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No Frills 2007 NACURH 2007 Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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No Frills 2007 NACURH 2007 Presentation

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No Frills 2007 NACURH 2007 Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No Frills 2007 NACURH 2007 Presentation. Prepared By The NACURH 2007 Conference Staff. Travel Information Pre-Conference Arrivals MUST fly into Appleton, WI or arrange their own transportation from Milwaukee.

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no frills 2007 nacurh 2007 presentation

No Frills 2007NACURH 2007 Presentation

Prepared By

The NACURH 2007 Conference Staff

Travel Information
  • Pre-Conference Arrivals MUST fly into Appleton, WI or arrange their own transportation from Milwaukee.
  • We will provide Buses from Appleton and Milwaukee on Friday for a fee of $100 per delegation to and from Milwaukee and $50 to and from Appleton.
  • Flight Information must be included on the registration form or delegations will not be guaranteed a spot.
  • Delegations choosing to drive will be able to park free in the parking lots surrounding the Gruenhagen Conference Center.
  • Registration will officially open February 19, 2007
  • Registration will be online at
  • Registration will close on March 30, 2007
  • Late registration will be accepted until April 20, 2007
  • Delegation changes can take place until March 30, 2007 but only with same gender delegates.


  • Payments will be accepted in the forms of checks, money orders, and credit cards prior to the conference.
  • On site payment will also include cash.
Check In
  • Check in from Monday through Wednesday will occur in the Gruenhagen Conference Center
  • Check in on Thursday and Friday will take place in the Fox River Room of the River Commons.
  • Check In stations will include:
    • Room and Hall Assignments
    • Payment
    • Nametag Reprints and Help Desk
    • Philanthropy Money Drop Off
  • Banner and Displays will be dropped of in Reeve Union prior to the opening ceremonies.
  • Delegates will be housed in Gruenhagen, Scott, Nelson, Breese, and Clemans Hall.
  • Delegates will be housed in double rooms, unless there are special accommodations that need to be made.
  • Advisors can be housed with their delegation, or can choose to stay in Taylor Hall on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Advisors will be housed in double rooms, unless there are special accommodations that need to be made.
  • Each room will come with a standard linen, wash cloth, towel set. Delegates will need to bring any other items they will need.
  • There will be a 24 Hour Information desk in each hall for the duration of the conference.
Security on Campus
  • The campus police department will provide officers for all mass gatherings.
  • Community Service Officers will patrol the buildings through out the day and night.
  • There will be a number of Community Advisors spread through out the halls to assist delegates with any problems that they may have.
  • All exterior doors will be locked for the duration of the conference. Delegates will have to enter through the main doors near each front desk, and must have a name tag on at ALL TIMES.
Opening Ceremonies
  • The opening ceremonies will take place in Kolf Fieldhouse.
  • Dr. James Chittwood, the Dean of Students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, will formally welcome delegates.
  • Wally Funk, one of the Mercury 13 astronauts, will be the keynote speaker for the evening.
Other Entertainment
  • The Saturday opening speaker will be Paul Wesselman, an inspirational e-mail sender from Madison, WI.
  • Pat McCurdy, a local singer songwriter, will perform on Friday night in the Reeve Union Ballroom.
  • Dr. Jim Wand, a nationally known Hypnotist, will perform on Saturday night in the Reeve Union Ballroom.
  • On Saturday night, in the Titan Underground, there will be an 80’s style dance.
  • On Sunday night, in the Reeve Union Ballroom, will be the traditional End-Of-NACURH Dance.
Other Entertainment
  • On Friday night, there will be a Vegas Night in Reeve Union.
  • The NACURH Swap Shop will take place in the mall outside of Reeve Union. If it rains, we will move it into the hallways of Reeve Union.
  • In the Reeve Union Theater, there will be a different, recently released movie every night.
  • The NRHH, President’s, Advisors, NCC, and LGBTQ Socials will be held through out the weekend in Reeve Union.
  • In Kolf Field house on Thursday night will be the Pre-Conference Bash, with dinner and a DJ until 10PM.
  • To give delegates the chance to show their singing skills we will host College Idol in Reeve Union on Saturday Night.
  • There will be 6 programming sessions, which are split into the following groups:
    • Diversity and Multiculturalism
    • Community Service, Campus Wide Movements, and Programming
    • Leadership and Group Dynamics
    • Personal Growth
    • Educational Exuberance
    • Round Tables
  • Programs will be evaluated on a Bubble Soft Evaluation Form and put through a Bubble Soft Reader Machine by volunteers.
  • Following the 6 sessions, the Top 40 programs will be presented.
  • Each session will be specific to one of the topics, if we can not fill a session with one of the topics, we will include programs from the other topics.
  • The Top 40 Programs will be chosen from the best 8 from each of the five sessions (not including Round Tables).
  • Program Proposals are done online as a part of our registration website.
  • Top 40 Program Presenters will be awarded with a certificate and a Top 40 pin.
  • Program Presenters will have the option to have their materials printed by the conference staff, if they meet the deadline of March 9, 2007.
  • 2100 Delegates will eat in Blackhawk Commons in 3 meal rotations.
  • 600 Delegates will eat in Reeve Union in the same 3 meal rotations.
  • Meal rotations will be divided by region and will be the same through out the conference.
  • All meals will have a vegetarian and vegan option, and other types of meals will be accommodated on an as needed basis.

