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  2. OBJECTIVES 1. Identify the types of expert resources and methods to identify expert resources. 2. Understand the value of expert resources to further the investigation. 3. Identify the types and locations of reports that facilitate determining responsibility for the fire. 4. Identify the proper reports and documents necessary for the investigation. 5. Understand information assessment, correlation, and organizational skills.

  3. In any fire investigation, specialized personnel or experts may be needed to provide technical assistance. These individuals may not be versed in rendering fire causes, and possible conflicts of interest should be considered and avoided. EXPERT RESOURCES

  4. Colleges and universities Electrical engineers Mechanical engineers Chemical engineers Materials engineers or scientists Fire protection engineers Industrial engineers Sources for Specialized Personnel and Experts

  5. FederalBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms U.S. Bureau of Mines U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission U.S. Postal Service Federal Bureau of Investigation Drug Enforcement Administration Environmental Protection Agency Sources for Specialized Personnel and Experts Government agencies

  6. State agenciesDivision of Fire Safety State Highway Patrol Department of Natural Resources Department of Agriculture Department of Insurance Department of Health Division of Liquor Control Secretary of State Sources for Specialized Personnel and Experts Government agencies

  7. Societies or trade groupsConsulting firmsTelephone companyUtility companyProduct manufacturers Sources for Specialized Personnel and Experts Non-government agencies

  8. Investigators should attempt to learn local information sources and to develop new sources. A source of information may be any record, custodian of records, directory, public official, business person or any person who might be of assistance in an investigation. Types and Locations of Information Sources

  9. Department of Agriculture U.S. Forest Service Food Stamps and Nutrition Services Agency Consumer and Marketing Service Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service Federal Government Information Sources Department of Commerce Bureau of Public Roads National Marine Fisheries Commercial Intelligence Division U.S. Patent Office Trade Mission Division

  10. Department of DefenseRequest should contain the branch of service, serial number and social security number of the subject Military Criminal Investigation Divisions Air Force: Office of Special Investigations Army: Criminal Investigation Division Navy and Marine: Naval Criminal Investigative Services Federal Government Information Sources

  11. Department of Health and Human ServicesFood and Drug Administration Social Security Administration -records are available only in certain cases Federal Government Information Sources Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs National Park Service Fish and Wildlife Service

  12. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Antitrust Division Drug Enforcement Administration Federal Bureau of Investigation Immigration and Naturalization Service Bankruptcy Court records Federal Government Information Sources Department of Labor Labor Management Services Employment Standards Administration U.S. Postal Service Department of State

  13. Department of Transportation Environmental Safety and Consumers Affairs Office U.S. Coast Guard Federal Government Information Sources Department of the Treasury Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms U.S. Customs Service Internal Revenue Service U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) U.S. Fire Administration

  14. State Government Information Sources Every licensing and regulatory activity of any state agency is a potential information source

  15. Division of Fire Safety Fire investigations Fire incidents Fire safety inspections of state licensed care facilities Certified personnel Secretary of State Charters, officers and annual reports of corporations Notary public Securities and trade records State Government Information Sources

  16. Department of Health Births, deaths and marriages Certification and licensing of medical professionals Certification of health care facilities State Government Information Sources Department of Insurance Insurance companies licensed in the state Licensed insurance agents Consumer complaints Department of Natural Resources Environmental protection and hazardous materials regulations and violations State parks and historic sites

  17. Department of Conservation Hunting and fishing licenses Violations of conservation laws State Government Information Sources Department of Transportation Highway construction and projects Department of Revenue Drivers licenses Motor vehicle registrations State lottery

  18. Highway Patrol Criminal records Fingerprint records Firearms ballistic records Vehicle accident records Stolen vehicle records State Government Information Sources State Treasurer State financial transactions records Department of Agriculture Animal health Grain inspection and warehousing LPG, milk, egg, and fuel inspections

  19. Department of Economic Development Public Service Commission Professional registration and licensing State Government Information Sources Department of Corrections Probation and parole records Division of Liquor Control Licensed dealers in alcohol records State Gaming Commission Records of licensed gaming corporations and all individuals employed by gaming corporations

