what are cossacks n.
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What are cossacks ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are cossacks ?

What are cossacks ?

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What are cossacks ?

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  1. What are cossacks? Warm up on pg 86

  2. Target • Know how Absolutist rulers keep their power  Be able to remember specific examples for Spain, England, France, and Russia • Know that during Absolutism the political power shifts away from traditional elites (aristocrats/nobility), and to new elites that are both in the home country and the colonies • Know that family size shrinks in the European mainland

  3. Pg 88 Absolutism in Europe: Changing economy, political organization, and social organization • Rulers regulated worship and social gatherings to control the spread of ideas • The Age of Absolutism, Renaissance, and reformation all intersect timewise. Use this information to help you think and discuss this questions: How is the blue statement above contradictory to the Renaissance and Reformation? • Discuss with group • Henry VIII makes England Protestant (reformation), but also controls religion by making everyone conform to that (Absolutism). Shows Renaissance idea of human agency doesn’t mean political agency

  4. Rulers increased size of their courts and sponsored expensive art and architecture to appear more powerful We did the pictures of this yesterday. Pretend you have a DBQ, and the documents are all pictures of absolutist monarchs and the prompt is “Analyze the economic and cultural ways rulers gained and kept power in the Age of Absolutism” How would we write Contextualization for this? I.E, what background do we need to tell the reader so they understand this topic? What was happening in history either A. Before: (middle ages, rulers had little power, then plague and 100 years war so started getting power) B. During:( TAST, Colonization, so rulers are getting money, and competing….)

  5. Rulers created bureaucracies to control their country’s economies • Turn and Talk: what is a government body France and England EACH start in the high to late middle ages that would help them create bureaucracies in the Absolutist period? • Legislative bodies that were created in the high-late middle ages (1200-1400), such as England’s Parliament and France’s Estates General are part of bureaucracies in the Absolutist period • Examples of new bureaucracies • Intendants in France: people to collect taxes and administered justice • Service nobility in Russia: people who got land only for service in gov’t. It was not transferable to family after death • Parliamentary cabinets in England: ministers in government to represent party ideas

  6. The power of existing political and economic elites (European aristocracy/ nobility) fluctuated as they confronted new challenges to their ability to affect policy • Take a look at the list of European nobility types. How might their power fluctuate (ie, how would their role/duties change) by the new bureaucracieson the last slide? • Nobles/aristocracy in France • Boyars (Nobles/aristocracy) in Russia • Nobles/aristocracy in England • ** hint: think about what the role in gov’t/policy was in the middle ages, and now how it it changing by the power of the new absolutist rulers and the new positions they are creating*** • Write in expo marker • Then Stand up hand up • Then Number draw

  7. Colonies give European nations great wealth. The policy of Mercantilism and the use of join-stock companies helped fuel competition between nations • Mercantilism:is a national economic policy designed to maximize the trade of a nation and, historically, to maximize the accumulation of gold and silver • Joint stock company: is a national economic policy designed to maximize the trade of a nation and, historically, to maximize the accumulation of gold and silver

  8. How does this represent mercantilism in Europe? • What might nations use this silver for? • Where do you think this silver goes? • China • How does this fuel mercantilism even more?

  9. HIPP this, with the goal of relating it to join-stock companies and the competition between nations

  10. End of Class Review Homework SNAPCHAT PROJECT: due 1/16 Read Chapter 17 484 – 491 495 - 505 Work on Key Concept Guides • What is the role of religion in Absolutism? • How does the Renaissance and reformation influence Absolutism?