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November 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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November 2013

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November 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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November 2013
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  1. Oracle Converged Infrastructure November 2013

  2. The workforce is changing • Access to information, anytime & anywhere • Ability to try and “succeed or fail” quickly • Business virtualization enables companies to compete anytime & anywhere • Business is becoming collaboration focused rather than location focused • Exploit advanced data models and analytics Business innovation is technology dependent

  3. TOP BUSINESS IMPERATIVES and IT PROJECTS Enterprise Growth Operational Efficiency Reduce Costs Attract and Retain Customers Improved IT Applications and Infrastructures LINE OF BUSINESS IT TEAM Rapid provisioning of new services Agile and automated infrastructure Application flexibility and cost transparency Shared infrastructure for all apps Always-on IT systems Resilient and scalable infrastructure IMPERATIVES: AGGREGATION/CONSOLIDATION OF PROJECTS – APPLICATION MODERNIZATION/RATIONALIZATION & BI ANALYTICS – Rethinking database investments

  4. Rethinking database investments • Turning Business pains into opportunities Exploit compute, storage, and networking capabilities Interlinked applications and databases to support growth, operational models, and drive customer demand Technology-enabled innovation is mandatory – Data as an asset with increased User Community • Optimize infrastructure • Aggregate and rationalize applications/BI analytics • Speed as in use of data • Difficult to architect for Hybrid IT • Imbalance – standardize/ customize • Legacy operating model • Hard to aggregate more apps/BI • Time and effort for onboarding and upgrade • Heterogeneity – source to target, bare metal or virtual • Low latency for increasing transaction volume • Increased concurrency with better response time • Too long to go from QA, Dev, and Production

  5. VblockTM Converged Infrastructure. Single Product. Single Point Of Management. Single Point Of Support.

  6. VblockTM New OLTP & Data Warehouse 3.7 Million Read IOPS 0.5mS Latency

  7. Why Customers Run Oracle on Vblock™ Systems Today? Virtualization VblockSystems Reduce HW/SW costs Speed deployment Consolidate licenses Aggregate workloads Increase utilization Optimize and standardize infrastructure Provision faster Lower operational cost Improve quality of service and availability Secure environment Promote innovation Pre-Engineered,Pre-Validated, Pretested

  8. VCE customer benefits • Results of September 2013 IDC research study • 4X FASTER TIME TO DEPLOYMENT • 5X FASTER TIME FORNEW SERVICES • 25 days down to 5 days • 160 days down to 40 • 79% less staff effort • 96% REDUCTION • IN DOWN TIME • 50% REDUCTION • OF ANNUAL DATA CENTER COSTS

  9. Oracle Software-As-A-Service With Vblock Brightstaroptimizes Oracle performance, capacity and time to market • Challenge • Significant business growth driven through software-as-a-service • Existing storage capacity and performance strained • Time to deploy new services a critical business requirement “Because of the agility enabled by our EMC and VMware solutions, we just move the slide bar and increase capacity in near real time to keep with demand during the holiday season.” • Solution • VCE Vblock w/VNX and VMware vSphere • Total Efficiency Pack • Data Domain • Applications • Oracle • Hyperion, JD Edwards • Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint • Results • 100% virtualized Oracle production environment • 30-40% less storage required and 10X faster Oracle reports • Reduced time to market for new services from months to days

  10. Rapidly Configure And Deploy More Oracle Credit Acceptance virtualized Oracle for better utilization and faster agility • Challenge • Low utilization of hardware in data center and high OPEX costs • Increasing backup times started causing SLAs to be missed • Corporate and IT culture regarding virtualizing Oracle databases “”I’d say that performance of Oracle is at least the same on virtualized infrastructure as it is physical, but I’d say virtual is better than not virtual because you can rapidly configure and deploy Oracle instances.” Rael Mussell IT Director • Solution • Vblock • Data Domain • Applications • Oracle • Microsoft SharePoint • Results • Migrated 43 TB in 3 days with zero impact to end users • Increased utilization of existing hardware while lowering OPEX • Restored all Tier-1 applications in less than 1 day

  11. Vblock™ Systems • True Converged Infrastructure SOLUTIONS & SERVICES VCE & PARTNERS SYSTEM720 SYSTEM100 SYSTEM200 SYSTEM340 SPECIALIZEDSYSTEMS VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations software

  12. Introduction to Vblock™ Specialized System for High-Performance Databases Architected for high-performance databases (Oracle) Increases productivity of Oracle applications and database teams • High availability • Over 3.7 Million IOPS for OLTP, DW and mixed workload environments • Latency of less than ½ Millisecond • Sustained throughput of 32GBs • Data load rate of 21TB/hr • Multi-database version support • Lifecycle System Assurance • Integrated data protection options • Lower TCO—operationsand licensing

  13. Providing Simple Scalability What We Do… • Physical Build • What equipment is used in system • How equipment is racked in system • Base Logical Build • What software is used on system components • How software base configuration is deployed • How equipment is connected in system • Logical Build Customization • How the systems advanced configuration is implemented for customer standards / requirements • How the systems advanced configuration is optimized for customer application/workload Pre-Engineered Pre-integrated Accelerates The Journey

  14. Vblock Enablement Services 0 Service Catalog Definition Operational Integration Application Workload Migration • Unclear application workload migration strategy • Separate operational silos • Incomplete cloud delivery model • System integrated into data center • Integrated operational processes and tools • Accelerated cloud delivery model to transform to ITaaS Platinum Gold

  15. EMC Vblock Enablement Services Advancing the Execution of Your Cloud Strategy Vblock Architecture &Activation Deploy System, Layout Resources, Connect to Enterprise Vblock Service Enablement ServiceBlueprint forIaaS, Define Service Catalog VblockPopulationMigrateApplicationWorkloads VblockIntegration Integrate with Operational Processes & Tools Discovery & Analysis Define Application Workloads, Capacity Assessment, Virtualization Assessment Vblock Jumpstart Service Platinum Gold Silver

  16. forOracle BestPractice

  17. EMC Community for Oracle DBAs 100+ Solution Experts 30+ Proven Solutions Calendar of Events and Training for Your Staff Interactive Blogs Live Demos DBA DBA EMC Virtual Infrastructure for Oracle 3–8X More Performance Faster Database Provisioning 9X More Efficient Replication 90% Faster Backups Enhance Protection By 10X Less Database Tuning and More Storage Visibility and Control Accelerate Scaling of Oracle and ASM Disk Groups Maintenance and Test/Dev Including clonedb integration RMAN Control of Backup, Recovery and Replication Continuous Data Availability Local or Remote Enhance Your IT Staff Efficiency and Cloud Expertise