welcome to mrs theriot s class n.
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Welcome to Mrs. Theriot’s Class

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Welcome to Mrs. Theriot’s Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Mrs. Theriot’s Class. About Me. This is my 13 th year teaching. I taught at BRM for 4 years and NMS for 3 years. This is my sixth year at AHS. Contact Information: etheriot.weebly.com etheriot@assumptionschools.com Call 369-2956 to schedule a conference

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Welcome to Mrs. Theriot’s Class

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about me
About Me
  • This is my 13thyear teaching.
  • I taught at BRM for 4 years and NMS for 3 years.
  • This is my sixth year at AHS.

Contact Information:etheriot.weebly.com


Call 369-2956 to schedule a conference

My planning time is from 11:15 – 12:45

more about me
More About Me
  • My husband Joey and I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl. Her name is Allie.
  • The newest addition to our family, Jacob, is due in November!
  • I will be out on leave between Thanksgiving and Christmas and an additional 2 weeks in January, but you will have a GREAT sub!!
about the class
About the Class

Fall Semester

August through December

Algebra 1 Part 1

Covers information from chapters 1 – 4.

You must pass Part 1 in order to take Part 2 in the spring.

about the class1
About the Class

Spring Semester

January through May

Algebra I Part 2

Covers chapters 5-12 and additional GLE’s.

  • Usually 10-13 grades per 9 weeks.
  • New Grading Scale:
  • ENI Increment Test: Assesses benchmarks taught each 9 weeks and prepares students for the EOC.
standardized testing
Standardized Testing
  • End of Course Test (EOC):
    • Will be given in May
    • Replaces ILEAP and GEE
    • Students must pass either the Algebra 1 or Geometry EOC to meet graduation requirements.
    • EOC Scores and grade conversions
    • EOC counts for 20% of your final grade for Algebra 1 Part 2.
    • A student can pass the course even though they did not pass the EOC if he or she has enough quality points and meets the requirements stated in the pupil progression plan
    • Passing the EOC does not guarantee passing the course.
materials needed
Materials Needed
  • 1 ½ or 2 inch Binder
  • TI 30X II Calculator
  • Pencils or Lead Pens
  • Highlighter
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Hand held pencil sharpener (Noise free)
  • Erasers
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Kleenex– earns bonus points
  • Enter class quietly and begin bell work.

Bell work will be graded through quizzes or binder checks.

  • Homework should be completed before you enter class and will be graded.

If ALL problems are not completed, you will get a 0 on that assignment.

  • Copy all notes and examples into your binder.
  • Complete practice problems, participate, and ask relevant questions.
  • Stay seated until you are dismissed by the teacher.
  • Be attentive and participate.
  • Speak only when given permission.
  • Respect others. (No hitting, pushing, tripping, throwing objects, passing notes, or distracting others in any way.)
  • Have all materials.
  • Stay in assigned seat.
  • Follow the dress code and school rules.
  • Praise
  • Homework Passes
  • Golden Tickets
  • Seasonal Incentives
  • Treats
  • 1st Offense – Warning
  • 2nd Offense – Check 1 – Loss of privileges
  • 3rd Offense – Check 2 – Conference, Discipline Assignment or Parental Contact AND minor discipline infraction.
  • 4th Offense – Check 3 – Major Office Referral
  • Incomplete or unsigned discipline assignments will result in a referral.
  • Checks do not carry over from day to day.
  • Infractions such as sleeping in class or refusal to work will result in loss of class participation points.
homework and participation
Homework and Participation
  • Homework and participation are averaged together to form 1 test grade.
  • Missed homework results in loss of privileges and a drop in your homework and participation average.
  • Each student starts with 20 participation points. Refusing to complete assignments results in point deductions.
block classes
??? Block Classes ???

Block classes allow you to get 2 extra credits in 1 school year as compared to a regular class schedule.

Successful completion of all of your courses this year will earn you 8 credits toward graduation.

block classes1
??? Block Classes ???


  • You will get report cards once every 9 weeks.
  • You will have exams once every 9 weeks.
  • Each full unit class has 2 grading periods.
  • Each ½ unit class has 1 grading period.
block classes2
??? Block Classes ???


Attendance is extremely important in block classes. Missing one block class is equivalent to missing two regular classes. It is very hard to catch up if you miss consecutive days.

If you miss more than 7 days of a block course in one semester you will not get credit for that course.

For ½ unit courses the limit is 3 days.


1. List the advantages of block classes.

  • List the disadvantages of block classes.

3. Allie has braces and has to see the orthodontist every 2 weeks. What can she do to avoid missing school?