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Greek & Latin Roots PowerPoint Presentation
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Greek & Latin Roots

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Greek & Latin Roots
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Greek & Latin Roots

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  1. Greek & Latin Roots Unit 8

  2. PORT • From the Latin word ‘portare’, portatum’ To carry

  3. Words from “portare”, “portatum”(to carry) • Importune • Verb; to urge or beg without end Dennis promised to importune Congress until the ban on concealed weapons became law. Synonym: plead

  4. Words from “portare”, “portatum”(to carry) • Importunate • Adjective; Extremely demanding; insistent The baker finally surrendered and handled the importunate child a free cookie.

  5. Words from “portare”, “portatum”(to carry) • Rapport • Noun; A positive relationship When she was first hired, Wilma worked hard to establish a rapport with her fellow flight attendants. Synonym: camaraderie, friendship

  6. FER • From the Latin word ‘ferre’ Bear, carry

  7. Words from “ferre”(bear, carry) • Insufferable • Adjective; Impossible to bear; intolerable Felicia found Robin insufferable and always tried to avoid her.

  8. Words from “ferre”(bear, carry) • Preferential • Adjective; Giving or showing an advantage to one over another Many students in the class were angry over Mr. Dobbs’ preferential treatment of Sandra.

  9. Words from “ferre”(bear, carry) • Conferment • Noun; The act of bestowing; a formal offer The conferment of power upon the new king did not take place without some disturbance in Parliament.

  10. PHER, PHOR • From the Greek word ‘phorein’ To carry, to bring

  11. Words from “pher”, “phor”(to carry, to bring) • Periphery • Noun; The outermost part or boundary In ancient Rome, the dead were buried only on the periphery of the city. Synonym: surroundings Antonym: center

  12. Words from “pher”, “phor”(to carry, to bring) • Euphoria • Noun; A feeling of great happiness or well-being Following his victory at the Milvian bridge, Constantine was filed with a deep feeling of euphoria as he saw a cross floating in the sky. Synonym: Joy Antonym: Misery

  13. GEST • From the Latin word ‘gerere’, ‘gestum’ To bear

  14. Words from “gerere”, “gestum”(to bear) • Congested • Adjective; Overcrowded; too tightly packed It can often take hours to get home during rush hour because of the congested highways. Synonym: Blocked, full Antonym: clear, empty

  15. Words from “gerere”, “gestum”(to bear) • Gestate • Verb; To conceive and develop in the mind or body My teacher always told me to give myself plenty of time for ideas to gestate.

  16. Words from “gerere”, “gestum”(to bear) • Gesticulate • Verb; To make gestures for emphasis As the man gave us complicated instructions, he gesticulated in a lively fashion

  17. Pilar was so ______ in her demands for a larger salary that her coworkers began to find her _____. • A. importunate; insufferable • B. preferential; importunate • C. congested; rapport • D. importunate; preferential

  18. Because Caitlyn had developed a ______ with several of the waiters at the restaurant, she always received ________ treatment there. • A. euphoria; insufferable • B. rapport; preferential • C. conferment; importunate • D. periphery; preferential

  19. To express her _____ at beating the top-ranked tennis player, Marcia threw her racquet into the stands, and her fans _______ wildly • A. rapport; gestated • B. euphoria; gesticulated • C. conferment; importuned • D. euphoria; importuned

  20. Though citizens had repeatedly _______ the Department of Transportation for a better traffic system in the downtown area, its agenda was so _______ that the topic was never brought up. • A. importuned; congested • B. congested; importunate • C. gesticulated; insufferable • D. importuned; preferential

  21. Though Adam did not attentively consider Anita's proposal to lend her money, he allowed it to ______ on the ______of his mind. • A. importune; conferment • B. gesticulate; euphoria • C. gestate; periphery • D. gestate; conferment