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  2. Millions of Americans are obese or overweight and know that they need to lose weight in order to be healthy and improve their self-image. Ephedra and Ephedrine diet pills may be an effective resource for you if you have unwanted fat to burn.

  3. Ephedra is a natural herbal extract that promotes weight loss and can be found in a large number of diet supplements. Derived from the Ephedra Sinica plant, traditionally known as Ma Huang, ephedra was banned by the FDA in 2004 citing concerns that it caused unwanted side effects.

  4. Despite this ban, ephedrine – a byproduct of ephedra – is still legal for sale and ephedra products can still be purchased from other countries and imported into the US.

  5. In this article, we will look at some of the ephedra weight loss pills for sale online as well as the possibility of buying pure ephedrine HCL online.

  6. One of the most popular ephedra diet products for many years was Metabolife 356 produced by the Metbolife Company in San Francisco. Unfortunately, original Metabolife with Ephedra is no longer available but a new line of products under the Metabotrol brand name have filled the gap.

  7. Metabotrol has similar packaging to the original Metabolife 356 nd it does contain 25 mg of ephedra, but no ephedrine alkaloids. This lack of ephedrine means it is not as effective as the original product.

  8. The suppliers claim that they have replaced the ephedra alkaloids with green tea extract, synephrine, yohimbine, caffeine and white willow bark which are said to be able to produce similar results to the missing ephedrine.

  9. However, the result is an ephedra extract product that is substantially more expensive than pure ephedrine.

  10. Yellow Devils is another product that imitates one of the original ephedra-containing weight loss supplements, the Yellow Jackets. These pills also contain 25 mg of ephedra extract with no alkaloids and come packaged with 300 mg of caffeine.

  11. They claim to increase metabolism, mental alertness, physical energy, and to specifically target problem fat cell areas such ast the abdomen and hips. Yellow Devils also contain the ingredients cayenne, synephrine, eleuthero ginseng, phenylethlamine and theobromine.

  12. Because this is a very high dosage product, it is recommended that you do not exceed more than one tablet a day.

  13. Another former ephedra product was Twinlab’s Ripped Fuel which was specifically marketed to bodybuilders and other athletes who want to cut fat while gaining muscle. Nowadays, Ripped Power can be purchased for similar effects minus the ephedra alkaloids.

  14. Ripped Power also includes fat burning substances such as such as L-carnitine and chromium picolinate, but the doses are much smaller than what is typically recommended.

  15. For example, L-carnitine is effective when taking in between 1.5 to 3 grams a day, but Ripped Power only contains 50 mg of this amino acid.

  16. Ripped power has also been accused of shady marketing tactics by promoting the benefits of ma huang and ephedrine alkaloids for weight loss while their own product does not contain any ephedrine.

  17. Of all of the weight loss products available with ephedra extract, Green Stinger contains the highest quantity of the drug coming in at 27 mg.

  18. Green Stinger is based off a similar concert as the ECA Stacker – the ephedra, caffeine, aspirin supplement stack which has been proven to burn as much as 2.2 pounds a month in additional fat.

  19. The product also contains green tea with 45% EGCG – an antioxidant that also increases the metabolism for up to 2 hours after consumption.

  20. In addition to this, you will find evodiamine, phenylethylamine, synephrine, theobromine, yohimbine, and white willow bark (or herbal aspirin) in every Green Stinger diet pill.

  21. Schwarts Labs produces another herbal weight loss supplement with ephedra known as Ultimate Burn.

  22. This fat burning product uses cinnamon as one of its main ingredients, which according to "Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics" helps to regulate blood sugar and prevent fat accumulation.

  23. In addition to ephedra extract, the product also features caffeine, hordenine and a variety of other herb-based substances that are said to increase the metabolism.

  24. Another recently released product is Black Ace Ephedra which comes with ginseng, nettle root, cayenne pepper, and yohimbine. Yohimbine is traditionally used as a sexual mood enhancer, but it is more frequently being marketed as a weight loss supplement.

  25. It should be noted there has been no conclusive evidence to support yohimbine’s weight loss claims. Some of the associated side effects of this product are headaches, nervousness, insomnia, and join pain.

  26. Black Ace works to stimulate the metabolism by the combination of ephedra, caffeine, and aspiring like a traditional ECA Stack. But without active ephedrine alkaloids, you might find that this stack is more effective when combining it with ephedrine HCL.

  27. The final ephedrine weight loss product we will look at is Lean and Hot Ephedra with Acai berry. Acai is without a doubt one of the hottest supplements on the market right now, working both to promote weight loss and as an antioxidant.

  28. The effectiveness of this product is supported by a 2005 study from the Obesity Research journal that concluded that caffeine and green tea extract improve the body’s ability to oxidize and burn fat.

  29. Whichever one of these pure ephedra extract supplements you decide is right for your weight loss efforts, you may find it more successful when taking in conjunction with actual ephedrine hydrochloride.

  30. This is the active ingredient in ephedra that was removed from all of these products in order to make them legal. However, ephedrine is still legal for sale if purchased separate from any weight loss product.