how the u s prepared for wwi n.
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How the U.S. Prepared for WWI PowerPoint Presentation
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How the U.S. Prepared for WWI

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How the U.S. Prepared for WWI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How the U.S. Prepared for WWI. Why were we able to stay neutral? -We are far away. - Isolationism : policy in which you stay out of the affairs of other countries. Were we really Neutral? -No supplying Allies. Making $75 mil. a week!

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Why were we able to stay neutral?

-We are far away.

-Isolationism: policy in which you stay out of the affairs of other countries.

  • Were we really Neutral?

-No supplying Allies. Making $75 mil. a week!

-British had a naval blockade around so Germans can’t get supplies.

german solution
German Solution:
  • U-Boat-underwater submarine
  • Radar is invented by the Allies to help against u-boats.
  • Germans say have a right to attack any ships.
  • **Lusitania: May 7, 1915 British passenger ship leaving N.Y. is attacked and 128 Americans die.
us reaction
US Reaction:
  • Make deal Germany only can attack supply ships and not passenger ships.
  • A year later (1916) German attacks French passenger ship The Sussex anyway.
  • Solution: Sussex Pledge
  • Germans had to tellships before attack them
  • Germans allowed to search for war supplies-if none found must leave ship alone.
  • Must save people (civilians) on ship
  • Americans would tell British to end naval blockade.

(We did not)

zimmerman note
Zimmerman Note
  • German Secretary of Foreign Affairs sent telegram to Mexico.
  • If Mexico allies with them they would get back New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. Idea would be to have U.S. have to fight in their own land and not join Allies in Europe.
  • British intercept telegram and Americans find out. (Mexicans never agreed anyway).
  • They just tried to take our land!!!
russia withdraws from wwi
Russia Withdraws From WWI
  • In March 1917 Russia leaves the war
  • U.S. is needed to help the Allies
that s it last straw
That’s It Last Straw!
  • Wilson asks Congress to declare war
  • Congress declares war April 6, 1917.
us prepares for war
US Prepares for War
  • We need men-solution?

Selective Service Act: men 18-30 have to register for draft-no women!

  • How do we get money?
  • Liberty Bonds: sold for 25cents would get paid back after war with interest.
  • Victory Bonds: sold after the war to pay off war debt.
  • Increase taxes
us prepares for war1
US Prepares for War
  • Regulate Food & Fuel:
  • Food Administration: government agency regulates food
  • Meatless Monday
  • Wheatless Wednesdays
  • Prohibition: no alcohol! 18th Amendment.
  • Tell farmers what to grow (farmers are making $$$)
us prepares for war2
US Prepares for War
  • Fuel Administration: government regulates fuel
  • Daylight Savings time
  • Gasless Sundays
  • Heatless Mondays

-not mandatory but people followed out of patriotism!

winning support of the homefront
Winning Support of the Homefront
  • Propaganda

-Uncle Sam is invented!

winning support of the homefront1
Winning Support of the Homefront
  • Espionage Act 1917: could not dodge draft or aid enemy.
  • Sedition Act 1918: Can not speak out against government, military, or flag.
  • Ban German language from being taught in school
  • Change frankfurter to “hot dog” sauerkraut to “freedom cabbage”