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Monetize Email Newsletters |GoldLasso

Find the best Monetize Email Newsletter services in Maryland. GoldLasso provide one of the best Monetize Email NewsLetter services with affordable prices.

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Monetize Email Newsletters |GoldLasso

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  1. Welcome

  2. Gold Lasso- AN Introduction Gold Lasso is the industry leader helping media companies build and monetize subscriber engagement using native advertising and email automation technologies.

  3. Gold Lasso’s Key Values

  4. The New Ad Perspective! Banner and display ads are dead! Introducing native advertising for email. A new way for advertisers to get unprecedented performance from email, and media companies to maximize their revenue opportunity.

  5. High Performance Email Monetization, Sending & Advertising

  6. Playbook for the Need of monetization

  7. Highlights of the Playbook 1. Revenue Generating Design. Your template design has a 30% affect on revenue. Use science not your gut. 2. Train To Engage You actually have to train subscribers to engage in email - learn how to do it right. 3. The Engagement Water Fall. How engagement models work with email newsletters. 4. Introduction To The D.A.R.T. Framework Design. Amount. Relevance. Technology.

  8. Thank you Website: http://www.goldlasso.com/ Domestic: +1 (888) 517-3779 Intl: +1 (301) 990-9857

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