Hospitality Rooms

  • There will hospitality rooms in Gruenhagen, Scott, Breese, and Taylor Halls.
  • We have approval from our food service to have any food we choose in the rooms
  • We will be seeking donations for each hospitality room.
  • There will be 9 regional banquets held indoors. There will be one for each region and one for conference staff, National Execs, and Special Guests. Guests, NRSO Reps, NIC Reps, and National Execs will have the option of dining with their partner region.
  • The banquets will be held in Reeve Union, Albee Hall, Kolf Field house, River Center, and Blackhawk Commons.
  • At each banquet, the RBD will have the opportunity to present regional awards and recognize those people that have made an impact. Including dinner, the regional boards will have 1:45 for the ceremony.
  • The banquets will be buffet style with preplated deserts.
  • RBDs must be efficient in their presentation, in order to be on track for the National Awards.
National Awards
  • A National Awards Ceremony will be held in Kolf Field House following the banquets.
  • The National Awards will be a time to recognize those who have made an impact on NACURH, Inc. and National OTY Winners.
  • Kolf Field House will be equipped with Video and Sound Equipment in order to show the NACURH 2008 winner and announce award videos.
  • The NACURH 2007 Conference Staff will have a photographer taking pictures through out the conference and those pictures will be shown at the final awards ceremony.
  • Roll Call
    • Olympic Opening Ceremonies theme.
    • Each RBD and Regional Conference Host School (2006 & 2007) will lead their region in a cheer.
    • Roll Call will be emceed by our Spirit Committee chairs
    • More information will be available online when registration opens.
  • Display
    • The display for each school will be a shoe that is decorated to represent the theme of the conference and the school that decorates it.
  • Banner
    • The banner will be decorated to fit the theme of the conference and the school that decorates it.
Service Projects
  • Schools are invited one day early to UW Oshkosh to participate in our Pre Conference Service Project.
  • Schools that do arrive a day early for the service project will only be charged half of the early arrival housing costs.
  • We will be making blankets for the Children’s AT Project, Teddy Bears for St. Jude’s Hospital, and school kits for kids in the Middle East.
  • We will also be accepting donations for the AT Children’s Project our National Philanthropy Project.
  • Opposite of a meal everyday, there will be regional service projects taking place in Albee Hall. This will be one of the few times that the regions will be together.
  • We will have a strong force of volunteers from CAs and PAs from the residence halls.
  • We will be working with the Oshkosh Student Association, Greeks, and United Students in Residence Halls to secure any additional volunteers.
  • Our volunteers will be housed in Scott Hall for the duration of the conference. They will be provided housing and food.
  • Sodexho will provide volunteers with a complimentary banquet/dinner on Sunday night for their help setting up for the banquets.
Other Information
  • Special Accommodations
    • Many of our buildings are ADA Accessible.
    • We will provide delegates with a map of campus that includes elevators, gender neutral bathrooms, and any other accommodations we must make.
    • We will be providing sign language interpreters for all mass gatherings and will have a limited number of interpreters on hand for programming sessions and business meetings.
  • There will be no transportation needed through out the conference.
  • We have not scheduled any time for regional socials. There will be time for the RBDs to recognize people at their banquets. We can work with the NBD to find a time for region’s to gather together prior to this.
Changes from Bid
  • Transportation Costs
    • Our original costs of $50 and $25 will leave us excessively short, so we increased the fee to $100 and $50.
  • No Day Trips
    • Because of the costs of buses, and our support of community service, we will not have any day trips prior to and following the conference.
  • Programming
    • We are in the process of planning a passive programming room for the conference. More details will become available prior to registration.
  • Delegate and Advisor Fees
    • $201.00 per person
  • Extra Nights
    • $10 per person, per night (Only Special Exceptions)
  • Transportation to/from Appleton
    • $50 per delegation roundtrip
  • Transportation to/from Milwaukee
    • $100 per delegation roundtrip
  • Credit Card Usage Fee
    • 2.5% Charge per Delegation Final Costs
Delegate Cap
  • We will accept up to 9 individuals from a university. This can be any combination of delegates and advisors.
  • Each school must send an advisor.
  • We will allow you to enter up to 5 alternates into our website, but please be aware that most likely,not all will be accepted.
  • Our delegation cap is still tentative, please check out our website for any final changes.