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Jasper County Virtual Academy

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Jasper County Virtual Academy. A non-traditional way to learn. Dr. L. Mike Newton, Superintendent of Schools. The Mission. is to graduate all students prepared for future opportunities by providing a flexible, rigorous, and Caring learning environment for Jasper County School’s Students.

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jasper county virtual academy

Jasper County Virtual Academy

A non-traditional way to learn

Dr. L. Mike Newton, Superintendent of Schools

the mission
The Mission
  • is to graduate all students prepared for future opportunities by providing a flexible, rigorous, and Caring learning environment for Jasper County School’s Students
core beliefs
Core Beliefs
  • All students can learn; however, some students learn better with additional flexibility
  • All Students should be challenged with a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
  • All Students should be able to learn in a caring culture.
  • All students should graduate college and career ready.
jcva is currently enrolling
JCVA is currently enrolling

Grades 6th – 12th

what about socialization
What about Socialization?
  • Students who are in good academic and behavior standings may participate in extracurricular activities at the home/base schools JCMS and Jchs
  • Band – take a face to face class – daily and practice/participate when the band director schedules activities
  • Basketball – F2F Pe class and practice after school
  • Must meet all GHSA eligibility requirements
how does this work

Jointly enrolled w/ home/base school

How does this work?

Start here

Application & Readiness Questionnaire

Participate in extracurricular activities

Take online courses

End here!!!!

who should enroll
Who Should enroll?

attributes for student Success

Self motivated

Ability to learn independently

Strong personal commitment

Effective communication skills

Time management skills

Successful completion of required assignments

Willing to seek help when needed

Basic word processing and Internet skills

Successful performance in content area courses

Good attendance record

Accepts code of conduct and acceptable use policies

Good attendance record

academic integrity
Academic integrity

Will be the cornerstone for learning at Jasper County Virtual Academy (JCVA).


Learning in an online environment has similar standards to any traditional school, however; the format of the work presents unique situations. Students must maintain the highest level of academic integrity. Any attempts to use dishonesty in the research, construction or submission of work will result in disciplinary actions, starting with Warnings, zeroes and moving up to dismissal from JCVA Virtual Academy.

Academic Integrity

  • Students will be expected to log into each course and work each day
  • Students should log at least 5 hours per course – a week – to be successful
  • Students will be expected to take e-notes for their courses
  • Students will have weekly advisement sessions w/ their facilitators
  • Students will be expected to have project-based discussions w/ facilitators and content coaches - peers

Each course will have a required amount of work due per week. Students are expected to complete 100% of the required assignments each week.If the student only completes 80% of their assignments, the student will be marked absent for one day that week. If the student only completes 60% of the assignments, they will be marked absent for two days…40% = three days absent, 20% = four days absent, 0% = five days absent.

How Attendance will be measured

learning management system
Learning Management System
  • Edgenuity



what about testing
What about Testing??
  • We cannot escape!!
  • CRCT for middle school
  • EOCT for courses that require it
first day of class
First Day of Class

January 13, 2014

meet greet
Meet & Greet
  • Thursday, December 5, 2013
  • Hunter Pope Country Club
  • 5:00-600pm

People to know

Mr. Morad El-Jourbagy,

Executive Director of Technology

Dr. L. Mike Newton, Superintendent of Schools



Dr. Angela C. Gordon,

Program Administrator


OR 706.468.6350 x121