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  2. PRESENTATION SUPPLY LIST: • Bring complete SeaSource Detox Spa Collection (Display should be simple and clean) • RE9 Skincare System • Nutritional Hybrids • Bring a basket of your favorite products- 4 or 5 products (you may not have time for this) • Color Palette,foundation samples, primer • Hand/foot Creams to give away for Chocolate Kiss Game • Chocolate kisses for Chocolate game • Deal or no Deal boxes • Before & After Photos • Detox Spa Flipchart/script • Calendar • Guest Packets/catalogues • Hostess Packets • Opportunity Packets • Calculators/pens

  3. AS THE GUESTS ARRIVE • Welcome • Take them to the sink and try the Foaming Sea Salt Scrub • This is your time to build rapport with the guests and ask question to see how this business might be a fit for them. • Give them their guest packet, catalogue and have them fill out the client profile.

  4. INTRODUCE YOURSELF, THANK HOSTESSTELL THEM WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO TONIGHT • Introduce yourself – • My name is _______________ I am very excited to be here to share Arbonne with you tonight. • Go around the room and have the guests introduce themselves… • If time and money were no object, what would you be doing right now? (or other ice breaker question) • Thank Hostess – • Thank the hostess and tell the guests that she will be earning great rewards for hosting the SeaSource Detox Party tonight** plant seeds about them hosting a group presentation and share about the different types of parties: Skincare, Health & Wellness, Make-up, Mother/Daughter • Have hostess say a few words to the group about why she wanted them to hear about Arbonne. (Maybe tell her favorite product. Let her know in advance that you will be asking her to share. (This is important 3rd party credibility) • Tell them what you’re going to do tonight – • “Tonight I’m going to: • Tell you a little about myself • Tell you a little about Arbonne and what makes us different and • Let you sample some amazing SeaSource Detox Spa products • And, share with you how you can get involved with Arbonne. • Let them know they are here to have fun, and that you will play 2 games. First, we will play a “Chocolate Kiss” Game: If you ask a question about Arbonne’s products, you will earn one kiss. If you ask a question about Arbonne’s business opportunity, you will earn 2 kisses. The person with the most chocolate kisses at the end of the party will win a FREE Arbonne product. Second, hand everyone a “Deal or No Deal” box. Tell them not to open it. This game comes at the end of the party!

  5. SHARE YOUR “I” STORY • **Tell Your “I” Story – “Now I know all of you a little better, I would like to share a little about me and how I was introduced to Arbonne…“ Use the space below to type in your “Eye” Story. (this should take about 2 minutes • Check out Deanna Wilkinson’s Arbonne Learn & Burn on Eye Stories • Weave in some, but not all important business information here or at end of presentation • Use words like, “I am looking for people to teach and train to do what I do. Who do you know?” or “These products are amazing and you will get to see that first-hand in a minute. But this business can change your life!” • Practice your Eye story. It should take about 2-3 minutes only!

  6. MAKE SURE EVERY GUESTHAS A PACKET AND CATALOGUE • Make a joke about not skipping ahead. We will go through the catalogue together. (Perhaps “raise your right hand and repeat after me, I promise not to flip ahead in the catalog” – make this funny – let them know you will throw chocolate at them if you catch them flipping ahead of you … • Say “I know you won’t look at the prices as you go through the catalogue with me” (ha ha) “but just in case you do…” let them know that you will be showing them how they can get the products at the same price you do…35% off, and even a better price with an RSVP…50% off which you can qualify for in your 1st & 2nd month. You’ll explain this more later.

