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November /2013

Conference Call 3Q13 Results. November /2013. Economic-Financial Office and Investor Relations Office. Notice.

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November /2013

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  1. Conference Call 3Q13 Results November/2013 Economic-Financial Office and Investor Relations Office

  2. Notice This presentation may contain forward-looking statements referring to SABESP’s business outlook. operating and financial results estimates. and growth prospects. These are only projections. and as such. they are exclusively based on SABESP’s management expectation in relation to the future of business and its continuous access to capital to finance the Company’s business plan. These forward-looking statements largely depend on changes in market conditions. governmental rules. industry performance and the Brazilian economy. amongst other factors. in addition to risks exhibited in disclosure documents filed by SABESP. Therefore. they are subject to changes without prior notice. 2

  3. Billed Volume Total water and sewage billed volume, including wholesale (million m³) 2.5% 2,699.4 2,767.0 2.6% 2.0% 925.0 907.2 2.5% 2.1% 1.9% 3

  4. Financial Highligts (R$ million) 4

  5. Costs and Expenses (R$ million) Costs and expenses in 3Q12*: R$ 1,389.4 Costs and expenses in 3Q13*: R$ 1,401.0 0.8% 14.6% *Not including construction costs 9.0% 15.6% (36.1%) (8.1%) (60.8%) 62.7% 5.9% 5.6% 5

  6. Net Income – Mainvariations 6

  7. Long term and low cost funding Total Debt Breakdown Total Debt by Currency (*) IDB 713 agreement Debt Amortization Profile R$ million

  8. ARSESP’sResolution 435 8

  9. ARSESP’sResolution 434 • Fixes the date of March 10, 2014 for the publication of the definitive Initial Maximum Tariff Price (P0) and the Efficiency Factor (X Factor) for the tariff cycle initiated on August 10, 2012, and establishes the following steps for the completion of the first Tariff Review: • Stage D1 - Sabesp presents the revised Asset Base (12/5/2013); • Stage D2 - ARSESP publishes its proposals for the P0 and the X Factor, initiation of a Public Consultation and call for  a Public Hearing (1/10/2014); • Stage D3 - Public Hearing held and Public Consultation concluded (2/5/2014); • Stage D4 - Publication of results related to the P0 and the X Factor, report on Public Consultation contributions (3/10/2014); and • Stage D5 - ARSESP publishes Sabesp's new Tariff Structure definition and implementation schedule (3/10/2014). 9

  10. www.sabesp.com.br IR Contacts Mario Azevedo de Arruda Sampaio Angela Beatriz Airoldi maasampaio@sabesp.com.br abairoldi@sabesp.com.br (55 11) 3388-8664 (55 11) 3388-8793

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