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Belpre City Schools TIF Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Belpre City Schools TIF Program

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Belpre City Schools TIF Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Belpre City Schools TIF Program
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  1. Presented by: Strategic Compensation Committee Belpre City Schools TIF Program [insert district logo] August 2011

  2. Ohio TIF Overview • Five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education • Twenty-four participating Ohio districts • Collaborative effort among districts, the Ohio Department of Education and Battelle for Kids

  3. Ohio TIF Goals • Eliminate achievement gaps among under-represented student groups • Achieve nation’s highest college attendance and completion rates • All students graduate from high school college- and career-ready

  4. Ohio TIF and Belpre Goals • Recognizes excellent teaching and leadership • Is part of district’s overall improvement plan • Aligns with Race to the Top (RttT) Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (OAC) BCS District Vision

  5. Collaboration for Success [insert photo showing staff collaboration] [ • A collaborative process: • TIF Steering Committee: Tony Dunn, Larry Lorentz, Deb Edgar, Angie Henniger, Kathy Scimia, Alexis Seebaugh, William VanPelt and Eva Yeager • District TIF Coordinator: Ruth Kunze • Staff throughout district • ODE and BFK • Ongoing and comprehensive communication

  6. How TIF Aligns with District Goals • Supports work already engaged in: • Principal and teacher evaluations • Measuring effectiveness • Targeted professional development • Formative instructional practices

  7. Belpre City Schools TIF Plan • Recognizing Student Achievement: Improve Local Report Card Indicators and Performance Index at both Belpre Elementary and Belpre High School. • Building School Capacity: All Professional Staff will continue to Learn and Grow • Recognizing Student Growth: All students will show measurable growth • Fostering Leadership: Leaders will be developed within the system

  8. Recognizing Student Achievement LRC=Local Report Card PI=Performance Index • Achieve one of the following two Building goals: Belpre High School 1. 70% of LRC Indicators (76% Current) 2. PI 92.2 or greater (3.0 improvement on two year average. Will adjust to three year average to include FY11) (88.9) Belpre Elementary School 1. 70% of LRC Indicators (50% Current) 2. PI 94.7 or greater (See above) (92.4) • All K-12 teachers, librarian, counselors, speech pathologist, building principals and assistants are eligible. • Maximum Award: $357 minus benefits=$303

  9. Building School Capacity • Professional staff will attend Professional Development on Formative Instructional Practices. (FIP) and implement into the classroom. • Goal based on attendance and participation in PD. Additional awards will be given to those who implement the FIP within the classroom. Evidence based on two-thirty minute observation by the building administrator. • Eligibility: All K-12 classroom teachers including librarian, counselors, speech pathologist, building principals and assistants. • Maximum Award: $179 + $179 = $358 Including Benefits (152 + $152 = $304)

  10. Recognizing Student Growth • Increase student growth • Goal based on at least 60% at BHS and 67% at BE of individual teacher Value-Added reports at or above expected growth. • All K-12 teachers including librarian, counselors, speech pathologist, building principals and assistants. • Maximum Award: $715 minus benefits=$608

  11. Fostering Leadership • Empower and Develop Leaders within BCS Staff • Goal based on Participation in required meetings and perform duties expected of one or more of the following teacher Leadership Teams: 1. District Leadership Team (14 positions) 2. Data leadership (2 positions to work with CLP) 3. Peer Assisted Review Leadership (3 positions) 1 administrator + 2 teachers • Maximum Award: $2,600 minus benefits = $2,210 ($1,300 will be awarded based on meeting Goal #3).

  12. TIF Award Program Eligibility [insert photo of teachers with students] [ • All teachers including guidance counselors, librarians, speech pathologist, building principals and assistant principals. • Must be employed on a full time basis within Belpre City Schools at least during the period of October 1, 2011 and May 15, 2012. • Must be in “Good Standing” with the district. There shall be no pending legal actions con- cerning the employee and the district. • Must complete the SCS Goal Attainment Plan (GAP) and submit no later than October 7, 2011

  13. Timeline • School year 2010-2011: Baseline data gathered for the TIF program through Terra Nova and ACT End-of-Course Exams • Will establish baseline data against which improvement in future years will be measured • School year 2011-2012: Data collected throughout the year to measure progress against the goals established in our TIF model

  14. Timeline • Fall 2012: Data from 2011-2012 school year used to calculate award amounts; preliminary results made available for review by teachers and principals • Fall/Winter 2012: Eligible teachers and principals receive finalized awards earned in the 2011-2012 school year

  15. Data [Insert district logo] Data being collected during 2011-2012 school year. Linkage process in the spring Will use BFK Award to report, verify and calculate awards Payouts for Year 1 will be made in late 2012 or early 2013

  16. Inquiry and Appeals Process • The following appeals process will be enacted if an employee disagrees with his/her earned award amount: 1. Employee must submit a written appeal to the Superintendent’s office by December 1, 2012. Appeal must include reasons for the appeal and evidence . 2. The superintendent will convene the Strategic Compensation Committee to review 3. SCC will seek additional information 4. SCC will make a decision and notify employee 5. SCC decision will be final • BFKAward™ will capture staff inquiries • Belpre City Schools will use this process to review and resolve inquiries

  17. Year 2 Award Model Enhancement [Insert district logo] Award model will be enhanced for Year 2 of the grant BCS Strategic Compensation Committee has been meeting on a regular basis SCC is looking at other plans and learning more in-depth about Strategic Compensation SCC focusing on a more robust plan for future years with movement from a global plan to more individualized

  18. logo] Questions? Ruth Kunze 740-423-3010 Please visit our website at Click on the Race to the Top Button