  7. OPEN YOUR CATALOGUE TO PAGE 3…WELCOME! • Arbonne was established in 1980. • Arbonne’s products are botanically-based. • The products are formulated in Switzerland, manufactured in USA. • “Pure, Safe and Beneficial” has been Arbonne’s philosophy for 28 years. • Arbonne is so confident that you’ll love the products, that you may return you products within 45 days for any reason. • How many of you have heard about Arbonne’s amazing anti-aging line, NutriMinC RE9? Have you tried it? • Hint about booking: “If you haven’t tried it, one of you is going to want to schedule a NutriMinC RE9 Party!” • NutriMinC RE9 is Arbonne’s anti-aging skincare line. Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that matter deteriorates. This line addresses repairing, preventing and reversing the visible signs of aging. Our clients LOVE the REsults they see! • (Plant seeds about purchasing the RE9 line.)

  8. WHAT MAKES ARBONNE DIFFERENT?TURN TO PAGE 4 • Botanically-based products • pH Correct • Hypoallergenic • Dermatologist-Tested • Never tested on animals • Formulated without Animal products and by-products • Formulated without mineral oil (Occlusive oil can interfere with skin functions as well as advanced delivery systems) • Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances

  9. WE ARE GOING TO FOCUS OUR ATTENTION ON SEASOURCE DETOX SPA LINE Turn to page 8 • You will notice this line is the first thing shown in the product catalogue. That’s because this line is the foundation to optimal health & beauty. • Using SeaSource Detox Spa will enhance the results you get when using the skincare, color, nutritional products etc. • It’s a comprehensive approach to purification! • This line was created to help our bodies work at their optimal best.

  10. WHY SEASOURCE DETOX SPA?Stay on page 8/9 • We are exposed to so many toxins through the air we breath, the food we eat and even our water…not to mention the stress of everyday life • How many of you get enough sleep, eat right, exercise and never worry? • You’d be surprised by the toxins we come into contact with everyday, such as pollutants, smoke, pesticides, fertilizer, plastics, petra chemicals and even pool water! • This affects us all.

  11. What is a toxin? • A Substance that can create an irritating or harmful effect on our body. It becomes toxic when our body can’t effectively eliminate this toxin and it causes a negative effect. • If toxins build up, they can contribute to: • Weight gain • Fatigue • Skin breakouts/premature aging • A weakened immune system • Because of this, more and more people are turning to detox spas for help. Have you picked up a magazine lately? “Detoxing” is the new “Buzz” word!

  12. WHAT SEASOURCE DETOX SPA DOES: • A complete line of cleansing and purifying spa products that support the organs of elimination, including: • Skin • Kidneys • Liver • Lungs • Digestive tract • Supports the body’s own ability to eliminate and remove toxins • One of the leading programs offered in spas today is detox! • (Plant seeds about the business.) Arbonne is so great about being on the cutting-edge. If this is one of the leading programs people want, I want to be part of that! If you’ve ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, you have just arrived.

  13. LET’S GO THROUGH THE DETOX SPA PROGRAMTurn to page 10 • Key benefits of this line: Deep cleanse, purify and re-mineralize. • Dry Body Brush (pass around) • Show how to use. (small circles towards heart) • Improves circulation • 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil (try) • Love the smell • Massaging skin improves circulation and lymph system to drain waste • Dissolves in water. (Love it in my bath) • Read from catalogue 5 ways to use

  14. LET’S GO THROUGH THE DETOX SPA PROGRAM, cont’d Page 10 • Foaming Sea Salt Scrub (show NutriMinC RE9 scrub for face) • We have already tried this. Didn’t you love it! • Exfoliates, releasing toxins and improving microcirculation • If you forget, you can read the product catalogue- it’s all there! • Detoxifying Rescue Wash • Use especially if working out or have been in chlorine pool • Two places you sweat most: underarms and feet. Toxins come out through our sweat. • Toxins aren’t washed away by soap and water, just like dirt isn’t washed away by just water. This wash traps heavy metals and washes them away. • Can also be used as a bubble bath (1-2 capfuls) • Creates a protective moisture barrier

