palm leaf plate vs plastic plate n.
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Palm Plate Vs Plastic Plate PowerPoint Presentation
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Palm Plate Vs Plastic Plate

Palm Plate Vs Plastic Plate

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Palm Plate Vs Plastic Plate

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  1. Palm Leaf Plate Vs Plastic Plate By Leaftrend

  2. Palm leaf Plate Palm leaf plates are made from 100% natural raw material of areca leaf. During the manufacturing no chemical and wax are used. They are environment friendly plates.

  3. Plastic Plate Plastic plates are made by chemical composition and very harmful to the environment and human health also.

  4. Biodegradable Easily compostable at home Environment friendly Used as a fertiliser to our garden after using the plate Benefits of Palm leaf Plate

  5. Non-biodegradable Cannot be composted Harmful to environment Harmful to the living beings Disadvantage Of Plastic Plate

  6. Move to Natural Palm Leaf Plate Our products are environmentally productive, they compost easily into the earth and reducing carbon footprints. These single-use plates, bowls and trays are the essence of eco-friendly. We offer areca palm leaf plates for food service accessories that are made using leaves of areca nut palm tree.

  7. Make a change! Why palm leaf products? This convenient palm leaf plate will show your guests that you care about the environment and help maintain your restaurant or event's green initiatives.

  8. Conclusion Leaftrend aims to reduce the impact of plastic pollution by introducing the unique collection of palm leaf products at an affordable price. Join us and support the Eco-friendly living. Visit us at Amazon