a service learning project cesia stay susanne matina christa schmid ryan kozole joshua hurst n.
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Constructing Communications

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Constructing Communications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Service Learning Project Cesia Stay, Susanne Matina , Christa Schmid , Ryan Kozole, Joshua Hurst. Constructing Communications. Overview Of Habitat. Homes go to qualified individuals Two $20,000 homes that are completely gutted

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a service learning project cesia stay susanne matina christa schmid ryan kozole joshua hurst
A Service Learning Project

Cesia Stay, Susanne Matina, Christa Schmid, Ryan Kozole, Joshua Hurst

Constructing Communications

overview of habitat
Overview Of Habitat
  • Homes go to qualified individuals
  • Two $20,000 homes that are completely gutted
  • Replace interior walls, electrical, plumbing, windows, all fixtures
group concepts
Group Concepts
  • Types of roles
  • Influence of group size
  • Synergy
explanation of skit
Explanation of Skit
  • Ryan was on-site manager, initiator, information giver, clarifier, coordinator
  • Josh was the homeowner, playing the devil’s advocate and maintenance role of supporter and encourager
informal roles according t o text
Informal Roles According To Text
  • Emerges from group transactions, emphasizes function, not positions
  • Sub categories include task roles, maintenance roles, disruptive roles
informal role in class
Informal Role in class
  • Susanne= Initiator, started group email
  • Christa= information seeker, gets information from CIC about Habitat
  • Cesia= coordinator, arranges work with Habitat
  • Ryan= clarifier, figures out habitats schedules
  • Josh= harmonizer, keeps tension low
group size according to text
Group Size according to text
  • Size of a group influences the structure and function of a group
  • Increase in group size increases group complexity, non participants, and decreases level of cooperation, level of satisfaction, and ability to perform task effectively
negative i mpact of group size
Negative Impact Of Group Size
  • 20-25 people working on two homes
  • Not enough leaders created information disorder
  • Standing around waiting for assignments
  • Redoing projects that were just completed
positive effect with group size
Positive Effect With Group Size
  • Cesia and Ryan on electrical- two was ideal
  • Eight people reduced to four people on the deck, Christa and Susanne had four as ideal
group size in c lass
Group Size In Class
  • Complexity was an issue because of schedules
  • Email became ideal source of communication
  • Division of tasks to increase effectiveness
synergy according to text
Synergy according to text
  • Occurs when group performance from joining action of members exceeds expectations based on perceived abilities and skills of individual members
  • Occurs through cooperation and group diversity
synergy within habitat
Synergy within Habitat
  • Positive synergy: all of the volunteers creating something they couldn’t alone … a house
  • Group diversity evident with differences in skill, age, and experience
synergy in class group
Synergy in class group
  • No one wanted to take charge
  • Susanne sent an email to outline tasks causing a ripple effect
  • This allowed for group action to start
  • Interconnectedness with Habitat was satisfying
  • Directly helped those receiving families and saw their gratitude
  • Class discussions became real life experiences
  • Experienced synergy, group size, and task roles
  • Goal is to positively communicate in future scenarios