understanding oregon s bridge inspection documentation l.
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Understanding Oregon’s Bridge Inspection Documentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Oregon’s Bridge Inspection Documentation

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Understanding Oregon’s Bridge Inspection Documentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding Oregon’s Bridge Inspection Documentation. Edited from 2007 presentation by:. Timothy Rogers FHWA Oregon Division Bridge Engineer. Jeff Swanstrom ODOT Senior Bridge Inspector. Steve Tuttle ODOT Local Agency Bridge Inspection Coordinator. Session 1:.

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Presentation Transcript
understanding oregon s bridge inspection documentation
Understanding Oregon’s Bridge Inspection Documentation

Edited from 2007 presentation by:

Timothy Rogers

FHWA Oregon Division Bridge Engineer

Jeff Swanstrom

ODOT Senior Bridge Inspector

Steve Tuttle

ODOT Local Agency Bridge Inspection Coordinator

session 1
Session 1:

Why Do We Perform Bridge Inspections?

national bridge inspection standards nbis
Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations


Subpart C – National Bridge Inspection Standards


National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS)
applicability of the nbis
Applicability of the NBIS
  • …apply to all structures defined as highway bridges located on all public roads.
history of the nbis cont
History of the NBIS (cont.)

Silver Bridge Disaster


Nat’l emphasis in Safety Inspec.

history of the nbis cont7
FHWA bridge inspection regulations were developed as a result of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1968 (23 U.S.C. 151).

Secretary of Transportation tasked with establishing national bridge inspection standards

History of the NBIS (cont.)
history of the nbis cont8
Federal-Aid Highway Act, 1970 limited the NBIS to bridges on the Federal-aid hwy sys.

Surface Transportation Assist. Act, 1978 NBIS extended to bridges > 20 feet on all public roads.

History of the NBIS (cont.)
nat l emphasis on fatigue fracture critical bridges
Nat’l emphasis on Fatigue/Fracture Critical bridges

History of the NBIS (cont.)

Mianus River Bridge (1983)


History of the NBIS (cont.)

Schoharie Creek Bridge


Nat’l Attention turns to U/W Inspect

history of the nbis cont11
Surface Trans. And Uniform Relocation Assist. Act, 1987 expanded inspection program to include:

Fracture Critical Members

Underwater Inspection

History of the NBIS (cont.)
history of odot s bridge inspection program cont
The first bridge condition assessments were performed by an ODOT Underwater Dive Team following the 1964 Floods.

Pursuant to the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1968, Oregon officially initiated a complete Bridge Inspection Program in 1971.

History of ODOT’s Bridge Inspection Program (cont.)
fhwa oversight of the bridge inspection program
FHWA Oversight of the Bridge Inspection Program
  • A 1988 Bridge Inspection Program Quality Assurance Review, noted several NBIS Compliance Issues:
fhwa oversight of the bridge inspection program16
FHWA Oversight of the Bridge Inspection Program
  • Many bridge inspections were not being completed and reported on at the prescribed frequency.
  • Many local agencies found it difficult to justify the retention of a Certified Bridge Inspector, for such a small inventory, which resulted in a bridge inspector qualification compliance issue.
out sourcing of local agency bridge inspections
Out-sourcing of Local Agency Bridge Inspections
  • Following the 1989 QA Review, ODOT decided to out-source the local agency bridge inspection work to consultants.

Oregon out sources local agency owned bridge inspections.

  • EA. W/730-403 BRS.
  • 50+ CITIES
local agency bridge inspections funding
Local Agency Bridge Inspections Funding
  • FHWA allowed the local agency bridge inspection program to be funded from the Local Agency portion of the HBRR Program.
element level condition assessments
Element Level Condition Assessments
  • In 1992, ODOT formally adopted PONTIS as the bridge management system of choice.
local agency bridge inspection
ODOT Responsibilities

Consultant (Inspector) Responsibilities

Bridge Owner Responsibilities

Local Agency Bridge Inspection
importance of bridge program partnership
Importance of bridge program partnership
  • ODOT
  • Consultant Bridge Inspectors
  • Local Agency Bridge Owners
  • Federal Highway (Program Oversight)
state s responsibilities
  • Bridge Inspection Organization capable of performing required inspections

State responsibilities

  • Contract administration

State responsibilities

  • Maintain an inventory of all bridges located on public roads

State responsibilities

  • Each state is required to provide “Critical Follow-up” and QA/QC programs
state responsibilities
State responsibilities
  • Determine the safe load capacity of each bridge
  • Identify bridges that need to be “Posted” for reduced capacity

State responsibilities

  • Evaluate the scour vulnerability of all bridges over a water way and determine a action plan.
  • Underwater inspections
1 help maintain public safety and confidence
1. Help Maintain Public Safety and Confidence
  • Identify structural and safety concerns to insure continued safe use.
  • Identify developing problems
2 help protect public investment
2. Help Protect Public Investment
  • Provide prioritized maintenance recommendations.
  • Provide recommendations for Load Rating and Scour review
3 document findings
3. Document Findings
  • Prepare and sign Report and supplemental documents and electronic files.
  • Submit to ODOT
bridge owner s responsibilities
Bridge owner’s responsibilities
  • Properly post load restrictions on bridges when needed.
bridge owner s responsibilities42
Bridge owner’s responsibilities
  • Maintain a comprehensive file for each bridge.

Bridge owner’s responsibilities

  • Review inspection contract document.

Bridge owner’s responsibilities

  • Why is bridge maintenance required?
inspection maintenance of non nbi structures
Develop Written Inspection Standard if different from NBIS.

Who’s going to inspect these structures?

Written inspection report identifying Date, inspector (Signature), condition and maintenance needs.

Determine an inspection frequency that insures safe use of the structure.

Identify the location of all your bridge assets.

Inspection & maintenance of non-NBI Structures