  15. LET’S GO THROUGH THE DETOX SPA PROGRAM, cont’dpage 10 & 13 • Fortifying Hair Mask • Protects against heavy metals • Love how this feels • Safe for color-treated hair • Especially during pool use • Sea Mud Face & Body Mask (try) • Eliminates surface impurities • Purifies and detoxifies while conditioning • Tip: For your home spa day, use a clear plastic shower liner to wrap yourself in! • Tip: Layer with the purifying Sea Soak. For example, use Sea Mud Face & Body Mask, then soak in Purifying Sea Soak. Get a layering effect of the benefits! (while mask is drying, show a few of your favorite products)

  16. LET’S GO THROUGH THE DETOX SPA PROGRAM, cont’d Turn to page 13 & 14 • Purifying Sea Soak • Stress-relieving benefits • Share personal testimony • Tip: Let dry on skin so minerals can soak in • Tip: If you don’t have time for full soak, jus soak your feet • Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H (try) • Mineral-enriched lotion • Help firm and tone skin • 24 hour moisture replacement • Renewing Body Gelee (try) • Loaded with anti-oxidant protection • Cooling • This is great for sore muscles and in warm weather. Stress in shoulders and base of neck- Love how it feels!

  17. Comprehensive line, internal tooTurn to page 14 • As we’ve already said, the average person experience an improper diet, too much stress and environmental effects, which can produce toxic conditions and contribute to fatigue, weight gain etc. • Our bodies need healthy nutrition, and most of us just don’t get it! • Average person consumes 150 lbs of sugar in a year…52 teaspoons a day! • Our “eliminative” organs that help rid toxins are skin, kidney, liver, lungs and GI tract. The problem is, we’ve overloaded them. • We need to hit the “re-set” button and help take some of the load off. • Interesting fact: GI tract is the first contact the body makes with toxins. Did you know in our lifetime the GI tract will process 100 tons of food? That’s 20 elephants!

  18. Comprehensive line, internal too • 7-day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement • Way to support detox organs internally • Giving body optimal environment • What it does: • Flushes excess water • Cleanses GI tract • Has herbs that support liver function • How to use: • Dilute in 32 oz of water each day for seven days • Add additional 32 oz. This process draws water to intestines from body so you want a lot of water in your system. 64 oz. total • Do not miss Arbonne’s Smart Nutritional Hybrids • Autoship this product! • How it feels: • May have cramping, loose stools, tired • Afterwards, you will feel amazing!!!! • Helps body operate optimally!

  19. Recap!Turn to page 15 • Look at hand, feel and compare! • Talk about the entire set for $352.50 (Remember the RSVP!!) • Why • Detox and purify • Because toxins are all around us and we’ve overloaded our bodies • By cleansing internally and externally, we help our bodies work at their optimal level • SeaSource Detox Spa is the foundation. By getting our bodies and skin to function optimally, we’ll see better results from all product lines. Pair with anti-aging skincare and fight time, toxins and environment! • (Plant seeds about hosting again) “I would love to come share this great line with your friends and you will get great hostess rewards too!”

  20. THE ARBONNE OPPORTUNITY If you’ve ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, you’ve arrived! You can have an multi-million dollar, international business with your computer and your cell-phone! • Arbonne’s growth and expansion • Arbonne has exploded over the past 6 years. • Arbonne is expanding to new countries: Canada, Australia, U.K. and more to come. • Arbonne’s products…the significance of the time and trends of our society • Arbonne’s products are consumable. Which means repeat sales and profits. • Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial products are in demand. Everyone is our consumer, from children and infants to Baby Boomers and older. • Arbonne’s earning potential- Whether you are interested in earn an extra $200 a month or a six figure income, there’s a place for you in Arbonne. • District Manager’s average income is $236.43 a month • Area Manager’s average income is $1173.13 a month • Regional Vice President’s average income is $4,779.78 a month • National Vice President’s average income is $22,549.68 a month • Both VP levels earn Arbonne’s company car, a white Mercedes I am looking for people to teach and train to do what I do. If you’re slightly intrigued, I would love to talk to you more and have a packet of information to send home with you.

