However, it might not expose you to many new vocabulary words or challenge you to grow as a reader.
what if i read a book above my lexile range part i
What if I read a book above my Lexile range? Part I
  • Reading a book that is a little bit above your Lexile range may be a good way to challenge yourself – especially if it is a book you really want to read. You will be exposed to new vocabulary words and stretch your comprehension skills.
what if i read a book above my lexile range part ii
What if I read a book above my Lexile range? Part II
  • Reading a book that is high above your Lexile range is probably not a good idea. You are likely to feel confused, bored, and frustrated. There is no harm in trying to read the book, but don’t be afraid to set it aside and try it again in a year or two.
what are the typical lexile ranges of middle school students
What are the typical Lexile ranges of middle school students?

A national study found that the middle half (25th – 75th percentiles) of students at the following grade levels read within these Lexile ranges:

  • 7th grade students: 735-1065 L
  • 8th grade students: 805-1100 L
  • 9th grade students: 855-1165 L
how do the common core standards affect reading demands
How do the Common Core Standards affect reading demands?

The Common Core Standards require that students read more rigorous texts at school. Here are the suggested Lexile ranges for texts at the following grades:

  • 7th grade text: 970-1120 L
  • 8th grade text: 1010-1185 L
  • 9th grade text: 1050-1260 L
  • 10th grade text: 1080-1335 L
lexiles the smsd library
Lexiles & the SMSD Library
  • The SMSD online library catalog now lists the Lexile scores for many of its books.
  • You will need to click on the title of the book to see the full record and then scroll down a bit. The Lexile score can be found in the “Notes” section of the record.
how can i use my lexile range to find other books
How can I use my Lexile range to find other books?
  • You can also search the database at to find a book matched to your Lexile range.
  • You will not find EVERY book in this database, but more books are being added all the time! Explore how you can search by title, author, keyword, and Lexile range.
using lexiles in our classroom library
Using Lexiles in Our Classroom Library
  • Thanks to a parent volunteer named Linda Hakes many of the books in our classroom library have had their Lexile scores checked. The scores are written on the inside covers of the books.