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  1. Beautiful fragrance will touch yoursoul imagination emotions memories dreams

  2. “… the perfume industry is worth a staggering $24 billion yearly worldwide” “Consider the price of the perfume. The liquid in the bottle represents only 3 % of the total cost of producing it. The other 97% goes to marketing, packaging and advertising.”

  3. 3 Idealne produkty Perfect product • 200 World most desired fragrances • and body care products • top quality, and long lasting scent • beautiful packaging • consumable products (huge market and constant need for products)‏ • affordable prices You have just found the perfect product and, with it, success with FM GROUP

  4. 4 Product Why are FM GROUP products available at such affordable prices? • you pay only for high quality product, • not for it’s packaging • FM GROUP reduces money spent on • advertising and marketing • (no famous name endorsements, billboards, magazines, TV, radio)‏ The cost of producing FM perfumes is similar to other well known brands.

  5. 5 Womencollection collections Body care Body lotion Shower gel Deodorant roll-on Deodorant spray Hand and nail cream Hair fragrance Classic Luxury Pheromones Fruit Floral Classic collection Luxury collection Inspirations collection Pheromones collection Fruit collection

  6. 6 Mencollection Body care collection Body lotion Shower gel Deodorant roll-on Aftershave Classic Luxury Pheromones Refreshing Classic collection Luxury collection Inspirations collection Pheromones collection Refreshing collection

  7. 7 Youthcollection Body care Shower gel for girls Shower gel for boys Iip gloss Eau de toilette For girls Eau de toilette For boys Eau de toilette Eau de toilette Shower gel Shower gel Lip gloss

  8. 8 Retail sales and MLM

  9. Conventional Marketing (B) National Wholesaler or Broker (C) Regional Wholesaler (A) Company (D) Retailer Consumer (A) – (D) = DISTRIBUTION COSTS Rent, Rates, Insurance, Staff, Profit Margin, Shipping, ADVERTISING, etc Distribution costs can account for up to 85% of the final price paid by the consumer

  10. (B) National Wholesaler or Broker (C) Regional Wholesaler (D) Retailer Consumer Independent Distributors FM GROUP Network Marketing X X FM decided to market their unique product range to consumers using Independent Distributors… and to pay them substantial commissions for producing product sales from team building X RETAIL TO MAKE A PROFIT

  11. How Do People Hear About Us? FM do not advertise Most companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising their products or services Famous people are paid millions for their endorsement of these goods

  12. How Do People Hear About Us? By REFERRAL - the most powerful form of advertising in the world! When customers buy our products and enjoy them, they tell others - it is that simple

  13. The Most Powerful Form of Advertising is “Word of Mouth” Advertising Have you ever recommended a restaurant or a shop, or a film at the local cinema? At the end of the month, did the manager send you a `Thank You’ letter and a commission cheque for the introduction? Does he regularly send you a cheque whenever that person goes there and spends money? No… of course not!

  14. The Most Powerful Form of Advertising is “Word of Mouth” Advertising But in Network Marketing that is exactly what happens! Every time someone we have recommended buys a product, we automatically get paid a commission – forever! There are two types of people in this world Those who get paid for recommending …and those who don’t!

  15. 15 Work with us! We invite you to Join us now!

  16. 16 MLMmultilevel marketing Main advantages of working with us • FREE TO JOIN! • flexible work hours independence, • international business from the comfort of your home, • well established and financially secure company • 8.5%of Worldwide Turnoverpaid into Bonuses • achievable Mercedes car bonus, • offices in 40 countries and growing • running own business, but without investing your own money Huge potential for very high income

  17. 17 Work tools Starter Kit $165 or pay $55 x 3 months! Or ask, how to get your kit FREE! • In the Starter kit: • Fragrance samples (200 samples)‏ • Product catalogue • Marketing Plan • Price list • DVD Handy STARTER KIT is your main work tool to present the FM GROUP Products and Business Opportunity.

  18. 18 Internet Shop Many ways of ordering FM products: • Fax • Telephone • E-mail • FM Office and distribution centre; 13/160 Gilba rd. Girraween NSW 2145 Ph. 02 9636 8236 Fax. 02 9636 7415