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Tennessee Department of Labor And Workforce Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Tennessee Department of Labor And Workforce Development

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Tennessee Department of Labor And Workforce Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tennessee Department of Labor And Workforce Development. Rapid Response Team. Rapid Response Team Partners. Rapid Response Coordinator Labor and Workforce Development Representative Workforce Investment Area Representative Human Services Representative Adult Education Representative

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Tennessee Department of Labor


Workforce Development

Rapid Response Team


Rapid Response Team Partners

Rapid Response Coordinator

Labor and Workforce Development Representative

Workforce Investment Area Representative

Human Services Representative

Adult Education Representative

AFL-CIO Representative


Unemployment Insurance

  • Ways to File
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • The Unemployment Insurance Claim Center
  • (615) 253-0800 or (877) 813-0950

Unemployment Insurance

  • To apply for Unemployment Benefits By Telephone
  • Dial 1-615-253-0800 in the Nashville Area or
  • Toll Free 1-877-813-0950
  • Please have the following information ready when calling
  • Social Security number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Employer’s Name
  • Employer’s Address
  • Employer’s Phone Number
  • Last Day Worked
  • Reason for Separation
  • Last 18 Months of Employment
  • Use of a land line corded telephone is recommended

Unemployment Insurance

You must be able and available for work unless you are enrolled in an approved training program.

A claimant must make a reasonable effort to secure work and provide detailed information regarding contact with at least three employers per week or must access services at a career center created by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

The maximum benefit in Tennessee for basic Unemployment Insurance is $275 per week for 26 weeks.

A dependent allowance of $15 per eligible child, up to a maximum of $50 per week, is available.


Unemployment Insurance

The benefit amount is based on base period earnings which is usually the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters.

The first week is called a “waiting week” for a new claim.

You “must certify each week” for your benefits to continue. T.I.P.S. line in Nashville area (615)532-1800, in state (800)689-9799, out of state (800)262-0894 or on line

You can earn the greater of $50 or 25% of your benefit amount before deductions.

Severance benefits or wages-in-lieu of notice are considered reportable if equivalent to regular wages.


Unemployment Insurance

Vacation pay or holiday pay is not reportable.

Drawing from a pension or 401K, to which you contribute is not reportable. A pension which was fully funded by the company is considered reportable.

You cannot remove yourself from the job market unless enrolled in an approved training program.

Unemployment Insurance is taxable income. You can have 10% deducted from your weekly benefit or wait until the end of the year.

You can receive Social Security retirement and Unemployment Insurance benefits at the same time.


Unemployment Insurance

  • Tennessee Automated Payment (TAP)
  • Unemployment Insurance benefits can now be received by a choice of either a debit card or direct deposit
  • A TAP card, which is a VISA debit card , will be issued within 7-10 business days from the day your claim is filed. There are some fees that can be incurred with this card. Any information regarding fees will be included in your fulfillment packet which will be mailed to you.
  • Those choosing direct deposit and filing by phone or in person need to immediately go online at click on View/Update Payment type and follow the step by step directions
  • No charges are incurred with direct deposit
  • Benefits will be deposited within 48 hours of the first payable week approved.

Job Service

Job Service is a state-administered employment service that matches qualified workers to job orders received from employers.

After filing a claim for Unemployment Insurance, you will be required to register with Job Service.

You need not be unemployed to register with

Job Service.

slide12 Online

  • With Online you can:
  • Create/Post a Resume
  • Find Employers Nearby
  • Research Labor Market Information
  • Look for jobs through Job Service and many other search engines
  • Find Job Fairs and other Events
  • Locate a Career Center Near You
  • And much more


Veteran’s Employment Services

Each office has or has access to a Veteran’s Employment Service Representative who works exclusively with veterans to assist them with their employment search.

If you are a veteran of the United States Armed Services, let the office know when you come in because Tennessee honors priority of service for military veterans.


Dreams Come True!

  • GED prep classes
  • Basic skills classes
  • Computer basic classes
  • Refresher courses
  • English as a second language courses

Dreams Come True!

