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Arbonne 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Arbonne 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge Presentation

Arbonne 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge Presentation

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Arbonne 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge Presentation

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  1. Arbonne 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge Presentation 3 Simple Steps To A More Fit YOU!

  2. Introduce yourself: I. Say: 1. Thank you to______________ (host name) for inviting me to share Arbonne’s Pure, Safe and Beneficial products with all of you today/tonight. 2. My name is______________________ and I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant. 1-2 Minute Share (Very Short) 3. Share the first part of your ‘I STORY’ • Started my Arbonne business in _________________________ • Why I started this business _____________________________ • My life before Arbonne _______________________________ • My life now with Arbonne _____________________________

  3. Introduce Arbonne: I. Say • Our hostess program is second to none • Average Hostess…$500 Example • As a guest you also get an opportunity for a discount today. • My job as your consultant is to help you spend your money wisely, SAVE money or even help you EARN money!!! Which one excites you more? Laugh with your guests!!! Have fun and keep it light!!!

  4. Ask: You came today because you were interested in changing something about your health right? • Ask: “If you could change one (many) thing(s) about your body or your skin, what would it be? • A smoother digestive track, smoother skin, experience weight loss…? 2. With that question in mind, who has never heard of Arbonne until today? (Show of hands) • 33 year old health and wellness company whose product philosophy is pure, safe and beneficial. • ONLY 1% of Brand Awareness, so needless to say, this a “Google” opportunity

  5. Let me tell a little more about Arbonne:

  6. My Goal: Today I’m going to share: • Information about why you crave carbs and sugar, have excess weight, lack energy, struggle with a healthy immune system, feel bloated and even how your skin is affected. • How you can use the 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge to learn more about your health and how Arbonne can help you attain a healthier lifestyle. • How you can receive an 20% discount on your own wellness products or up to 80% off by hosting a party.

  7. Identify the problem: True or False • According to the National Cancer Institute; heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and some cancers are related to what you eat? TRUE • 2 out of 3 North Americans will face cancer in their lifetime? TRUE • 2 out of 5 North Americans are overweight or obese? TRUE • Children of this generation will outlive their parents? FALSE • Extra weight around your stomach, hips and thighs is often toxic fat? TRUE This can be eliminated through detox. Ask: What do you think is causing all of this?

  8. Continuation of the problem: 3 main problems • Wheat, Dairy and Sugar: According to www.bodyecology.comWheat, dairy, and sugar are the most addictive foods on the planet. All three activate pathways in the brain that signal pleasure and reward. These are the same pathways that drugs like heroin or cocaine follow. • Unfortunately, these foods are literally the mainstay of the Standard American Diet.

  9. Gluten: Wheat, Barley, Rye and Spelt. • They found that the wheat protein gluten contains polypeptides, or protein fragments, that are able to bind to morphine receptors in the brain. These are the same receptors that the polypeptides in opiate drugs bind to.  • Gluten sensitivity is quite common, often misdiagnosed, and can cause many of the symptoms of mental illness. Rapid mood changes, irritability, depression, anxiety and even ADHD, schizophrenia and psychosis have been linked to both celiac disease (CD) and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).

  10. Dairy: • Dairy from cows also contains exorphins, which are linked to : Type I diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Autoimmune disorders, Autism, Schizophrenia, some cancers; breast, ovarian and prostrate, health concerns of infants and children. References: • •

  11. Sugar: 1. Fact: • In 1822, the average person consumed 6.3 pounds of sugar a year. • Today the average American • consumes almost 156 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week! • Although sugar does not contain opiate-like protein fragments, it does stimulate the release of opiates or endorphins. • When it comes to addiction, sugar may be the most widely consumed of all addictive substances. Types of Sugar: • Sugar comes in different forms and a variety of names. All of the following sweeteners provide you with calories and all have little or no nutritional value (known as ‘empty calories’). • Sugar, Dextrose , Maltose, Glucose, Fructose, Corn sweetener, Honey, Corn syrup , Sucrose, Sorghum syrup, Sorbitol, Brown sugar, Lactose, Molasses, Syrup, Fruit juice concentrate, High-fructose corn syrup •

  12. The Arbonne Difference: Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are formulated without: • Artificial colors • Artificial flavors • Artificial sweeteners • Non-GMO • No Soy Lecithin • No Cholesterol • Saturated fats • Trans fats • Vegan • Formulated without Gluten

