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ectTech Infrastructure Inspection and Management Software PowerPoint Presentation
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ectTech Infrastructure Inspection and Management Software

ectTech Infrastructure Inspection and Management Software

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ectTech Infrastructure Inspection and Management Software

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  1. ectTechInfrastructure Inspection and Management Software

  2. Bentley InspectTech Overview • Proven system supporting inspection, maintenance, planning, and management of infrastructure • Used on over 100,000 bridges in the United States • Creates an accessible “single source of truth” for in service assets • Yields significant time savings and reliability improvements • Meets numerous government requirements: FHWA, FTA, FRA, and others • Integrated with AASHTO Pontis

  3. Support for All Infrastructure Types • Software actively used on over 60 types of assets from the most complex to very simple. Examples: • Bridges • Tunnels • Parking Garages • Sign Structures • Culverts • Retaining Walls • Track • Stations • Buildings • Sound Walls • High Mast Lights • Guardrail

  4. One-Stop Solution for Infrastructure Asset Management Asset Inventory Condition Assessment Maintenance Planning & Prioritization Management Data driven decisions on capital plans Full reporting and trending for performance metrics Know what and where your assets are. Perform and Manage Inspections. Assign and Track Maint. Needs

  5. Example Problem: Minnesota DOT • I-35W bridge August 1st, 2007 • 13 people killed • Replacement bridge: $234M capital cost • During investigation numerous problems identified with inspection/management area: • Lack of knowledge or records of basic inventory • Inspections largely paper/word files and not searchable • Maintenance needs not being tracked well • Highly inefficient manual process • Lack of “single source of truth” for reporting and dashboards

  6. Solution: After extensive search Mn/DOT selected InspectTech software as the new Structure Information Management System • Single Site for instant entry and retrieval for over 16,000 structures and 500 users (state, local, consultant, researchers) • Secure SaaS solution available anytime, anywhere • Field module for remote entry • Detailed and summary reporting for management • Integrated maintenance system • Significant time savings and error reductions during all phases • Meets all Federal regulations and guidelines

  7. Asset Inventory Capabilities • Able to store and organize all assets in a detailed hierarchy • Inventory and construction data can be linked directly to the asset • Permissions can be assigned to users by asset and/or specific actions and tasks • Assets can be sub-divided and grouped in multiple ways supporting the various ways business is done

  8. Asset Inventory • Each asset has its own page with links to all key information • Current and historic information is available

  9. Inspections/Condition Assessment • Able to do inspections better, quicker, and more reliably • Provides detailed work flows from field to office review and approval • Flexible system supports various inspection types and agency defined fields and forms • Web or field options available • Easy to use interactive forms integrating aninspector’s tools and reference material in one place

  10. Tabbed Work Flow • Inspections can be grouped and reviewed by type and stage of progress

  11. Flexible Inspection Forms Interface

  12. Flexible Inspection Forms Interface • Tab based forms organization • Color coded fields for guiding inspector • Drop-down lists for accuracy • Relevant information shown for each field selected • Full history of how field rated in the past and reference material available • Ability to link photos, videos, and other files directly to a rating

  13. Pictures/Attachments Easy To Add • Can be directly linked to the asset and to the specific area or form field

  14. Reference Material Linked to Each Field • All of the reference materials inspectors use to determine ratings can be linked directly in the software • Exact pages or notes linked directly to the relevant field • Improves accuracy of data entered and time spent

  15. Instant Calculations Based on Data Entered

  16. Automatic Error Checks • Ensure valid data is collected • Business rules met (i.e. picture or comment for every field rated in poor condition)

  17. Risk-Based Inspection Needs • Identify needs on multiple criteria • Enter all needed information during inspection for later stages of management

  18. Simple Inspection Report Generation

  19. Mobile Applications • InspectTech Collector Field • Support for tablet and laptop usage on-site • InspectTechPhotoLogger • Replaces need for digital camera • Organizes and links photos to asset automatically based on GPS location • InspectTech Asset Inspector • Will provide full support for asset inspection Android and iOS with no internet connection required

