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Business Location. AS Business Studies. Aims and Objectives. Aim: Understand the factors influencing location decisions. Objectives: Explain demand and supply factors Analyse the benefits of choosing the right business location.

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business location

Business Location

AS Business Studies

aims and objectives
Aims and Objectives


  • Understand the factors influencing location decisions.


  • Explain demand and supply factors
  • Analyse the benefits of choosing the right business location.
  • Evaluate what the success of location decisions may depend on.

Why is a businesses location important?

why location matters
Why Location Matters
  • Choice of location has a direct effect on costs.
  • Location also potentially affects ability to generate sales and deliver customer service.
  • A poor choice of location is costly to change.
location factors
Location Factors

What factors would affect a businesses’ location decision?

location supply factors
Location Supply Factors

location demand factors
Location Demand Factors

benefits of good location
Benefits of Good Location

In groups decide on the benefits of a good business location.

benefits of good location1
Benefits of Good Location
  • Optimal revenue opportunities – customer service is not inconvenienced through a choice of location.
  • An acceptable rate of return on investment – all business projects compete for uses of cash, business location is no different.
  • Access to labour force – which enables the business to achieve the objectives of the firm through production and raising revenues.
costs of relocating
Costs of Relocating

What costs may be involved in the relocation of a business?

costs of relocation
Costs of Relocation
  • Recruiting and training staff in the new location.
  • Duplicated property costs – e.g. remaining period on the original lease + upfront payments on new lease.
  • Costs of physical transfer – moving of assets and stocks.
multi site locations
Multi Site Locations

Multi-Site: where a business operates from more than one location.

examples of multi site growth
Examples of Multi-Site Growth
  • Retailer expands by launching the same format in other locations nearby and then across the UK.
  • Manufacturer establishes regional distribution centres.
  • Franchisor expands by selling geographical territories to franchisees.
  • UK bank opens a call centre operation overseas.
depends on
Depends on….
  • What does the success of locating successfully depend on?
  • Target market is right?
  • Research conducted into location
  • Costs of the location being manageable
january 2011
January 2011

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