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Jacksonian Democracy Assessment Presentation
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Jacksonian Democracy Assessment Presentation

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  1. Jacksonian Democracy Assessment Presentation By: Gracie Funk, Philip Tarin, Hunter Fox, Cody Kauffman, Jake Baker Hour 3

  2. How Democratic was Andrew Jackson? • He wasn’t very democratic because… • Based on Andrew Jackson’s letter to Congress (doc. 1), he wasn’t fully democratic. He did things that leaned towards the Republican side. • Doc. 2 states that Jackson used the spoils system to get money for his friend and himself. He wasn’t thinking about how his actions would impact others. • Doc. 3 says that Jackson was democratic because he wanted to fill up the House of Representatives with democrats. Was this just so they could agree with his selfish actions? • Doc. 4 says that Jackson wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. He was a very spoiled and selfish man. • Finally, Andrew Jackson’s Message to Congress (Doc. 6) says he wanted the Cherokee Nation to leave their land to go live somewhere else, because Jackson wanted more land and space for his military men. • So, we can safely say that Jackson was a selfish man with his own desires at the top of his to-do list.

  3. Was Andrew Jackson a good President? • Now, was Jackson a good President? • Born to Command (Doc. 10) says that the people didn’t think so! Jackson is portrayed as a king, with the laws of the land demolished under his feet. • Jackson owned a lot of slaves, based on Slaveholdings of Andrew Jackson (Doc. 9). This supported his party, but the people from the North didn’t agree with this. • Jackson’s Call to the Free Colored Inhabitants of Louisiana (Doc. 8) is an apology to all free colored people in Louisiana. If they signed up for the army, they would receive compensation. Is this a kind apology to Native Americans, or is it just a trap to get more people in Jackson’s army? • Doc. 7 is from the Memorial of the Cherokee Nation. It’s a plea for the army to not move them along the Trail of Tears. Regardless of their begging, Jackson still moved them. • Andrew Jackson’s Message to Congress (Doc. 6) says that the Native Americans are overpopulating land that could be used for Jackson’s army and people. • By these facts, we can conclude that Jackson was not a good President. He started the depression, and didn’t make things any better for his people.

  4. THE END There isn’t anything on this slide; it’s the end after all. Go away now. Shoo. Buzz off. Andrew Jackson will find you in the night and… >:) Derp