  20. Maintenance Needs/Work Orders • Full support for maintenance needs and work orders • Able to create in the field with an inspection and directly link pictures and videos and inspection narrative • Full tracking and assignment of needs • Support for unit costs or engineer’s judgment • Ablity to assign priorities and group needs by type or asset proximity

  21. Integrated Maintenance Screens

  22. Automatic Emailing of Work Orders

  23. Maintenance Assignments and Tracking

  24. Cost done by Asset and Need • Can sort maintenance needs by type, cost, asset, and priority

  25. Planning/Prioritization • All inventory, condition, and maintenance data available for planning and prioritization • Various modules support utilizing implementing different programs from proactive maintenance to “worst-first” • Standard modules for areas such as paint, decks, substructure, and steel • Interfaces allow changing formula weightings to match agency goals

  26. Prioritization of Needs

  27. Prioritized Reports By Component

  28. Detailed Deficiency Reports by Type / Area Deficiency Summary Charts Category B “Contract”:Repair work by specialty contractor

  29. Paint Prioritization (Integrates SSPC Guidelines)

  30. Management • Executive Dashboards • Powerful Summary Reporting and User defined searching • Integrated mapping, satellite, and StreetView interface • Full Auditing of User Actions • Trend Tracking on conditions over time

  31. Management Dashboards and Reporting

  32. Interactive Mapping

  33. Detailed Deficiency Reports by Type / Area Deficiency Summary Charts Category B “Contract”:Repair work by specialty contractor

  34. Trending Feature • Much cheaper and safer to fix problems when they are just starting • Software’s trending tools allows users to quickly find new problems in their early on • Able to find changes search across all or key fields

  35. Simple On-demand Searching

  36. Query Results in Table or Excel Format

  37. Mapping of Search Results

  38. Satellite and Interactive Street Views

  39. Complex Structure Support • Solutions designed to support large assets

  40. Complex Structure Advantages • Turns thousands of pages of data into useful information • Able to utilize all standard features of InspectTech • Data can be viewed and linked on interactive 3D model accessible via the web • Search results can be displayed on model or tables • Information directly linked to individual elements • Interactive dashboards, maintenance planning, and trend analysis quickly identifies problems and needs

  41. Paper Report

  42. Tree Structure of Bridge User drilling down to bridge, span, superstructure, main span, verticals, north truss and specific parts

  43. Overview of Pontis 5.2 • Next generation of Bridge Management • New web interface (builds off 5.1.2) • National Bridge Elements • Easier to use and understand tools for: • Planning • Deterioration • Risk • Multi-Objective Analysis • Life Cycle Costs • Project Models • Dashboards

  44. Advantages of Pontis Full support and maintenance provided by AASHTO. Enhancements and features are fully coordinated with AASHTO guidelines Incorporation of FHWA regulatory requirements. Development administered and overseen by a task force of State DOT representatives. (Software created by DOTs for DOTs)

  45. Pontis 5.2 Phases • Development on 5.2 in full progress • Phased releases • Version 5.2.1 • Core program framework, risk assessments, integrated utility functions, network corridors • Version 5.2.2 • Implementation of new deterioration models and multi-objective analysis • Version 5.2.3 • Integrated project and program planning • All administrative features Completion and delivery of the final phase (5.2.3) is expected by late 2014.

  46. Pontis 5.2 Status • Significant Planning with the Task Force and internally • Launch of Pontis 5.2 Phase 1 Corridors, Risk, Utility Functions Deterioration Modeling and Multi-Objective Analysis Project/Program Planning and Administration Features Inspection 5.1.2 5.2.2 5.2.3 5.2.1 Need Solicitation Funds

  47. Pontis 5.2 - Phase 1 • Actively being developed Three Main Parts • Network Corridors - 5.2.1(a) • Risk Assessments – 5.2.1(b) • Utility Functions – 5.2.1(c) Incorporation of JIRA tickets: • Addressing tickets and incorporating as we go • New features – advanced filters/Excel output

  48. Phase I-A – Network Corridors