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  1. LEVIATHAN By Scott Westerfeld Illustrations by Keith Thompson

  2. THE GUIDE TO THE BEASTS The Great War Map pg. 1 The Tigersques pg. 2 The Huxley pg.3 The Leviathan pg.4 Hydrogen Sniffers pg.7 Tasmanian Tiger pg. 6 • Tasmanian Tiger pg.6 • Message Lizard pg.6 • Glow worms pg.7 • Bee’s pg.5 • The scientific stuff pg. 8


  4. The Tigeresques The Tigeresques The Lupine Tigersque is one of the first animals that appear. It carries the military men in carriages. It is a cross between a cat and a tiger . Lupines were the tamest of the group of cross breed beasts. 2

  5. The Huxley The Huxley is one of the airbeasts. It is a life chain of a jelly fish and other venomous sea creatures. The Huxley is very durable and can survive a fall, as it can be easily scared and sent diving to the ground. The Huxley is a hydrogen breather. It inhales hydrogen into their gas bags and then the bacteria breaks the food down into oxygen, carbon and into lighter then air hydrogen. The Huxley is used for air flights. The people are strapped in a harness that they sit in as they are lifted into the air. The person in the Huxley can control only a little of the animal, such as if the animal dives for the ground they can release water bags to make the Huxley lighter so that it will rise into the air. Mainly the Huxley has a mind of it’s own. Deryn in the Huxley 3

  6. The Leviathan The Leviathan is the very first hydrogen breather created. The leviathan is one of the strongest and biggest air beast or ship. It made it all the way to India and back while destroying the German ships. The body of the Leviathan is a life thread of a whale. There is also a hundred other species involved with it’s creation. The Leviathan was created by the Darwins. They had created new species from the old and then took the tiny threads of life and tangled them together under a microscope. There are gliding wings that the air beast can use when landing. The leviathan comes to rescue Deryn 4

  7. The Bees The bees are in the guts of the air ship. They cannot sting. They were used as a method of extracting fuel from nature. When it is summer and the Leviathan passes under a flower field the bees collect the nectar from the flowers and then spread it in the leviathan and the bacteria in the leviathan eat that to create the hydrogen for the Leviathan to live. Without flowers or the bees, the Leviathan would not survive. The honey that the bees creates is edible. Morning at Hyde park 5

  8. Animals aboard the Leviathan Tasmanian Tiger Message Lizard The Tasmanian Tiger is the pet of Dr. Barlow. It is a small and thin dog, tan coloured and with a long snout and tiger stripes on it’s belly. It has a bit of cat in it. The message lizards are used to send messages from the captain to the other workers. The message lizards are trained to read and imitate peoples voices. 6

  9. Animals aboard the Leviathan The Glowworms Hydrogen Sniffers The Glowworms are small worms that give off the light in the guts of the ships or other part of the Leviathan. They give off a green glow so that in the gut’s of the ship when it is dark people can see. The Hydrogen sniffers are six legged dogs with two muzzles. They are used in the Leviathan to sniff out leaks (hydrogen) in the membrane of the Leviathan’s skin. 7

  10. Scientific Stuff Behind the Book The leviathan world is made up of mostly un real scientific future based concepts. In the book all the animals and air ships are created by the “Darwinists”. They are the ones that created the “life thread DNA” science. This was all based on Charles Darwin, and his mid 1800’s Discoveries that shaped the core of modern biology. In our world we are starting to create different animals as in the Leviathan’s world. In the leviathan Dr. Barlow is one of “Darwinists”. There is really a real Nora Darwin Barlow. She was a scientist, and the columbine Nora Barlow flower was named after her. She also has edited some editions of her father’s work. In the leviathan most of the animals are made up, but the Tasmanian tiger was not. The Tasmanian tiger was in the London zoo in 1914, but no longer is. It was the top predator of Australia and in the 2oth century it was hunted to extinction by humans. The last Tasmanian tiger died in captivity in 1936. The last Tasmanian tigers. Charles Darwin 8