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Review of The CMA II

Review of The CMA II. Report ---------------------------------------------- Lawrence Aduonum-Darko Abekah Nkrumah Patrick Nomo. Overview of Presentation. Terms of Reference Methodology Findings Recommendations. Terms of Reference. Review the extent of application

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Review of The CMA II

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  1. Review of The CMA II Report ---------------------------------------------- Lawrence Aduonum-Darko Abekah Nkrumah Patrick Nomo

  2. Overview of Presentation • Terms of Reference • Methodology • Findings • Recommendations

  3. Terms of Reference • Review the extent of application • Examine strengths and weaknesses of the CMA II • Use lessons learnt to redefine the implementation arrangement for the next 5YPOW

  4. Methodology • Document Review • Interviews • Field Visits • Draft Report • Debriefing Sessions • Finalize Report

  5. Findings - General • CMA II Compliance Level High • CMA II Still Relevant • Sector Coordination and Dialogue diminished • Management of Earmarked Funds remain a challenge

  6. Findings - Institutional Arrangements and Co-ordination • Lack of buy-in to agreed arrangements • Capital Investment Management • Roles in Procurement • Management of Earmarked Funds

  7. Findings - Policy, Planning and Budgeting • Further improvements in synchronising National and BMC Level Plans and Budget required • Resource Shift Targets Remain a Challenge • Protection of the Poor through Exemptions remain a challenge

  8. Findings - Procurements • Outsourcing arrangement was effective • Storage, Distribution & Debt Collection mechanisms remain challenging • Decentralisation of procurement capacity needed

  9. Findings - Financial Management • Audit Arrangements Satisfactory • CMA Requirements complied with, but: • Cash Management Needs Improvement • Stores Accounting Needs Improvement • Disbursements channels need to be shortened

  10. Findings – Changing Business Environment • Service Delivery Strategy - CHPS • Financing Mechanism - NHIS • Donor Funding Arrangement - MDBS • Fundamental FM Systems - Government

  11. Recommendations - 1 • Strengthen MOH-HQ Leadership in the sector through co-ordination • Service/Performance Contract Management crucial for results • Agree resource allocation regime & improve disbursement mechanisms

  12. Recommendations - 2 • Devise Resource Mobilisation Strategies • Continue efficiency improvements of CMS system • Management Efficiency • Price Efficiency

  13. Recommendations - 3 • Decide on format of next POW Implementation Arrangements • Separate Document • Inclusion of CMA in POW • Develop strategies for sourcing GOG funds under MDBS

  14. Recommendations - 4 • Decide on Mode of engagement with Development Partners • Exclusive Engagement Option • Inclusion on Technical Issues • Participatory Engagement • Design MOU to guide Stakeholders Engagement Rules

  15. Conclusion • CMA I & II were relevant & effective • The changes occurring in the environment are positive if managed well • MOH to decide on stakeholders engagement rules & design MOU

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