  21. PLAY GAMES • Chocolate Kiss Game: Are there any more questions? Remember, the person with the most chocolates wins a prize! Answer questions & make sure hostess keeps track of who is asking the most questions. Tell guests to yell at the hostess if she forgets to give them their chocolates. The person who has the most chocolates WINS gift (1.8oz hand cream or foot cream). Plus everyone gets to eat their chocolates! • Playing Deal or No Deal game: Now let’s end with a game. Who knows the show on Television – Deal or No Deal? We are going to play our own version. If you would like to host a group get together and schedule a date tonight you get to take home one of these great gifts! (place Arbonne products in nicely wrapped gift bags) I treat my hostesses right…and I treat those who give me referrals right, too! It could be a RE9 Body Wash, scrub, masque etc. This gift is just for booking tonight! Pick the person who has been attentive, or who you feel will book … start with them. • In Arbonne we take really good care of our hostesses with free products. When we have $250 in sales she will get to pick $100 in products for herself and when two people schedule a date for a party like this she will get the RE9 Body Serum & Lotion set. So if you decide to host a get together you will earn lots of FREE Arbonne products from me!

  22. 3 WAYS TO WIN! • Close the presentation: • There are 3 ways to win with Arbonne. FIRST, you can be a client, where I will take care of your orders and keep you up to date with all the new and exciting products and specials. • Or SECOND, you can become a Consultant or a wholesale buyer; remember in the beginning I told you I would show you how to save on your products? As a wholesale buyer you get all the benefits of a client, but you can also place your orders on-line yourself – with or without having to contact me - or by calling customer service at 1-800-Arbonne and you will save 35% on your orders. It costs $29 for the year to be a wholesale buyer and there is no minimum to purchase each month. • A Consultant/wholesale buyer is also eligible for a RSVP. Remember, I mentioned this earlier. When you first sign-up with Arbonne as a wholesale buyer you will be able to place one order at BETTER than wholesale – 50% off – I can’t even get that anymore, when you order $350 in products, Arbonne will give you an additional $350 in products FREE! Use this for yourself or for gifts. • At this point, refer to SPA Consultant Choices Sheet. As you can see the best deal is to sign up for $29 and get your products at 50% off with your RSVP. Remember, if you host a get-together for me, not only will you get great rewards, I will offer these same great discounts to your friends.

  23. 3 WAYS TO WIN, CONT’D • So you can get your Arbonne ID# to just be a wholesale buyer…you don’t have to sell or buy anything and get your products at 35%-50% off and if you at least select $100 in retail, which will cost you $65, you will get to pick a Free product from the catalogue. • As a consultant/wholesale buyer, you can even “dabble” in Arbonne and make a little extra money by sharing Arbonne with your close friends and family. • The THIRD way to “Win” with Arbonne is to build a business and make extra money or replace your full time salary. As I mentioned, I am looking for people I can teach and train to do what I do. I want you to know that in home presentations is just one reach out method to share Arbonne. Arbonne offers something for everyone, giving you the opportunity to build this business along side your current profession. If you are interested in hearing more, please let me know and I’d love to set up coffee or lunch with you to talk more and answer any of your questions. I will also send you home with a curiosity packet (prospect packet) tonight.

  24. CLOSE THE PRESENTATION &HELP TAKE ORDERS • Finally… • I know you’re excited to start shopping, and I’ve got my calendar so you can book your get-together tonight. I want to help each of you find the right products to help you reach all of your goals and your budget. So, let me know, who needs to get going first…? • At closing…set up a “Closing Station” away from the other guests • Make sure everyone has a copy of the “SPA” Consultant Choices. Ask each guest to circle the option they are most interested in or cross out the options they DON’T want. • If they agreed to book a party, make sure to send them home with the hostess packet and let them know if they return their invitation list within 7 days they will receive an extra hostess reward.