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Hub Document Exchange Product Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Hub Document Exchange Product Overview

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Hub Document Exchange Product Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hub Document Exchange Product Overview. Secure Transmission for Transaction-based Documents . Hub Data Exchange - Synopsis.

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Presentation Transcript

Hub Document Exchange

Product Overview

Secure Transmission for Transaction-based Documents


Hub Data Exchange - Synopsis

“a robust and secure service for passing critical business information between you and your partners and associates via industry-standard document types e.g. XML, Microsoft Excel, etc.”

“inbound data translated and prepared for direct import into your own system along with the original documents ”

“a freedom to exchange critical documents and data safe in the knowledge input is clean and ready-for-use”


Hub Data Exchange – Example 1


“receiving company appoints a cargo inspector to inspect quality and quantity of cargo delivered to given ship at a port”

Step 2

Inspector completes Excel document offline whilst inspecting cargo

Step 1

Following instruction from receiver inspector logs into HubDX and downloads tailored Excel inspection document

Step 3

Receiver logs into HubDX (Web i/f or via own system) to check progress - can be checked at any time

Step 6

Receiver’s system imports both XML data and original inspection report. XML directly updates receiver’s database

Step 4Inspector logs into HubDX to post Excel inspection document.

N.B. System validates content before accepting document. Inspector must correct errors before successful post

Step 5

HubDX transforms data from original Excel format into industry-standard XML document exchange format


Hub Data Exchange – Example 2


“pre-defined system-to-system process engineered to pass all transactional conversation data between a shipping company and its appointed port agent ”

Step 2

Agent’s system polls HubDX and picks up and accepts appointment

Step 1

Shipping company appoints local agent via a transaction triggered in their own system. XML document posted via HubDX

Step 3

Agent’s system prepares XML document of appointment-related data. XML document posted into HubDX after passing relevant validation checks

Unique system-to-system conversation is established with bi-directional updates as agreed between shipping company and port agent

Step 3 & 4 cycles....

Same process of agent lodging documents and shipping company importing them as port call progresses. Many different types of document supported including appointments, etas, statements of fact, disbursements, cargo operation details, etc

Step 4

Shipping company’s system imports XML documents from HubDX and directly updates internal system’s database


Hub Data Exchange - Product Highlights

  • Support for multiple document types: XML, Excel, etc
  • Supports almost any type of data exchange
  • Secure and robust
  • System-to-system, web front-end or web-based document exchange
  • High performance
  • Failover and disaster recovery supported
  • Straightforward implementation
  • Notification raised through configurable rule-set e.g. expected document not arrived
  • Status reports

Hub Data Exchange – Component View

Security Layer

  • All interaction with HubDX must meet stringent security control
  • Digital certificate support
  • Unique, timed passwords for remote users
  • Security can be extended to individual documents or document transaction groups
  • Security configurable to client’s own requirements
  • Content encryption for added security as required

Hub Data Exchange – Component View

Document Interface API (Application Programmer Interface)

  • Interface for clients’ own systems to make system-to-system calls into HubDX
  • Programmatically initiate document exchange with partners

Hub Data Exchange – Component View

Services API

  • Interface for clients’ own systems to make system-to-system calls into HubDX
  • Programmatically access status reports, issue investigation, etc
  • Programmatically implement session and document transport for offline agent e.g. cargo inspector

Hub Data Exchange – Component View

Web Interface

  • Front-end for clients to manually set up document exchange sessions if not system-to-system based
  • User interface to directly enter business data into purpose written web forms
  • Interface through which offline users may validate and submit documents
  • Manual method of tracking exchanges, status, etc

Hub Data Exchange – Component View

Document Store

  • A secure area within the service where original documents and related XML renditions are stored
  • A dedicated area for online documents only i.e. documents in progress
  • An archive area where all documents are stored for a limited period of time once ‘closed’ i.e. clients will take on long term storage of their own documents

Hub Data Exchange – Component View

Process: Rules & Translation Engine

  • The ‘brains’ of the service
  • Responsible for validating all documents meet specified criteria before acceptance
  • On acceptance and as required translates inbound document into system readable XML format according to rules for this document
  • Updates and manages the status of documents
  • NOTE – the rules engine will check the document for completeness and structure and to a limited degree data content. The full integrity of data can only be validated by the parent system itself

Hub Data Exchange – Component View


  • HubDX’s internal database where metadata for documents is stored along with a full document history including status changes
  • The database itself is highly secure and cannot be accessed directly although certain content is exposed through the APIs provided e.g. date document lodged, document retrieved, current status, etc

Hub Data Exchange – A Platform for the Future

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Efficiency through structured data management
  • No limit to the range of information exchange
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce the burden of manual intervention
  • Help drive industry standards to further reduce cost and complexity

Hub Data Exchange – Engagement & Implementation

Identify processes for improvement and specify document structure

Engage and agree with all parties

Develop documents & rules

Promote process and rules to test HubDX platform

End-to-end test and tune

Promote process and rules to live HubDX platform

Go Live


Hub Data Exchange – Cost Model

Option One – HubSE Hosting

HubSE Consultancy: process design, document design, etc. T&M based

No other setup charges

Charge per document processed. Rate dependent on process/document complexity

Post-production support calls will be charged per call basis

Automatic product enhancements & upgrades

Option Two – Client Hosting

Cost per server i.e. one-off payment per server hosting

HubSE Consultancy : process design, document design, etc. T&M based

No other setup charges

Post-production support calls will be charged per call basis

Future product enhancements offered to existing users participating in our annual maintenance agreement


Hub Data Exchange – Ready To Go

Part of the HubSE

backbone architecture