SQAS and Responsible Care
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SQAS and Responsible Care General Principles Marc Twisk – SQAS Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SQAS and Responsible Care General Principles Marc Twisk – SQAS Manager. Agenda. SQAS General Principles The Use of the SQAS Database The Assessment Process SQAS and RC. Pillars of SQAS. 1) Common industry questionnaire >>> agreed with the involved logistics sector

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SQAS and Responsible Care

General Principles

Marc Twisk – SQAS Manager


  • SQAS General Principles

  • The Use of the SQAS Database

  • The Assessment Process

  • SQAS and RC

Pillars of SQAS

1) Common industry questionnaire

>>> agreed with the involved logistics sector

2) Accreditation of assessors

>>> requirements (lead auditor + DGSA + experience)

>>> quality assurance (training & accreditation)

3) Electronic Database of Assessment Reports

>>> accessibility and transparency

4) Service Group of supporting Chemical Companies

>>> financial resources + sustainable operation.

Key principles of sqas
Key principles of SQAS

  • 1) SQAS is NOT a certification system, but it checks the compliance with certain requirements and records the objective/factual answer to +/- 500 detailed questions.

  • 2) There are 3 types of questions :

  • M = Mandatory, related to legislative requirements (20%)

  • I = Industry good practice (78%)

  • D = Desirable (can be tomorrow's industry standard) (2%)

  • 3) As a result, it helps the logistics industry sector

  • - to better comply with regulatory requirements;

  • - to improve the SHE&Sec performance to a level that the partner chemical companies desire;

  • - to strive towards tomorows "state of the art".

  • (Example Electronic Stability Control, Air conditioning in cab)

Use of sqas
Use of SQAS

  • By chemical companies :

  • - Evaluation and monitoring of their LSP's

  • - Tool in LSP selection (together with other criteria)

  • - Tool in dialogue with LSP on Improvement Actions

  • By LSP's :

  • - Analysis of their own assessment report

  • - Performance monitoring on their "downstream" supply chain (subcontractors, intermodal, cleaning station, etc)

Use of the sqas database towards more transparency and evaluation of the entire logistics chain
Use of the SQAS Database :Towards more transparency and evaluationof the entire logistics chain :

  • Examples :

  • A transport company or a chemical distributor may obtain access to the reports of :

  • - its partner cleaning companies

  • - its partner transport companies

  • (subcontractor partners or supply chain partners)

  • - its partner third-party warehouses

  • - its partner railway carriers

Use of the sqas database
Use of the SQAS Database

User type Who is user ? Purpose :

Assessed Company

Own report

Evaluate the performance of partner logistics companies

SQAS Service Group

Users from

Chemical Companies

SQAS "Transport Service"



Other Users (Transport Companies, Distributors, etc)

Evaluate the performance of subcontracted partners on the supply chain

Logistics & Distributors

Industry Associations

Defined persons in Associations

Statistics & Trends

across reports

Electronic System


A) Assessor Application

This is a software on the Assessor’s PC, to complete the questionnaire and to submit the report to the internet database.

(Option to gradually replace this functionality by direct internet submission module)

B) Electronic Database of the Reports

This is a website, with a public and a restricted part with the actual assessment reports.

The sqas assessment process
The SQAS Assessment Process

Assessed Company


Chemical Companies

Assessor Software Application




Accredited Assessor



Authorized Companies

(Logistics & Distributors)

Sector Associations

(only statistics)

Preparation of an assessment
Preparation of an assessment

  • Assessor

  • obtain/check general information from assessed company

  • define/agree scope assessment (type/scope of activity, site(s), infrastructure)

  • ensure that commercial agreement does not conflict with guidelines

  • develop/agree time plan for assessment

  • Electronic pre-notification (latest one week ahead)

  • Fascilitate/consult client regarding his electronic agreement/authorization.

Preparation of an assessment1
Preparation of an assessment

  • Assessed company

  • become familiar with questionnaire/guidelines

  • check documentary evidence

  • make general information available to assessor

  • Electronic agreement (authorization to submit report to database)

  • Plans / ensures availability of people on planned assessment date





The Assessment Process

View and




  • View & analyse report

  • Enter comments

  • Add improvement action

  • programme

  • Define who may have

  • access to the report

  • Generate attestation

  • Download SQAS logo


Update / implement










planning and


Enter report






Assessment process step by step 1
Assessment Process : Step by step (1)

  • 1. The logistics company / chemical distributor decides to have an assessment performed

    • own initiative

    • on request of a chemical company (producer)

  • 2. The assessed company selects the accredited assessor

  • 3. Latest 1 week before the start of the assessment the assessor registers an electronic pre-notification, including the contact e-mail of the company to be assessed.

  • 4. The system notifies the company through above e-mail address, with invitation to prepare the agreement.

  • 5. The assessed company electronically signs the agreement to authorise the inclusion of the assessment report in the electronic SQAS Database.

Assessment process step by step 2
Assessment Process : Step by step (2)

  • SQAS assessment is carried out by the assessor

    • Answering all questions

    • Comments related to individual questions

    • General comments of assessor

  • Time Allocation :

    • Logistics Company : 2 days (1 day core + 1 day specific)

    • Office Based distributor company (Di only) : 1 day

    • Distributor with multiple sites : additional day per site

    • Combined assessments : eg. Transport + Cleaning : 3 days

  • 8. The assessor enters the assessment report in the electronic SQAS database (on internet)

  • 9. The assessor receives an electronic confirmation that the report has been entered in the SQAS database

Assessment process step by step 3
Assessment Process : Step by step (3)

  • 10. The assessed company receives an electronic confirmation that the report has been entered in the SQAS database :

    • Contacts + e-mail addresses of scope page are vital !

    • report number /security code

    • invitation to - view/print/check report - enter general comments - update general company information - view hits

  • The assessed company is sole viewer during 1 month and has the possibility to add comments to the report.

  • The assessed company defines the access to the various user groups ("denial" of chemical companies, positive approval for "logistics & distributors").

  • 13. After one month the assessment report is launched on the database and becomes accessible to the authorized users.

Assessment process step by step 4
Assessment Process : Step by step (4)

  • 14. Dialogue between the Assessed Company and the Producers who analyzed the report.

  • 15. The Assessed Company develops an Improvement Action Programme, based on this dialogue, and can record/update this Action Programme during the validity period of the report (3 years)

  • 16. Assessed company can view/print the SQAS Attestation and download the SQAS logo after acknowledgement of the "conditions for use" of the Logo.

  • 17. Report is Archived after 3 years

  • 18. Re-assessment

Sqas and rc
SQAS and RC Group can be allowed !

  • 1. Agreement between Cefic and ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association) and FECC (European Association of Chemical Distributors) to use SQAS as a tool in their Responsible Care process.

  • Both Associations have a RC programme with System Requirements, Key Performance Indicators and Goals

  • Both Associations have access to the reports of their members which have allowed this access.

  • Also EFTCO (European Association from Tank Cleaning Operators) is interested to join.