  • Day and evening classes available
  • Individual educational counseling
  • Improve your skillsfor the workplace
  • Upgrade your skillsfor further education

Trade Adjustment Assistance

  • The Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2011 defines those eligible to apply for and potentially receive benefits through the TAA as:
  • Manufacturing sector workers
  • Service sector workers
  • ITC workers (those who work for a firm that has been identified by the International Trade Commission as in a domestic industry that has been injured/is a party to a market disruption)
  • Workers who have lost their jobs because of their company’s decline in production and/or sales was due to increased imports or outsourcing to ANY country.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

  • Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)
  • Up to 130 weeks of TRA available to workers enrolled in full time approved training, the last 13 of which are only available if needed for completion of a training program and training benchmarks are met.
  • Important Deadlines
  • Workers must be enrolled in or have requested training within 26 weeks after certification or layoff (whichever is later) in order to receive TRA.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

  • Training and Waivers
  • Basic TRA is payable if an individual participates in TAA training OR is under a waiver of the requirement to participate in training.
  • Training may be determined not to be feasible or appropriate and waived as a requirement for basic TRA eligibility for the following reasons:
  • The worker is unable to participate in or complete training due to a health condition.
  • No training program is available.
  • An enrollment date is not immediately available.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

  • Job Search Allowance
  • It may provide up to 90% of allowable job search costs, up to a maximum of $1,250.
  • Relocation Allowance
  • A cash allowance provided to workers who accept a job outside of their commuting area and relocate.
  • It may provide up to 90% of allowable relocation costs, plus an additional lump sum payment of up to $1,250.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

  • Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)
  • A tax credit offered to TAA participants to help pay for the health insurance premiums of the worker and their family.
  • It covers 72.5% of qualifying health insurance premium costs.
  • 1-866-628-4282 or

Trade Adjustment Assistance

  • Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance
  • A wage subsidy provided to eligible workers over the age of 50 that subsidizes a portion of the wage difference between their new wage and their old wage (up to a specified maximum amount).
  • Available to workers earning less than an annual salary of $50,000 on the new job.
  • Maximum total benefit of up to $10,000.
  • Training benefits are also available.


  • Career Exploration
  • Workshops
  • Training

Career Exploration

  • Provide assessments to help determine skills, interests and abilities
  • Resources are available to explore jobs in chosen career in the local area
  • Career Advisors are available to guide and assist you through this process


  • Workshops are designed to offer specific information on a variety of subjects that will help the customer secure employment or enhance life coping skills.
  • Examples:
  • Career Center Orientation
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • Computer Basics
  • Networking for the Job Seeker


  • Must be determined to be in need of training
  • Must be able to complete the training in two years
  • Must be determined to be an in demand occupation
  • Training provider must be on state approved list
  • Must apply for Pell Grant and lottery technical scholarship

On the Job Training

  • Leads to new job creation and expansions
  • Job Seekers learn new skills
  • Employer is reimbursed a portion of the wages during specified training period

Success Stories

  • Staff of the Career Center will use these and other programs to create an Individual Training Account to assist in preparing for a successful career path
  • Dislocated Workers who have used Career Center Services have gone to work in areas such as:
  • Health Care
  • Computer Technology
  • Transportation
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Green Technology and
  • Many other fields

Human Services

Helping shape Tennessee lives

  • Help When You Need It Most
  • Visit our website to apply ON-LINE or just check to see if you qualify
  • DHS can help with child care if you qualify for Families First, the state’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program. Strict eligibility standards apply

Human Services

Helping shape Tennessee lives

  • Help When You Need It Most
  • DHS can help with health insurance if you qualify for the TennCare/Medicaid program
  • DHS offices are located in every Tennessee county
  • You can apply in person or on-line at:
  • Family Assistance Service Center 1-866-311-4287

Cover Tennessee offers health insurance to uninsured Tennesseans through three insurance programs and a pharmacy assistance program.

CoverKids offers free comprehensive health coverage for qualifying uninsured children, age 18 and under, and pregnant women.

AccessTN is comprehensive health insurance for individuals who are considered uninsurable due to pre-existing medical conditions

CoverRX offers affordable prescription drugs to adults who lack pharmacy coverage.

CoverTN offers affordable and portable basic health insurance for small businesses, individuals, the self –employed and the recently unemployed. ENROLLMENT IN COVERTN IS CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS


For eligibility

information and

applications for each

program, call or visit:



Remember the Ways to File

  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • The Unemployment Insurance Claim Center
  • (615) 253-0800 or (877) 813-0950

You control “Your Success”

  • Use the services and resources available through the TN Career Center System
  • Develop new skill sets ~ especially computer and internet skills
  • Network and promote your existing transferable skills and acquire new ones
  • Be proactive in all of your efforts

Dislocated Worker Services


information and

resources for the

Dislocated Worker

are available at

these web sites


Links to Other Helpful Web Sites

For assistance with TAP (debit card) issues, contact Chase Customer Service at 1-866-429-9835 or

Tennessee Housing Development Agency or 1-855-890-8073

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

UT Extension Service

Tough Times, Tough Choices

Tennessee Drug Card