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Designing Newsletters

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Designing Newsletters. Consider: Audience Cost Frequency Size Artworks and formats Shape. Audience. Who are they What about demographics - how do they relate to the audience and its needs Is it a technical audience/newsletter - how would this impact on design?

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designing newsletters
Designing Newsletters
  • Consider:
  • Audience
  • Cost
  • Frequency
  • Size
  • Artworks and formats
  • Shape
  • Who are they
  • What about demographics - how do they relate to the audience and its needs
  • Is it a technical audience/newsletter - how would this impact on design?
  • Is it an audience of creative/artistic people - how would this impact on design?
  • Does the newsletter and requirements lend itself to a specific shape?
  • What shapes might work well - full A4 or A5 or tabloid size
  • What about the shapes within the pages - eg design freeform or modular?
  • Smaller size and pages for more frequent newsletters
  • Larger size and pages for less frequent newsletters
designing newsletters 2
Designing Newsletters (2)
  • Design is significant element of newsletter
  • Should not overwhelm copy but help it
basic rules
Basic Rules
  • Balance - white space, blocks of text, shapes of graphics, all elements in harmony
  • Proportion: are elements in correct proportions to page, each other, other elements
  • Sequence - the flow of elements
basic rules1
Basic Rules
  • Emphasis - where are focal points, which elements grab attention, what do you look at first
  • Unity - how does the entire page, and how do the pages, fit together; how do elements link to each other? Relationship of elements to each other
basic designs
Basic Designs
  • Modular: using squares, rectangles to design within - good for text
  • Freeform: less structured, not always good for lots of text
basic considerations elements
Basic Considerations/elements
  • Masthead
  • - reflect newsletter
  • - appeal to readers
  • - tie to organisation
  • - name
  • - date and issue
  • - logo
  • Footers and Headers
basic considerations
Basic considerations
  • Typographic Stuff
  • - complementary headline and body copy fonts
  • - size to suit audience
  • - one/two for headlines
  • - vary headlines size and boldness
basic considerations1
Basic considerations
  • Allocate stories
  • - page one, most important story and best pic
  • - right hand pages important stories
  • Graphics and photos
  • - use effectively
  • - same modules
basic considerations2
Basic Considerations
  • Columns - reflective of type of content
  • Page one the most important story and your best photo or graphic
  • Pages three five and seven, have important stories eg page 3 more important than five and five more so than seven.
  • Pages 2,4,6,8 are reserved for less important information - as people are supposed to read right hand pages before left hand ones.
basic considerations3
Basic considerations
  • Graphics and photos need to be handled carefully, they must relate to the copy but add to the story it tells.
  • Make sure your graphics and photos are placed in the same module as the story they relate to , don't put a story one page one and its photo on page four.