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Plate 475

Iliofemoral ligament. Pubofemoral ligament. Plate 475. Iliofemoral ligament. Ischiotuberosity. Ischiofemoral ligament. Plate 475. Acetabular labrum. Obturator membrane. Transverse acetabular ligament. Ligament of head of femur (cut). Plate 475. Adductor magnus tendon. Plantaris.

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Plate 475

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  1. Iliofemoral ligament Pubofemoral ligament Plate 475

  2. Iliofemoral ligament Ischiotuberosity Ischiofemoral ligament Plate 475

  3. Acetabular labrum Obturator membrane Transverse acetabular ligament Ligament of head of femur (cut) Plate 475

  4. Adductor magnus tendon Plantaris Gastrocnemius m. (lateral head, cut) Fibular collateral ligament Tibial collateral ligament Bicepts femoris Semimembranosus tendon (cut) Oblique popliteal ligament Popliteus m. (cut) Plate 499

  5. patella Posterior cruciate ligament Transverse ligament of knee Anterior cruciate ligament Tendon of popliteaus Fibular collateral ligament Tibial collateral ligament Lateral meniscus Medial meniscus Plate 497

  6. Popliteus tendon Anterior cruciate lig. Posterior cruciate lig. Fibular collateral ligament Medial meniscus Lateral meniscus Posterior meniscofemoral ligament Tibial collateral ligament Plate 497

  7. Popliteus tendon Medial meniscus Posterior cruciate ligament Lateral meniscus Tibial collateral ligament Fibular collateral ligament Anterior cruciate ligament Infrapatellar fat pad Patellar ligament Plate 496

  8. Navicular Transverse tarsal joint Talus Lateral cuneiform Tarsometatarsal joint Cuboid Calcaneus Metatarsal 5 Plate 512

  9. Transverse tarsal joint Tarsometatarsal joint Talus Metatarsal 1 Navicular Calcaneus Medial cuneiform Plate 512

  10. Articular surfaces for talus Sustentaculum tali Plate 513

  11. Posterior talofibular ligament Talus Deltoid lig. Calcaneofibular lig. Calcaneus Plate 513

  12. Tuberosity of metatarsal 5 Tibialis anterior tendon Fibularis brevis tendon Plantar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament Tibialis posterior tendon Fibularis longus tendon Flexor digitorum longus tendon Long plantar ligament Flexor hallucis longus tendon Plate 516

  13. Posterior talofibular ligament Anterior talofibular lig. Fibular retinaculum Fibularis longus tendon Fibularis brevis tendon Calcaneofibular lig. Plate 515

  14. Tibiocalcaneal lig. Medial malleolus Anterior tibiotalar lig. Posterior tibiotalar lig. Tibionavicular lig. Sustentaculum tali Plantar calcaneonavicular lig. Tibialis posterior tendon Tibialis anterior tendon Plate 515

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