  13. Ready to eliminate that toxic buildup?Here comes the 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge! Handout 1 Pass out 7 Day Skinny Jean Challenge Packet. Topics to discuss: • Remove and Eliminate • Replacement • Proportion size • Each of these items can be discussed further per customer request. • Once you get to the Arbonne Products, pass out Arbonne Essentials Product Features and Benefits, 2-page item. Handout 2

  14. Arbonne’s Essentials: • Protein Shake: Our protein shakes and powders are made from brown rice, cranberries, yellow peas. A hypoallergenic vegan shake with a complete amino acid profile. It contains 20 digestive grams of vegan protein. You can add fruits and veggies into the powdered shake. Coconut Milk, Kale and Green Apple, etc. • Starting your day with a protein shake helps to curb cravings throughout the day, balance blood sugar levels and increase energy. The majority of people today are falling into low blood sugar or blood sugar imbalance. • Pass around Protein Shake Recipe Packet/ Pea Protein and Pea vs. Whey Informational 2. Digestion Plus. • Our Digestion Plus carries: Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes – 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Gut is called “second brain” 80% of all serotonin (feel good chemical) in your body comes from the gut. When your gut is unhappy so are YOU. • These ingredients have been studied to significantly improve abdominal pain and bloating in patients with IBS and increases the immune response to viruses.

  15. Arbonne Essentials continued: Need a pick me up? Here are 3 other great daily additives: 3. Fizz Sticks – A variety of herbs and vitamins to enhance energy, control appetite and enhance mood, it also supports hormone balance. If you’re tired and wired or wired and need fizz sticks! • Pass around Pomegranate mix. 4. Nutritional Bars/Homemade Bars: These bars help to boost energy, and satisfy your hunger. • 9 grams of protein, and only a 170 calories. • Chocolate or Fruit. • Pass around bite sized samples. 5. A third great product is our fit chew. (You can take one of these with you today when you leave.) • 3 great flavors. Lemon, Caramel and Chocolate. • Helps control cravings • Helps control appetite • Helps increase energy • Adaptogenic blend supports good health –which dually decreases cellular sensitivity to stress and increases the bodies resistance to fight stresses.

  16. A few left: Can’t forget these 7. Herbal Detox Tea: • True/False: Your liver is your most detoxifying organ? TRUE • True/False: Your liver is your #1 fat burning organ? TRUE Our Detox Tea supports your liver, kidneys and blood to help eliminate toxins. Enjoy 2/3 cups a day! 8. Body Cleanse: • Total body cleanse, reset your body, detoxify, no fasting required, it assists to gently remove toxins. Supports the GI Tract.

  17. I. Hand out the Laminated 4 Ways to Win With Arbonne. • CLIENT: There is no cost to become a client, PLUS, you get excellent personal service and a full 45 day money back guarantee. • PREFERRED CLIENT: If you become a PC, you can save 20% and more on all purchases, plus earn future reward dollars. There are no strings attached—order when you want and renew each year for only $15. With a purchase of $150, you also get a free gift. • HOSTESS: Who do you know that needs a spa day? Or, would you like to invite a few girlfriends to a Genius Express facial? Don’t forget, I’m giving away a free mini-fit kit to the first person to schedule on my calendar in the next 3 weeks. • CONSULTANT: I don’t know where I caught you today, but if you are looking for an opportunity to earn an extra $300 or even $3000 a month, then you need to know what this business can do for you. FLIP OVER COMPENSATION PLAN. 4 Ways to work with Arbonne:

  18. Finishing up: II. Flip over and discuss compensation plan. III. Discuss the Wellness Essentials 3 Square Close (Be sure to discuss the price difference between Client vs. Preferred Client)

  19. Station Setup: The Triple Close (Do this individually with each client) 1. SALES STACK: In the 4 Ways to Win where do you see yourself? (Host Pack) 2. SCHEDULING STACK: Display your calendar or open date card with the open date card on it and hand it or hold it up to her. (Inquire about Genius Complimentary Facial) 3.PROSPECTING STACK: I have a gift for you. Hold up the Opportunity Brochure tied with a ribbon. Would you be willing to hear a little bit more about Arbonne’s income? If she says yes Release the brochure to her, ask to get together with her in a few days to go over the material.