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SPORT MANAGEMENT. A Growing Industry Dr. Greg Combs Director, Sport Management Concentration Reeves School of Business Methodist University Fayetteville, North Carolina Photos and statistics by the Sports Business Journal, Street & Smith’s Sports Group.

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sport management


A Growing Industry

Dr. Greg Combs

Director, Sport Management Concentration

Reeves School of Business

Methodist University

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Photos and statistics by the Sports Business Journal, Street & Smith’s Sports Group


You must understand the Sports Industry to be a successful Sports Manager

What is sport?

  • Well… Sports is a source of diversion or physical activity engaged in for pleasure
  • Sports are also a form of entertainment… Reebok president Robert Meers said, “We’ve recognized for several years that sport is part of entertainment. The market now is really sports, fashion and music. We can’t expect to ignore reality and survive.”
a successful sports manager understands the growth of the sports industry
A Successful Sports Manager Understands the Growth of the Sports Industry
  • Sports are the 11th largest businesses of all U.S. industry groups
  • Nation’s output for sports goods and services is estimated at $213-350 billion annually
  • Sports Managers measure growth in the sports industry by:
    • Team Operating Expenses ($22.9 Billion)
    • Attendance Figures ($26.7 Billion)
    • Media Coverage (Broad Cast rights $6.9 Billion)
    • Employment Figures (4.5 million jobs)
    • Global Markets (Advertising $27.4 Billion)
    • Sports Goods ($36.1 Billion)
    • Sports Information ($ 2.3 Billion)
    • Sponsorships ($6.5 Billion)
growth of the sports industry
Growth of the Sports Industry
  • Attendance is increasing:
    • The NFL experienced a record number of fans in the 2003 season (regular-season total paid attendance of 16,913,584 and the average of 66,328 per game were both all-time records)
    • The NBA 2003-2004 season also produced a record increase
    • NASCAR continues to increase
  • Sports Sponsorship Spending will Exceed $9 Billion Mark in 2005
  • New Leagues (AF2, NWFL, NLL, WHA)
growth of sports industry
Growth of Sports Industry
  • Sporting Good Industry
    • Sports Equipment ($17.5 billion)
    • Sports Apparel ($22.3 billion)
    • Footwear ($9.3 billion)
  • Sports Information
    • 3.2 million circulation of Sports Illustrated
    • 34% use Internet for sports Information
    • reaches 15 million unique users
growth of sports industry6
Growth of Sports Industry
  • Media Coverage is Increasing
    • 200 million people watched NBC coverage of the Summer Olympic Games and 3.7 billion people watched worldwide
    • ESPN, the original sports-only network launched in 1979, reaches some 76 million homes with its 4900 hours of sports programmingand, ESPN2 reaches 65 million viewers.
    • $2.3 billion to secure the broadcast and cable rights for the Olympic Games in 2004, 2006, and 2008 and additional $2.2 billion for 2010 and 2012.
    • Overall for the week, NBC averaged 26.7 million viewers in primetime during the Olympic Games.
    • $2.64 billion paid by NBC and Turner Sports to televise NBA contests, $18 billion paid by the networks for the NFL, $2.5 billion for post season MLB
    • New sports networks, such as the College Sports Television, Tennis Channel, Blackbelt TV, and the Women’s Sports Network
    • Internet, satellite stations, and pay-per-view cable television are growing in popularity
opportunities in the sports industry
Opportunities in the Sports Industry
  • There are 13 major career areas in sport: event suppliers, event management and marketing, sports media, sports sponsorship, athlete services, sports commissions, sports lawyers, manufacturers and distribution, facilities and facility suppliers, teams, leagues, college athletics, and finance
  • Marketing & Public Relations

Professional Sports

Intercollegiate Sports

Youth Sports

Olympic Sports Organizations

Sport Commissions

Amateur Sports

Corporate Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing Firms

Licensing Firms

For Further Information Regarding Getting Your Sport Management Career Started at Methodist University Please Contact:
  • Dr. Greg Combs Director, Sport Management
  • Reeves School of Business (910) 630-7660 or
  • Photos and statistics provided by the Sports Business Journal, Street & Smith’s Sports Group