  20. Department of Social Services Child enforcement support Family services Income maintenance State Government Information Sources Department of Labor and Industrial RelationsRecords of unemployment Information on wage and unemployment compensation State Water Patrol Records of boat accidents Criminal investigations and boat fires

  21. Assessor Real and personal property in county Dimensions Owner and address Value of property History of property County Government Information Sources Building Regulations Records of building permits and inspections

  22. Collector Taxpayers in county Names and addresses of property owners Legal descriptions of property Amount of taxes paid and unpaid on real and personal property County Government Information Sources County Clerk Voter registrations Records of the county commission Campaign finance disclosures County employee payroll records

  23. Recorder Marriages Real property transactions Deeds & ownership of property including mortgages County Government Information Sources Circuit Clerk Civil and criminal court proceedings & filings Divorces & property settlements Mechanic's lien records Sheriff Criminal records Incident reports Civil process records Firearms permits

  24. City Clerk - records of the official actions of the city Municipal Government Information Sources City Collector - records of business licenses; names and addresses of property taxpayers Public Works/Street Dept. - maps of the city; locations of streets and utilities Building Dept. - records of building permits and inspections

  25. Fire Department - records of fire and EMS incidents Municipal Government Information Sources Emergency Medical Services - records of medical responses and patient information

  26. Missouri Right to Financial Privacy Act (RSMo 408.675) No government authority may have access to or obtain copies of the information contained in the financial records of any customer unless the financial records are reasonably described and:Such customer has authorized such disclosure in accordance with Section 408.682;Such financial records are disclosed in response to a subpoena which meets the requirements of Section 408.683; orSuch financial records are disclosed in response to a written request which meets the requirements of Section 408.683.

  27. Signature cards Deposit tickets or slipsLedger sheets Checking accountsSavings accounts Loan accountsMoney orders Bank draftsLetter of credit Certificates of depositTeller's proof sheets Cash transit letters Records of Financial Institutions Some bank records, if not required by law to be retained or needed for their own use, may be destroyed after a period of time.

  28. Abstract and title companies Maps and tract books Escrow index of purchasers and sellers of real estate Escrow files Abstracts and title policies Special purpose newspapers Business Records Automobile agencies Financial statements of dealers Car sales and deliveries Service department records

  29. Bonding companiesCredit agenciesThe Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 restricts the availability of information from consumer reporting agencies to government investigative agencies.Credit reporting agencies Business Records

  30. Accountants usually have a thorough understanding of the financial conditions of the businesses and individuals who employ them. Accountant’s Records Remember the accountant works for the business or individual and may be uncooperative.

  31. Telephone company Other Information Sources Gas, electric & water companies Vehicle rental agencies Storage rental firms Taxicab companies Travel agencies & airlines Express companies Moving companies

  32. Other Information Sources Standard telephone directory City directories American Medical Directory Directory of Newspaper & Periodicals Who’s Who Hotel Red Book & Directory

  33. Hospitals & Educational institutions- usually require a subpoena or release Better Business BureauKeeps records on dishonest business practicesKeeps records on consumer complaints against businesses

  34. Division of Fire Safety: Fire Investigation Related Websites

  35. United States Fire Administration: Fire Investigation Related Websites

  36. Fire Investigation Related Websites Consumer Products Safety Commission:

  37. NFPA: Fire Investigation Related Websites

  38. Fire Investigation Related Websites "Fire Findings"

  39. Fire Investigation Related Websites “Interfire"

  40. Fire Investigation Related Websites P.F.F.I.A.:

  41. Fire Investigation Related Websites I.A.A.I.:

  42. Fire Investigation Related Websites Fire modeling programs:

  43. Fire Investigation Related Websites Canadian Association of Fire Investigators:

  44. Fire Investigation Related Websites U.S. Supreme Court

  45. Fire Investigation Related Websites Fire & Arson Investigation Resource Page:

  46. Sources to Locate Individuals & Businesses

  47. Other Sites of Interest Various links to homemade explosives & arson techniques & illegal drug information:

  48. Other Sites of Interest Homemade explosives & arson

  49. Other Sites of Interest Homemade explosives & arson