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lexile framework for reading matching readers to text l.
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Lexile ® Framework for Reading Matching Readers to Text PowerPoint Presentation
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Lexile ® Framework for Reading Matching Readers to Text

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Lexile ® Framework for Reading Matching Readers to Text
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Lexile ® Framework for Reading Matching Readers to Text

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  1. Lexile® Framework for ReadingMatching Readers to Text Janie Baxter Coastal Plains RESA

  2. Why use Lexile measures?What resources are available to assist me as I use Lexiles?

  3. How do the content materials I am teaching (text Lexile measure) match my students’ Lexile measures?

  4. What is a Lexile? • Standard score developed by MetaMetrics • Matches a student’s reading ability with difficulty of text material

  5. Three Important Concepts • Reading Ability • The cognitive set students use to construct meaning from text as measured on tests • Readability • The difficulty of reading materials based on dimensions or characteristics of the text • Reading Comprehension • The construction of meaning from text

  6. What is a Lexile? • Interpreted as the level of book that a student can read with 75% comprehension • 75% comprehension is the level identified by experts as offering the reader a certain amount of comfort and yet still offering a challenge

  7. Lexile • Typically range from 200 for beginning readers to 1700 for advanced readers • Text below 200L represents beginning-reading material; given as a number or BR (Beginning Reading) • Applies to both reader ability and text difficulty • When reader and text measures are the same, the student is expected to read with 75% comprehension.

  8. Lexile is calculated by analyzing Semantic Difficulty, Word Frequency; and, Syntactic Complexity, Sentence Length.

  9. How is Georgia using Lexiles? • Students receive a Lexile score along with their regular scale score for the CRCT Reading or GHSGT English Language Arts tests. • A student’s Lexile is a tool for teachers to use to target reading material for students. • A student’s Lexile is a tool for parents to use in selecting reading material for their children.

  10. Where Is a Student’s Lexile on the CRCT? • CRCT Individual Student Score Report (SSR) displays Lexile score in Reading section.

  11. Where Is a Student’s Lexile on GHSGT? GHSGT Student Content Summary Report displays the Lexile score in English Language Arts section. Front shows score and range. Explanation on reverse side of report

  12. http://www.doe.k12.ga.us/lexile.aspx

  13. Lexile Measures for Text: Newspapers • Reuters (1440L) • NY Times (1380L) • Washington Post (1350L) • Wall Street Journal (1320L) • Chicago Tribune (1310L) • Associated Press (1310L) • USA Today (1200L)

  14. Lexile Measures for Text: Novels John Grisham The Pelican Brief 660The Firm 680The Client 730A Time to Kill 770The Chamber 810The Rainmaker 830The Runaway Jury 930

  15. Lexile Measures for Text: Novels Michael Crichton Jurassic Park 710Andromeda Strain 840Congo 940

  16. Lexile Measures for Text • SAT 1330L • Federal Tax Form 1260L • Windows User Manual 1150L • GED 1060L

  17. Lexile Measures for Text: Harry Potter

  18. In the Classroom Determining a Student’s Lexile Range • Independent ReadingRange of difficulty should be . . . 50 Lexiles above to 100 Lexiles below • Instructional ReadingRange of difficulty should be . . . 50 to 150 Lexiles above

  19. In the Classroom • Vary reading difficulty of material to the situation: • Choose texts lower in the student’s Lexile range when factors make the reading situation more challenging, threatening or unfamiliar. • Select texts at or above the student’s range to stimulate growth when a topic is of extreme interest to a student, or when you will be giving additional support such as background teaching or discussion.

  20. Relationship of Lexiles & Grade Levels Column 2 shows the range of Lexiles in which the middle 50% of readers fall at a grade level. 25% of students fall below this range and 25% above. Column 3 shows the typical range of reading material at a grade level. Note that the range of readers is wider than that of the typical text measures. Source: http://www.lexile.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?view=ed&tabindex=6&tabid=18#18

  21. Accelerated Reader* and Lexiles** *This relational table is from Renaissance Learning, Inc.(2002). **Lexile is a trademark of MetaMetrics, Inc. Source: http://www.nacs.k12.in.us/mcms/6thGrade/ARLEX.html

  22. Reading Level Comparison Chart

  23. Share with someone near something you know about Lexiles.

  24. What tools are available to assist me? www.lexile.com GALILEO

  25. http://www.lexile.com/

  26. Educators www.lexile.com

  27. Tools

  28. The Lexile Map Lexile Measure Literature Titles Benchmarks (Sample Text)

  29. Parts of the Lexile Framework • Lexile Calculator – a tool to calculate expected comprehension at various Lexile measures • Lexile Pathfinder–A set of prepared list of books by series and by topics. • Power Vocabulary– Vocabulary lists for books that might challenge the reader.

  30. Lexile Power Vocabulary

  31. Harriet Tubman Power Vocabulary

  32. Lexile Book Search

  33. Book DatabaseSelect by Title, Author, Lexile, Keyword

  34. Advanced Book Search

  35. Cells 565-910

  36. Discuss with someone near you how you might use the resources at www.lexile.com in teaching and learning.

  37. GALILEO Databases with Lexile Measures • Book Collection: Nonfiction  • Discoverer WebFind • Kids Search • Middle Search Plus • MAS Ultra NoveList • NoveList K-8 • Searchasaurus • SIRS Discoverer • SIRS Researcher • Student Research Center

  38. http://kids.galileo.usg.edu/

  39. Kids Search Detailed Search

  40. Heat Energy 300-500 3rd

  41. SIRS Discoverer Advanced Search

  42. Weather Sorted by Lexile

  43. NoveList K-8 Advanced Search Options

  44. Weather 500-700

  45. Britannica Online Linked to GPS